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Ph D dissertation
It is important to have a keen approach to the most important paper of your doctoral program. The quality of your dissertation has the power to influence your overall grades. If you are preparing your Ph.D. dissertation, you need to plan and follow a work schedule.
Devoting adequate time to structuring and planning your work won’t suffice, it’s necessary to prepare well to write an all-encompassing dissertation. From deciding on a topic and thinking of a title, to the minute that you submit it in, the process will swarm you with emotions of excitement, panic, and self-doubt. Here are some pointers that should keep you on the right track:

Select your topic carefully
It’s essential that you research on a topic that you find interesting and meaningful – possibly a subject that aligns with your career ambitions and contributes to the cross-disciplinary academic community. The dissertation offers you an opportunity to articulate your thoughts, investigate a subject on a wider scale, and consolidate existing knowledge.
Selecting something you’re really passionate about will keep you going. However, if you’re struggling on ideas and still can’t find one, you can look up academic journals, course materials, newspapers, and books to identify burning question that concerns your field and to get an idea for your dissertation topic.
In addition, you can work with your mentor to settle on a research question, using their knowledge of the research subject, appropriate methodologies, and what you can achieve within the deadline.

Find out the prerequisites
It is recommended that you get acquainted with your department’s ethics protocols, course handbooks, and citation guidelines to prevent silly mistakes that can cost you later. Before devising your strategy, make sure you know what’s expected from you. You should find out the required word count, the submission date for your dissertation, and the preferred academic writing style. You need to check how a dissertation is structured, types of sources used, how to use these sources, and type of methodologies perceived as appropriate in your discipline. Your mentor can help in developing a clear understanding of what your dissertation should look like.

Writing the dissertation proposal
Once you’ve chosen your topic, you’re ready to start your dissertation proposal. The proposal shows how your research subject is important. It outlines the objective of your dissertation and how you conduct your research. By writing a proposal, it becomes easier to write the introduction, review the literature and explain the type of methodology that you would use.

Planning your work
Create a plan and follow it closely to remain focused on your research without getting too aggressive. This will increase your chances of creating a strong and logical argument. When you know where your thoughts are headed, you will stay on track and write only relevant points.
However, there are times that you need to shift your focus just to make your point. In such a situation, you can adjust your plan. Remember, you have to revise your title, description, and content accordingly. You can consult with your mentor about your revised plan to know if you are still on the right path and whether your argument is logical. Make a plan for and assign time for the following things that need to be done before the submission deadline:

  • Researching and reading
  • Collecting and reviewing data
  • Structuring your paper
  • Writing the first draft
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Writing the final draft
  • Printing and binding.

Start writing your doctoral dissertation
When you are ready to start writing, set an appropriate target, for instance, 200 words each day, which will be both motivating and realistic. You can start writing without delay and follow your plan. Consider this writing process as an opportunity to better understand the subject. Once you complete writing one section, check whether you have covered everything that you to address in that section. Each section has its own specific function so make sure you provide all the information. Make sure it links well with the other sections of the content.
Your dissertation serves as a tool to grasp the topic as you make sense of it through your interpretation, analysis, and findings. While writing, make research notes and a list of sources that you can go back to whenever required. It can be really difficult to memorize where the ideas originated from, especially when you have piles of literature and journal articles to read and research.  Keeping track of your sources and ideas will save you a lot of hours later on.

Maintain a critical approach
The assignment writing experts emphasize the importance of keeping a critical approach throughout the writing process. You must critically analyze your own findings and writing, as well as, that of others. By questioning yourself whether you are strongly convinced by an explanation, you will be able to analyze each argument and vet other potentially suitable alternatives.
In addition, make sure you explain your interpretation to the reader. Never assume that your reasoning for a particular argument is obvious, as there might be some people who will be reading that theory for the first time. An evaluator will not praise you for coming up with a strong argument if you don’t provide supporting evidence of how you arrived at that particular conclusion. In addition, this would make it clear to the reader that you are familiar with the contributions of influential theories and research work within your subject. Therefore, it is necessary that you support your main argument by relevant citations; failing to do so might make you appear ill-informed.
Make sure your bibliography has sufficient references. Be cautious about the correct names and spelling of theories and other authors.

Edit and revise
A meticulous editing process is imperative to making sure that you create a well-structured, logical, and refined piece of work. Keep aside sufficient time to edit your writing at various levels – from reconsidering the reasoning of the entire piece to checking that you have used correct names and spelling of theories and authors, and the specified referencing format, and proofreading. You can consult with the Oman essay assignment writing experts for further guidance and editing of the dissertation prepared by you.
Your doctoral dissertation is an opportunity to research, generate knowledge, and address important issues within your field, so stay focused on your goals and you will be happy with your hard work. In due course, your dissertation will turn out to be one of your greatest achievements. Writing your dissertation might get difficult once in a while, but use this learning opportunity and you’ll reminisce with pride. If you want any sort of assistance of writing your doctoral dissertation, remember Oman essay dissertation writing experts are one click away.

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