Whether it is an oral or written content, a topic is the basic aspect of any form of speech. Given the vast variety of choice, it becomes difficult to select a topic of your rhetoric. You can choose an interesting topic for creating persuasive content from any area of knowledge. However, it is important to understand what type of audience you want to target and what kind of content will capture their interest.

Tips to write a persuasive and fascinating speech

The chief criteria that determine the value of content is its simplicity for reader’s fascination and perception. This can be achieved in many ways.

For instance:

  • Intonation accents such as voice or pauses can be used to highlight important moments such as lack of excitement, trembling voice etc.
  • Use only reliable and authoritative sources for information
  • Make use of creative elements in your language. Keep in mind to maintain the informational aspect of the presentation.
  • Avoid using an excess of negations (“not”, “no”,)
  • Maintain an appropriate format of the report by presenting fascinating facts at the start and keep the most important ones for the end.

An important aspect of creating persuasive speech on any topic is to incorporate some sense of humour, seeing that jokes can make your content more interesting and colourful. However, it should be remembered that you don’t go overboard with comical inscriptions or else your presentation will not be received sincerely.

What are the factors to consider while selecting a topic for your speech?

Online essay writers suggest certain factors that must be considered while choosing a specific topic, based on which you build your report. These include:

The objective of your speech:

The topic of the content is invariably bound to its objective. There can be different objectives of your content, for instance:

  • Information;
  • Entertainment;
  • Conviction

Each objective requires its own essay writing skills and facts for putting together the speech.

Prohibited topics

Despite your topic being a relevant and interesting one, there are certain facts that are considered taboo and should be avoided. They might offend the listeners or seem boring to them.

Therefore, some topics are worth abandoning:

  • Too simple or too complex subjects, as they dispel attention;
  • Sharp-witted or deep subject matters;
  • Information that does not go with audience’s mood.

What kind of topics is most interesting for a persuasive content?

The listeners should get new ideas and feelings about a certain issue; comprehend the diverse perspectives and views to examine the problem.

The topic must be formulated clearly, laconically, and enigmatically. You can always find good topics for persuasive speech that can grab the attention of readers, regardless of their interests, profession, etc. These include:

  • the most abundant metal on Earth;
  • the oldest tree;
  • the strangest records in the Guinness Book of World Records;
  • the most exotic fruits in the world;
  • how to make a dessert from jellyfish;
  • the longest fought war in the history of the world

Usually, controversial topics are a popular choice when writing a persuasive speech, for example:

  • Tips to become self-confident;
  • How to deal with a fool;
  • How to respond to perverse criticism;
  • Tips to overcome alcohol addiction ;

In addition, there are lots of academic-oriented topics for students that focus on their curriculum, academic performance, and college years. The subjects that are always admired by students include:

  • Simple methods to conserve the nature;
  • What does the fertility and mortality ratio depend on;
  • What are the ways to eliminate unemployment;
  • Learning a foreign language quickly;
  • Express your thoughts in a correct manner;
  • Learn to speak in a classy manner;
  • Deal with your procrastination;
  • Things that are not taught at school;
  • Tips to keep your family happy;
  • How biochemistry influences the experience of love.


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