An Analysis of the relationship between Emotional and Episodic Memory


In the simplest terms, emotional memory can be defined as the memory of important emotional moments in the life of any individual. These emotional memories can either be good or bad. Emotional memories also tend to leave strong traces within the brain of an individual. The concept of emotional memory was developed after the theory of a single memory system inside the brain was refuted. On the other hand, episodic memory can be defined as the storage of memories that are related to autobiographical events. For example, time, associated emotions, context, place, or any other knowledge associated with an autobiographical event. These episodic memories can either be explicitly stated or they can also be conjured.

There are many experts from different fields of study who try to learn more about emotional memory and episodic memory. Academic experts are also often interested in other related topics like episodic memory loss and emotional memory loss. Emotional memory and episodic memories also have a rather complex relationship. Because of this, it can take students a lot of time to work on assignments of these subjects. This is why it is recommended that students should hire professional online assignment help from the best assignment writer. By taking the online assignment help from the best assignment writer the student would be able to score the best possible marks or grades.

Understanding Emotional Memory

Before understanding the relationship that exists between emotional memory and episodic memories, it is important for a student to understand what exactly are emotional memories, episodic memories, and episodic memory loss. Every individual goes through emotional experiences in his or her life. These emotional experiences can either be positive or negative. And these positive or negative emotional experiences remain in the brain of that individual termed as emotional memories. The concepts of emotional memories and episodic memories are completely different from the single memory unit in the brain theory. The single memory unit theory simply stated that there was only one region of the brain which was responsible for storing memories. All sorts of memories might store region of the brain.

According to various studies and research, there are different types of memories compartmentalize in different regions of the brain. According to the popular memory theory, memories division takes place into two categories of implicit memories and explicit memories. The implicit memory system is the one which primarily stored information unconsciously. And the explicit memory system is the one that supports or stores memory consciously. Emotional memories might be store in both of these systems. However, there are many experts who believe that emotional memories majorly fall under the division of implicit memories. This is why learning this topic can be a very difficult task. If a student is facing any difficulty in working on assignments then he or she should hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer.

Understanding Episodic Memory

Every individual has a lot of personal experiences every single day. These autobiographical events moves into the episodic memories system. There are many different kinds of information pieces which goes into episodic memories system. And some of those different information pieces include places, time, context, emotions associated with that event or any other information. It is important for a student to remember that episodic memories may either conjured or explicitly stated.

However, in the majority of the cases, episodic memories are a collection of past experiences that have occurred at any particular time or place. For example, if an individual remembers getting some birthday present on his or her 20th birthday then that is an example of episodic memory. One should also remember that sometimes due to some sort of trauma or something episodic memory loss can occur. This type of memory loss results in the individual becoming incapable of recalling past events successfully.

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The Relationship between Emotional Memory and Episodic Memory

According to Endel Tulving, who was a prominent psychologist, episodic memories serve as the record of an individual’s experiences. These memories of the experiences hold spatio-temporal relations and temporally dated information. Endel Tulving further goes on to describe episodic memories as having the potential of allowing the individual to imagine oneself traveling back in time. Emotional memories are related intricately to episodic memories.

Let’s consider an individual who receives a cue from the present environment. This cue results in that individual retrieving information related to the past memory. Within those few seconds, that individual does not just become aware of the past experience but is also able to remember the context of that memory, when that past experience occurred, and the emotions which one felt during that particular event. Hence, episodic memories and emotional memories in the same place but they are highly related to one another. This relation is so strong that the retrieval of one simply triggers the retrieval of the others too.

It is important for a student to remember that these are simply theories. The brain is a very complex structure. The relationship between emotional memories and episodic memories is not easy to prove for certain. The fact that studies and researches conduct to learn more about the relationship between both these memories. Students required to put in extra effort to learn about the topics of these fields. This means that a student would not get enough time to work on assignments. This professional assignment help experts from the best assignment writer would ensure that the student does not suffer from any negative consequences of not working on the assignment or not submitting the academic assignment at the right time to the professor or teacher.

The Conclusion

Episodic memories are the memories of autobiographical events or of past experiences which an individual might have gone through. Episodic memories may either explicitly stated or conjured. On the other hand, emotional memories are the memories of any emotional taxing experience which an individual might have had. These emotionally taxing experiences can either be positive or negative in their nature. Both of these memories are intricately related to one another and the trigger of episodic memories often results in the trigger of emotional memories too.

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