Interdependency Between Sociocultural Diversity And Mathematics


Ethnomathematics is a word which describes the relationship between culture and mathematics. In the late nineties the study of mathematical ideas was known to be ethnomathematics. D’Ambrosio a famous mathematician of Brazil has broken the word ‘Ethnomathematics’ to give it a clearer and broader meaning. Ethno means cultural environment that includes cultural characteristics. For example, language, codes, jargons or technical terms. This also includes foods, hobbits, physical traits even dresses. Mathema means explaining to transcend. Trying to cope and manage and come to terms with reality in order to survive.

For example techniques like counting, ordering, sorting, measuring etc.

This article aims to evaluate the interdependency between sociocultural diversity and mathematics. There are online assignment help available that can help the students to deal with their mathematics problems.

In simple terms ethnomathematics is a word that describes the connection between culture and arithmetic.

A social character is made of different components which include language and race along with propensities and convictions.

The Instructors should have the option to contextualize mathematics to show a structure of socially responsive method of teaching.This mainly aims at connecting arithmetic to the outside world.

An agreeable domain can be made by the teachers by regarding arithmetic with the way of life. It is important for teachers  teach about societies cultures  for designing the teaching techniques.In order to achieve this objective, it is important for the teachers to belong from similar societies.

They need to have the capability to learn and comprehend the social qualities and exercises related to numerical exercises in a varied culture.

Different people have different personality. People whether they are students or University professors should be given value for their social personality. This in turn empowers the students to coordinate foundation learning in the network.

A socially responsive teaching method includes affirmation, comprehension of contrast and regard for the subject.It uses a mixture of methods based on instructions that comprises different learning styles connected to each other.

Utilizing ethnomathematics at home has far reaching results compared to ethnomathematics taught in the Universities.

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Advantages Of Ethnomathematics

  • Once Ethnomathematics is incorporated in the exercises. It will guarantee that students are getting the scientific contemplation of the subject which has been practiced by the society throughout.
  • Once this method is used in academics students will be able to connect the science of the subject and help them understand the past aptitudes.
  • It can also be incorporated in modules except mathematics. Like history,


To summarize the entire context, we can say that ethnomathematics should be included in the curriculum of mathematics because it helps the teachers to be more relevant in their teaching. Once it is included in the curriculum university teachers need to describe that mathematics and culture can’t be separated.

It will help students to be more innovative. This will also help them see a different angle of mathematics.

It also confirms that all aspects of mathematics have been covered and it has been tackled from all angles. Connecting mathematics to the cultural background of the student is necessary for the student’s development. It will help in increasing the knowledge level of the students and help them develop new skills.

New concepts will help students to open their minds. They will develop interest in mathematics because they will be able to connect it to their daily lives.

It helps the students understand the impact and importance of mathematics in a broader perspective.

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