Is information technology ruling the world?


Technology truly rules the world nowadays. The advent of the newest technological devices has influenced human interactions to a great extent. No matter it is a human being or the entire population, every person on the planet has experienced several changes so as to keep pace with the developments. Even areas like healthcare and education have undergone various modifications. Our essay writing experts from the field of information technology have studied various aspects which are dominated by I.T alone. Going along with this idea, they have gathered following excerpts. Keep reading to learn more about the most powerful developments in the I.T sector:

Block chain

The block chain is a synchronised and shared digital data ledger that retains constantly increasing data records and transactions. This is the technology of storing data in a decentralized form that facilitates data manipulation under top-security level. The implementation of Block chain technology serves several benefits and facilitated safer, faster and less expensive interactions.

Big Data

Big Data refers to a large amount of retained data that can be managed in an efficient manner. It is believed to be observed in real time. This technique has enabled researchers to create several Artificial intelligence devices. Machines can now decide by means of Big Data. In less than a decade, hardware components like processors are predicted to vie with the processing capability of the human mind. In reality, a survey conducted on ‘The Future of Software & Society’ by the ‘Global Agenda Council’ revealed that artificial intelligence devices are anticipated to become a member of the company’s board of directors by the year 2026.

The Internet Of Things

The internet of things helps in establishing a connection among the physical devices that are linked to the internet. This aspect is often utilised in making ‘smart devices.’ Until recently, phones were meant for calling, TVs just showed digital channels, the cars had nothing to do with satellites, and watches just displayed the time. But today with IT, the same device can do a variety of functions. For example, watches can now analyse heart rate, mobile phones can make video calls, vehicles show accident control measures and traffic updates and, televisions can be used for virtual reality gaming. This expertise has connected and interlinked multiple devices to make our lives more comfortable.

Some fun facts regarding information technology

Currently, a lot of things are innovated and invented progressively. According to the experts, anything that simplifies our lives can be referred to as technology. However, there are several aspects of technology that are yet unknown to us. Here are some fun facts that give you a closer look at the amazing world of Information Technology:

  • The processor in your Smartphone is more powerful than all the computing machines installed in the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander.
  • Douglas Engel bart introduced the first computer mouse at the Fall Joint Computer Expo in San Francisco in 1968. It was made of wood.
  • The internet is by far the most rapidly growing communication mechanism. It took the internet only 4 years to connect with 50 million users, whereas radio took 38 years and television took 13 years to reach the same user base.
  • Roughly six thousand new computer viruses are introduced every month.
  • “Interface manager” was the original name given to the Windows OS.
  • On an average, a typist’s fingers travel nearly 12.6 miles on a working day.

As Arthur C. Clarke rightly puts it, “Any adequately advanced technology is as good as magic.” Technology has undeniably made a deep impact on individuals of all ages.

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