Decision Support System

An Overview Of Decision Support System

Introduction To succeed in today’s competitive business era, companies require an information system that helps them with diverse information and better decision making. Decision support systems are computer-based information system providing interactive information and decision-making capabilities to managers and business professional Since companies are moving towards the e-business models, they are investing ample buck in

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BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix-The Growth Share Matrix

The BCG matrix was first created by BCG founder in 1968, Bruce Handerson and about 500 fortune listed companies have been using it since long time. The Boston consulting group portfolio was built to help the strategic management with long term effective planning and providing evidences about where company should invest or discontinue product development

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Online Tutoring

Key Benefits of Online Tutoring

The world has been going through a crisis time. More or less all the sectors starting from textiles to food to medical have been affected because of the pandemic. But among these sectors the sector that has taken the biggest blow is the education sector the moment universities started closing down keeping the well being

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TMA And TOA Assignments

Differences Between TMA And TOA Assignments

An assignment can be developed for different purposes as a way to support learning as well as communicating information publicly. Whether considering writing assignments in the classroom or at home, students write assignments to test their ideas, representing critical thinking, figuring out or refining what is the context. When assignment means for communication, then students

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Assignment Help

Why Workshops Are Important For Students

Students get an opportunity to attend workshops during their academic years of learning. Many students are not aware of the basic difference and consider tutorials, lectures, and workshops to be the same. However, lectures, tutorials, and workshops are different forms of learning. A lecture is a formal presentation given by the professor to the students.

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