Khasab Fortress

History of Khasab Fortress | Oman

It must be quite obvious to understand that the Khasab fortress is a great example of Portuguese architecture which is located in Khasab, Musandam Oman. This fortress is located quite close to the port of Khasab and it is also facing the Lulu Hypermarket. According to various sources, this fortress was built sometime during the

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Parental control

Essay on Screen Time Parental Control

Screen time is the time spent in front of a screen — TV, computer, or video game — has become a part of everyday life for most youth and grown-ups. Although TV, the Internet, and video games can be a great source of entertainment and education, apprehensions are being voiced about disproportionate screen time and

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5 Hidden Signs of Depression

Depression is a psychological disorder which is placed under the category of mood disorders. This disorder can be described as having a constant feeling of sadness, anger, or loss which often interferes with the everyday activities of an individual. This is one of the most common psychological disorders all across the globe. And according to

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Growth Of Islamic banking in Oman

Growth of Islamic Bank in Oman

Introduction The financial system of the Islamic banking is followed by the Sharia rules of Islam. The vital factor which constitutes in the Islamic banking system is that it restricts the collection of interest and any factor concerning interest rates which influences the business operations. Sharia law provides guidance to the financial banking system of

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