8 easy ways to choose A Mind-Blowing Dissertation Topic


A mind-blowing topic infuses breath and soul into a dissertation. You need to choose the right topic if you don’t want to end up writing a pointless dissertation. Obviously, the inspiration for the topic will not fall into your lap! You have to try and figure it out on your own.

Keeping in mind the time and research constraints of today’s students, assignment writing help experts recommend 8 easy ways to choose an excellent topic. Have a look at these effective ways before the task of choosing a topic wears you down:

  1. Ease of research

It is recommended that you decide on a topic that is easier to research. On the other hand, it should not be so simple that availability of conclusive data leaves no scope for you to research further. The topic should be such that it can be supported by credible research and your dissertation is praised for accuracy and authenticity.

Plenty of research data on your topic ensures that you can address the question effectively. A lack of data or difficulty in finding adequate information thwarts your attempt to write a good dissertation. This is the most common reason for failing a dissertation paper. Make sure you find sufficient resources for your chosen topic.

  1. Look into the requirements

It is important to find out if you have to adhere to any specific requirements for the choice of topic. Look into the requirements to narrow down your search. Sometimes, the teachers prescribe a list of topics to give a head start to the students. You can also ask your teachers if you can pursue the recommended topic from your individual perspective. This will allow you a broader scope of flexibility and choice.

  1. Kinds of research

Establishing the research type allows you to focus on potential topics to choose from. Basically, there are two kinds of research –

  • Primary research – Conduct an original research and contribute to your field
  • Secondary research – Compare the existing literature

Before choosing a topic, ask yourself what kind of research you want to undertake? Would you rather gather data on your own or use pre-existing information for your dissertation? This would help you short-list topics based on the choice of your kind of research.

  1. Stay away from an unfamiliar subject

It can be otherwise enticing to venture into an unfamiliar territory but when choosing a topic for your dissertation, stay away from any such temptation. Don’t let your overconfidence drive you into an unchartered realm or you will find yourself weighed down with the failure to grasp the fundamental nature of the topic. Consequently, your dissertation might not turn out as expected, and your grades will suffer. Hence, act wisely and select a topic you are well-versed with.

  1. Explore within

Sometimes, the best solution to the most daunting problems comes from within. If you have to conduct an extensive research to find that one right topic, then why not explore within as well. The idea is to find a topic that interests you and inspires you to research further. So instead of surfing the internet or delving into library books, think of something that goes with your interests and offers a wider scope for research. Researching a topic of interest will keep up the momentum and you will enjoy the process of writing the dissertation.

  1. Choose a topic that challenges you

Choosing a challenging topic allows you to reply to a complex question from different perspectives. Instead of writing a descriptive dissertation, you can provide arguments both in support and against the topic in your dissertation. However, you can choose to take one side in the conclusion segment.

  1. Say no to outdated topics

Be original in your choice of dissertation topics as picking a banal one will convince your teacher that you didn’t invest much effort. An easier way is to just improvise an old topic and present it in your own way. Giving a fresh twist to an old topic is akin to selling an old product in a new packaging. Keep in mind to select a topic that is still valid in the current times and that you will present your original take on it.

There is no dearth of fresh topics as the academic environment is inundated with new research and studies. If you look around with keen focus and vision, you will be able to find a current topic that is manageable too. With modern technology, you can find more studies on a recent topic than an obsolete one.

  1. Choose what you can manage

If the thought of winning praises from your teachers is the motivation for your choice of topic, just remind yourself that you have to complete the dissertation all alone. Hence, choose something that you can easily manage independently. Choosing a manageable topic boosts your confidence and comfort level and saves you from the panic attack that most students suffer while writing their dissertations. After all, you will be graded for writing a brilliant paper and not for choosing an unwieldy topic.

These were the 8 easy ways to choose a dissertation topic. Moving on, here is a list of sources where you can search for plausible topics:

  • Professional journals
  • Seminars
  • The internet
  • Your personal interests
  • Your professional colleagues
  • Faculty members
  • Previous dissertations
  • Recent theories

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