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Oman essay follows a unique approach in assignment writing services that involves direct communication with Omani Students. We are committed to providing only top-quality content to students of various universities of Oman such as Majan College , Gulf College , University of Sunderland and many more that is personalized to needs of graduate and undergraduate students. You will be provided with special tools that enable you to manage your request right from the time of placing the order till the delivery of completed work for best assignment.
Our company has been successfully providing assignment writing help to students with diverse educational needs for the past 10 years. We constantly modify our targets to enhance the report writing service and to boost customer satisfaction. Our successful endeavors drive us further in the direction of a ground-breaking concept.

Our Team of Expert Quality Writers

Dr. Rashid Khan Specialist in Software Development

Dr. Rashid Khan completed his Doctorate in Java from Cambridge University, Oman and is working in a Software Development firm in Oman. He is the head of the Information Technology Assignments team at Oman Essay and writes IT assignments related to Java, Application Development, Information Security, and Software Design. His corporate experience helps him to find excellent research topics for students and developing assignment on latest mobile applications.

Dr. Joy Whitebird Specialist in Operational Management

My association with Oman Essay began right after I completed my Doctorate in Operations Management from University of Oxford, Wellington. At present, I help students with their business administration assignments and receive lots of requests for the same on a regular basis. I have been assisting students to create the best strategies to convert materials into goods and maximize profits of their organizations.

Dr. Samuel Wesley Specialist in Programming Languages.

Having completed my Doctorate in C and C++ from the Exeter University, I started working in an MNC in Okehampton. I am also an expert writer at Oman Essay where I use my knowledge and experience to create assignments on coding and other concepts related to C and C++. Since I am familiar with other computer languages, I also help students in writing computer programs for their IT assignments.

Dr. Ahmed Kabir Specialist in Data Analysis.

Dr. Ahmed Kabir is a full stack developer and has been programming since 2012 after he completed his Doctorate in Data Analysis from Hertfordshire University, Berkhamsted. He has built projects on open source platforms and currently leads an assignment writing team at Oman Essay where he actively contributes to different data analysis projects requested by students from different universities in Oman.

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