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Energy is something that every individual on this earth needs to function properly and effectively. There are many sources of energy which are available for all living creatures. However, for the race of human beings, the primary source of energy is the food that everybody consumes. There are different types of food items and the major types of food items are basically classified into two types which are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is important to remember that in this world of globalization there are many other categories which are used to classify food items but the categories which are mentioned above are the simplest and primary categories. Because of the importance of food in the life of all individuals, it makes sense that there would be a specific branch dedicated to only the study of food items. In this academic writing piece, the focus will be on the branch of food technology, the current issues in the branch of food technology, and various emerging technologies which are being brought about due to innovation. All these points of discussions related to future food.

An Introduction to Food Technology

Food technology deals with all the processes which fall under the production of all types of food items. Food science, on the other hand, is a specific branch of science which is majorly concerned with the study of food. It is important for all readers to know the difference between both food technology and food science as these are often used interchangeably which is not correct. It is vital to remember the differences between the fields of food technology and food science. There have been many major developments in this field. And some of those major developments are :

Milk Powder
This was considered to be a future food before the 1830s as it was during that time when D. D. Peebles was successfully able to manufacture the first pack of milk powder. This innovation has led to the creation of many other food items.

The exact time when this practice of freeze-drying was started is not known. However, it is assumed by thousands of professional that this was done first done in the pharmaceutical industry. This method has enabled the practice of free-drying coffee.

Decaffeination of Coffee and Tea
Decaffeinated coffee and tea are other sets of food items which were considered to be future food before the 1900s. These food items were developed in Europe during the 1900s and have been in constant use since then.

Process Optimization
Different types of process optimization techniques are developed due to constant innovation to make the process of production of food more efficient. This has also lead to the development of more interesting emerging technologies which will be discussed later in this academic writing piece.

The Current Issues related to Food Technology
Before proceeding to discuss innovation, emerging technologies, and future food, it is important for the readers to learn about the issues which lead to those discoveries. And some of those major issues in the field of food science and technology are :

The Food Fraud
There are millions of companies and businesses all across the globe which works in the food and technology industry. Because of this, it is hard to strictly place and follow certain standards or rules. This has generated a lot of concern. To understand this in better terms simply look at the fact that according to the statistics, Italy produces 10% more olive oil then it has the potential to produce. Another concerning fact could be that almost 30% of fishes are labeled incorrectly. This means that people are consuming food which one doesn’t even know about.

Lack of Traceability
There are many fragmented and global supply chains across the globe related to food production. This literally means that anybody can become a part of any particular supply chain. This makes the task of traceability almost impossible.

Social and Environmental Responsibilities
Every individual has the responsibility to consume food items in a manner that it does not harm the environment. Similarly, there are many individuals who go hungry every night and there are literal tons of food items which rot. Hence, that also generates a social responsibility which everybody needs to take care of.

Everybody consumes food irrespective of the income. That is why it is important for food items to be affordable. There are many countries who are taking the steps to remedy this situation. However, there are still many things which need to be done.

These are the major issues in the field of food science. In the next section, readers will be able to learn about future food, emerging technologies, and innovation in the field of food science.

Emerging Technologies, Innovation and the Future Food
With the shift and rise of technology in all sectors, experts have been coming up with new and more innovative ways to produce food. And some of those emerging technologies in the field of food science are :

3D Food Printing
Institutes like TNO are developing methods through which one can produce 3D printed food. This particular technology can offer thousands of possibilities in terms of the texture, color, shape, composition, and taste of future food items. This technology is certainly quite interesting; however, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

High-Pressure Processing
The major concern of food items is to increase its shelf life without having to compromise on the taste or the texture of food. However, there is the latest technology in development which is known as the High-Pressure Processing. This technique can increase the shelf life of food items by 10 times.

Automatic Grading Systems
As it was mentioned above, there are so many companies which are trying to produce so many food items that this leads to an error in tracing the products. However, this error can be remedied with the help of Automatic Grading Systems. These systems have the potential to handle more than 12,000 food items within a single hour.

Insect Protein
Non-vegetarian food items like beef, chicken, pork, and lamb take a lot of time to produce and are also quite hard to produce. There are also many environmental concerns related to the production of such food items. Because of this, there are many companies who believe that insect protein can be the next big thing. The production of insect protein would be very easy and can also be quite affordable. There are already many nations across the globe which consumes insect protein.

Robotic Chefs
Many organizations and universities are trying to develop robotic chefs which can change the ways in which food is currently produced. This would bring down the cost of food items to a very substantial low as many manual jobs won’t be required in the process.

These are the major interesting innovations in the field of food science.

The Conclusion
Everybody consumes food and the scientific study of that food is known as food science. There are many challenges related to food which are faced by millions of individuals from all across the globe. And some of those challenges include food fraud, lack of traceability of food items, expensive food items, environmental responsibilities, and social responsibilities. There are many emerging technologies which can help millions of people from all across the globe to get rid of such issues. And some of the technologies are 3D food printing, robotic chefs, and high-pressure processing.

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