Thematic Essay

Thematic Essay Writing Guide

This form of essay is centered on a specific question or theme. The thematic essay definition states that an author is supposed to develop and reveal the major theme in concrete literature work. This is done by using various literary techniques, such as metaphor, personification, comparison, and other devices. In the thematic essay, the primary

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education system

Is education too commercialized nowadays?

Commercialization of education may be defined as a process of private ownership and management of educational institutions whereby investments are made with the purpose of netting returns. Commercialization is the process of involving an action in business. It is the process that is involved in making a product commercially effective. The process consists of production,

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Accounting assignments

Steps required to Write Accounting Assignments

Accounting is the key business processes that involve that document the movement between specific business units, administrators & stakeholders too. The need for the accounting process is subject to the type and scope of the business. It is a complex subject that involves knowledge of financial theory and management nuances. Accounting is a sophisticated area

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Managerial Psychology

An Introduction to Managerial Psychology

Managerial psychology is a discipline which is often categorized as being an integral part of the organizational and industrial psychology. In this discipline, the focus is on the efficiency of groups, individuals, and organizations in a workplace, an organization, or a company. The purpose of this discipline is to ensure that managers of an organization

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5 Hidden Signs of Depression

Depression is a psychological disorder which is placed under the category of mood disorders. This disorder can be described as having a constant feeling of sadness, anger, or loss which often interferes with the everyday activities of an individual. This is one of the most common psychological disorders all across the globe. And according to

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