Sensory Issues

Coping Strategies For Sensory Issues

Introduction In this article the primary objective of the researcher is to explore the disorder experience in sensory processing by people which are also referred to as the sensory integration and sensory sensitivity. The researcher will also put in great effort to understand how these issues can be reduced and treated and the strategies for

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Impact Of Humor

Impact Of Humor In Advertising

Introduction Humor is used in advertisements for grabbing attention of the audience. Humor introduces the fun element in the advertisement. It helps in creating a source for laughter. Laughter is an ultimate sensational perception among the people which helps them to feel good about a product. This is the reason why laughter created because of

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Effect Of Rewards And Motivation

The Effect Of Rewards And Motivation On Student Achievement

Introduction Concept of student motivation is a crucial element, which impact on human behavior and academic performance. The educational researchers and educational practitioners in particular, highlight motivation to be the most significant elements in student achievement and ensuring continuous achievement. Tingley (2021), highlights that motivation can be considered as intrinsic desire of students already present

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CSR Strategies

Role Of CSR Strategies In Corporate Brand Building

Introduction  CSR can be emphatically considered as a network comprising of various policy which is then shared by the respective companies for increasing the efficiency level of their operations or increasing the standard of their societal involvement. CSR regulations within a company are essential in achieving a standard of brand equity in the corresponding target

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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Past Versus Present

Since the evolution of homo sapiens, there has been penetration of infectious diseases explore in the history of mankind. Sir McFarland Burnett stated in 1962, After the end of the second world war, the practical problem caused due to infectious diseases might have solved. This statement was logical and can be true, as the control

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