Importance of Education in Human Development


Education can be defined as the procedure of acquiring skills, values, knowledge, habits, and beliefs. There are also many experts who believe that education can also be defined as the procedure of facilitating learning. There are many educational methods which are often employed and some of those education methods include teaching, discussing, training, storytelling, and directed research. It is important to remember that in the majority of the situations, education takes place under the guidance of an educator. However, there are also many conditions in which an individual might educate himself or herself without any help from any other being. Human development, on the other hand, is a field of science which has the main aim of understanding the changes which take place in people from all ages and circumstances. It is important to remember that the field of human development is not just concerned with physical changes but in this field the focus also relies on other types of changes including psychological changes. There have also been many experts who suggest that education plays a very important role in the development of human beings. And in this education essay piece, the readers will be able to learn about the education definition, importance of education in the development of human beings, and many other points.

Understanding Education
Before proceeding to discuss how education plays a key role in shaping up the different aspects of an individual in this education essay, it is first important to learn what education really is and what is meant by the term ‘human development’. And in this subtopic, the readers will be able to learn about the importance of education and the education definition. As it was mentioned above in this education essay, education can be defined as the procedure of facilitating learning and acquiring different skills, beliefs, values, habits, and knowledge. According to experts, education can take place either in a formal setup or an informal setup. However, it is often observed to be most effective if children are provided with a setup which is comfortable and yet allows the child to be only focused on the information he or she is receiving.

There are many government bodies from all across the globe which recognizes the right to education. And in many countries, the procedure of formal education goes through different stages including kindergarten or preschool, primary school, secondary school, and a university or college. There are also many regions situated all across the globe, in which education is compulsory for children up to a certain age. There have also been many philosophers who have given their own education definition but most of them tend to agree that if one wants to lead a healthy and happy life then it is important to recognize the importance of education at the right time.

Understanding Human Development
In this section of the education essay, the readers will be able to understand the procedure which is followed for the development of human beings. According to many experts, if one wishes to understand the procedure of human development then it is important to study the concept of the human condition which is primarily focused on having a capability approach. There are many scales and indexes which are used by organizations to measure the progress which an individual makes in terms of his or her overall development. And one of the most commonly used indexes is that of the inequality-adjusted human development index. The United Nations Development Programme has also given a very precise education definition. And according to them, human development can be defined as the procedure of enlarging the choices of an individual. These enlarged choices can further enable an individual to have a better, long, healthy, and educated standard of living.

The Importance of Education

It has been widely agreed that education plays a very important role in the development of any being. And some of those reasons why education is so important are mentioned below in this education essay.

  1. Getting Rid of Social Prejudices

One of the biggest evils of all human societies is social prejudice. Social prejudices can be defined as the negative beliefs which are often held by members of the society against certain casters, tribes, or social groups. According to different studies, it has been proven that one can successfully get rid of many social prejudices with the help of education. This is because of the fact that educated minds do not often fall prey to prejudices and tend to use logic and reason to arrive at any conclusions.

  1. Pursuing Dreams

The education definition clearly states that it is the acquisition of knowledge. And that acquisition can become quite tedious if one is not learning something that he or she really loves. Hence, with the help of education and the education definition, one can also identify his or her true passion and dreams. This can enable that individual to have a better future which is spent doing something that an individual truly loves or cares about.

  1. Enhanced Imagination and Creativity

It goes without saying that everyone has the potential for creativity. Everyone can find novel ideas which can help that individual in solving any problem or issue that one might be facing. However, according to various researches, it has also been believed that this potential tends to enhance when one is educated and has more resources at his or her disposal. This one of the reasons why the education definition is also often linked with creativity and imagination in many cases.

  1. Contribution to a Larger Growth

Education is often able to provide an individual with a better quality life and this allows an individual to look beyond his or her personal concerns. Hence, it has often been observed that educated individuals tend to frequently contribute to the larger growth of the entire society.

  1. Better Exposure to Wisdom and Knowledge

There are various channels of knowledge and wisdom. And with the help of education one can easily unlock all those different channels of knowledge and wisdom. It can also help an individual to become more experienced and smart in the long run.

These are some of the biggest ways in which education can aid in the process of development of any particular individual.

The Conclusion:

Education can be defined as the procedure of acquiring knowledge, skills, habits, and values. It has also been widely agreed that education can aid an individual to develop in a more efficient manner. And some of those benefits of education include having better exposure to knowledge and wisdom, pursuing dreams, enhanced creativity and imagination, getting rid of social prejudice, contributing to the entire society, and many other benefits. It is important to remember the points which were discussed in this education essay so that an individual can be better motivated to pursue his or her dreams and have a better quality education.

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