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To get admission into a college, you have to take an admission test, request the recommendations, and complete the common formalities. Once you have done it all, the final thing to focus on is the essay, which you probably have been avoiding so far. While you may work hard and spend days, putting together your personal statement, college admissions officers will spend less than five minutes on actually reading it. It might seem extremely difficult to summarize your 17 years at school into 600 words and showcase your “unique” qualities against other candidates. The key to writing a perfect admission essay is to strike a balance between sounding smart and professional without using a lot of complex words and sounding arrogant.

Here are a few tips to write an impressive admission essay:

  • Start by sharing an inspiring moment

It is necessary to engage the admissions officer from the very beginning. Instead of opening with some catchy lines or gimmicky, share a mini story or an inspiring moment that will naturally interest the reader. The moment can describe your character, how it shaped your personality, and what you will become tomorrow.

  • Follow application instructions carefully

Almost every college application form has the same directions to follow for filling up the form. Despite seeming repetitive, you should not overlook the instructions because each one of them has a specific purpose. The colleges give a lot of thought to the words they use and the instructions they give, so you must follow them carefully.

  • Ditch complexity for self-awareness

The admission essay is no place to show off your repository of vocabulary. Reserve your application form for that. Instead, write how you normally speak. Long and complex words will make your essay sound unnatural and perhaps the reader will not connect with your essay. Assignment writers suggest that the students try to take a middle path between an article and a diary entry, whereas they should rather make it a marketing essay of the self.

  • Write about your passion, not what is popular

The admission officers are looking for genuineness and quality of thoughts. If you could talk about the things that matter to you, it would be perfect, provided you are able to logically engage readers with your thoughts.
The readers can sense authenticity in your writing and will appreciate your keeping it real. Imagine yourself sitting next to the admission officer and think what else they need to know about you. Write your essay in response to that question.

  • Think from school’s point of view

All things considered, colleges want to allow students who will graduate and become successful in the outside world. In this way, the university will always be associated with their success. Therefore, it is very important that you portray yourself as a person who wants to learn, is passionate about things in life, and can think logically. Colleges want to see your intellectual strength and inquisitiveness. They would love to admit students who are self-aware and hungry for knowledge.

  • Stay true to what you actually are

There is no need to misrepresent your background, no matter how rough it was. The colleges won’t give you a special treatment on the basis of your history. They are really interested in the way you handle a topic and how
your structure it. An excellent essay is the one that describes a crisis or even a mundane topic in the most interesting way. The essay reflects how you see the world; how your brain works and provides a point of view. If you have never experienced any shattering incident that shocked your world, there is no need to make it up. Your imaginary incidents will come across as forced and dishonest.

  • Make the most of your essay to tell what your application couldn’t

Most admission officers face time constraints. Since they don’t have the time to examine each applicant, they do so only through what the applicants put forward to them. Therefore, it is necessary to tell them something that they can associate you with and make an impression on you. If you cannot present this information through your essay, then it would be just another reading material for them. Make use of this space to describe things about yourself that you couldn’t write in the application form.

  • Read some successful essays  

There are numerous successful essays that truly present the stories of people who wrote them. These essays are heartfelt descriptions that came out straight from somebody’s heart and touched the readers. If you want your story to be too irresistible to put down, find a topic that you like and start writing. Let the words flow out. Pour your heart out. Once you have written it, just leave it for a few days. Come back and make the final draft. Don’t read it over and over again as this will only confuse you more.

  • Don’t try too hard to impress

The biggest mistake that students make is that they try very hard to impress, so much so that it smacks of desperation. In reality, if you stay close to everyday subjects, the essay will be more interesting to read.
Colleges get tired of reading run-of-the-mill stories. So, you better get creative and express your moments in an interesting manner, just the way a seventeen-year-old would write. You have to show a sense of perspective to make your essay interesting to read.

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