Contemporary Management Issues


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First Semester Assignment
Module Title: Contemporary Management Issues
Module Code: BLB10042-6

The Task

Choose a company operating in the Sultanate of Oman and evaluate how this
company addresses the issues on Business Management Ethics and Diversity
Management Programmes. Consider the tasks given below in evaluating the issues
1. Discuss comprehensively how the chosen company organises the
management of business ethics. Examine also how the organisation culture
and leadership of the chosen company are used in managing business ethics
along the following areas of concern:
a. Setting ethical behaviour standards
b. Managing stakeholder’s relation
c. Assessing ethical performance
Provide relevant examples and realistic situations of the chosen company to
substantiate andvalidate the discussions. (L01, L02, L03)
2. Analyse the diversity management programmes being adopted by the chosen
company. Examine the basic issues and problems faced by the chosen
company in managing the human resources considering the diverse culture
brought by globalisation.
Give appropriate examples or reasonable scenarios of the company where
diversity issues and problems are manifested to provide. credible discussion.
(L01, L02, L03)

Style and Format

Write down the exact number of words at the end of your essay. You may include
diagrams, figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties
for excess length will be imposed. The first page must be designed as a cover page
name, student ID and batch. Computer format is compulsory. Make sure you use a
consistent format for your essay (font, font size, margins etc.).
Referencing Style for the Assessment
In the text of your assignment if you quote directly from an article, journal or book this
should appear in quotation marks (u … “). The source should then be acknowledged
by stating the author’s last name and date in brackets at the end of the quotation,
e.g. (Rushmore & de Roos, 2002).
If you paraphrase or reword from a journal, article or book the source should either
be acknowledged within the sentence, e.g.
According to Kasavana & Brooks (2001), revenue management is or at the end of
the sentence before the full stop, e.g. (Kasavana& Brooks, 2001).
At the end of the assignment all references should be listed on a separate page
headed REFERENCES. Make sure that all references are complete; and that all
references mentioned in the text are given in the list of references and vice versa.
Any items not cited should be listed separately under BIBLIOGRAPHY or FURTHER
READING using the Harvard referencing style.

Plagiarism Warning
•• Plagiarism occurs if you use somebody else’s work in an assignment or exam
answer, but fail to state where you got the material from. You need to be also
very careful about the amount of words you are using from somebody else’s
•• It can happen in any type of assessment where you are given the questions or
tasks in advance.
•• If another student uses your work in his/her answer(s), both you and he/she will
be punished when caught.
•• Punishments for committing plagiarism can be very severe.
The details
Plagiarism is a form of cheating in which students use the work of others and present
it as their own. Staffordshire University publishes a fully detailed description of what
the term ‘plagiarism’ means on the University’s main web-site under the heading
‘Procedures for.dealing with suspected cases of academic dishonesty. We strongly
. recommend that you go and read the full document at the above address.
Meanwhile, here is an extract of some of the relevant content. You will have
committed plagiarism and may be caught, reported and punished (as described
below) if you:
•• Copy extensively from the work of others (from sources such as books,
magazines, journals, web-sites for example) and submit the work as
your own. NB It is acceptable to refer to the work of others as long as
you do not use too much, and reference your sources properly. If you do
not know how to do this, please follow the guidelines given in the
document entitled ‘Adding quotations and references to your written
work’ at this web-site address:
•• Copy another students’ work and submit it for assessment under your
own name.
•• Allow another student to copy your work and they then submit it for
assessment under their name
This last item is of particular importance; few students seem to understand what it
means.· If, for example, you allow another student to borrow your work and they
subsequently copy some of that work and present it as their own, you and they will
both be punished even though someone else copied your work.
The risks of working with other students
Some assessment tasks are explicitly designed for group work, and it will be made
clear that a group answer is expected from you. All other tasks are intended as an
assessment of your individual comprehension and performance, and group answers
are not permitted. In individually assessed forms of’assessment your work must be
different from that of every other student. Plagiarism can occur in assignments and
any examination where the questions are issued to students in advance. In both
cases it is possible for you to ask other people about how best to answer the
questions or complete the necessary tasks.

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