Is It Possible to Correctly Self-Diagnose Oneself With Bipolar Disorder? 



Doctors have achieved great success and understanding different kind of modes in case of bipolar disorder. However, in spite of accurate diagnosis to a great extent there are still some critical loopholes in diagnosis. However, there was a time when bipolar disorder seemed to be confusing and it was difficult to interpret and differentiate bipolar disorder from other kind of disorders like unipolar depression or schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a serious kind of mental illness where the major symptoms are incoherent speech followed by hallucination and delusion (Yoo, Lee and Ha, 2019). On the current day doctors have a greater understanding of the mental disorders which helps them in identification of indication and different symptoms associated with bipolar depression, mania or hypomania. In maximum cases doctors have the capability of treating the disorder with impact and safety. They can make use of bipolar medications as well. The objective of this research study is to make a comparative analysis of the possibility of appropriately making a self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder by understanding symptoms and parameters.


Physical examination reveals the state of health of the patient. However, with detailed knowledge about the bipolar signs and symptoms the patients are able to effectively understand the categories of bipolar disorder in them. All researchers highlight than bipolar disorder can be self-diagnosed only if the patient can take careful not of the symptoms. Patients should I have minute knowledge about how to observe the severity, length and frequency of the symptoms. An example can be provided in this regard. Mood swings which take place from one day to another or from one moment to the other does not compulsorily indicates towards existence of bipolar disorder (Chenand Xiao, 2020). On the contrary the diagnosis should be hinged on existence of elongated periods of of unusual extension and elevation of irrational behaviour for a sustainable irritability of mood in addition with increase or reduction in energy. Sleeplessness along with fast thinking or baffling speech can also be general indicators of bipolar disorder. However, the big question in this case is do the individuals affected by bipolar disorder have the capability of perceiving the difference in their general notions regarding these parameters. Assignment helper said it is easier for a doctor to make full assessment and diagnose a person with disorder. However, without self-diagnosis no patient will be able to clearly emphasize on all the above-mentioned parameters(Moody, 2020). Therefore, in order to help in proper diagnosis of doctors it is highly required to have a sense of self diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

One important step towards achieving the state of successful self-diagnosis is show anticipate and understand significance of the commonly asked questions by psychiatrist for the mental health experts while they diagnosis for a tendency of bipolar disorder. The questions are mostly regarding the personal as well as family history of having mental illness as well as bipolar disorder. Any other history of different mood disorders should also be taken into account. In this regard if individual patients are having these kinds of symptoms in their lineage then they should always be aware about the practical viability of acquiring these symptoms by themselves (Roberts, 2018). The important fact which patients should learn for self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder is the and there is a genetic component associated with bipolar disorder where family history can also be helpful in diagnosing it successfully.

Speaking of possibility of self-diagnosis, it is worth mentioning that there are other questions which should be emphasized on during self-diagnosis. These questions are targeted towards the self-evaluation of the individual capability of reasoning, capability of self-expression, memory and the ability of maintaining relationships.

Casarella(2020), stresses on the fact that the individuals or their family members should have another basic idea which is about how other kind of illness can copy the symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. This will help the individual or their immediate relatives to perceive the scope of being affected by bipolar disorder. Impact like mood swing or impulsive behavior generally reflects psychiatric problems which are not associated with bipolar disorder. They can be reflection of substance use disorder or conduct disorder. They can also be specimen of borderline disorder of personality or impulse control disorder. PhD Thesis Writing in Oman experts said on many cases the symptoms similar to bipolar disorder can be the outcome of development disorder or anxiety disorder like post-traumatic stress disorder.

One of the practical examples of symptoms related with bipolar disorder is psychosis which refers to delusions as well as hallucination. Now psychosis can happen in case of bipolar disorder as well as other conditions like schizophrenia. In addition, it should be reflected that people having bipolar disorder have some additional psychiatric problems like anxiety disorders like a panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder. Substance use disorder. Again, it deserves mention that personality disorder is also an outcome exhibit in this kind of symptoms which can complicate illness presentation and need independence treatment (Casarella,2020). Therefore, in this case the kind of required frequent and the kind of symptoms will be very similar to that of bipolar disorder.

There are specific categories of non-psychiatric illnesses like thyroid disorder, HIV, infection or syphilis. This range of disease also have the different symptoms which are very similar to that of bipolar disorder. However, in this situation there is always a greater challenge of making proper diagnosis and determination of treatment. This can create further challenge in diagnosing as well as determining treatment. There are other problems which can be visible mania however reflect the causes which are separate from that of bipolar disorder. One important example of this category is mood disorder or behavior changes accountable to steroid medications which are used for treatment of inflammatory disease is like asthma or rheumatoid arthritis (Fletcher, 2019). This kind of medications include prednisone. Behavior changes can be also caused by steroid medication in case of musculoskeletal injury or different kind of other medical problems. To know more about musculoskeletal injury, take instant assignment help from OmanEssay today.

Personal Identification Marks

Before meeting the doctor for lungs occasion of diagnosis is important to note down the kind of symptoms. The symptoms can reflect depression or mania or hypomania in some cases. In case of self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder, particular attention of the patient is required not only in case of analysing mood but also changes like sleep or energy or behaviour or speech or thinking. On many occasions researchers suggest that acquiring the family history from the immediate and other relatives can help a person in diagnosing the situation with bipolar disorder. Family history can be very helpful in this case in supporting the suspect in the diagnosis and prescription of the appropriate methods of treatment. In addition to that considering different factors like having an individual like spouse or children or any other close family member for continuous close observation or any close a friend accompany during different visit and interactions of people to trace symptoms can be beneficial. On many occasions, some other individual like some family member or friend might be more aware of the unusual behaviour of a person which can help in describing the state of bipolar disorder (Baueret al., 2017). These analysis help of person when they visit a doctor. Before the visit to a doctor, it is important to think about some very specific points clear understanding of the current mental and physical health issues. Clear documentation of other symptoms and has been noticed so far is important. It is also important to make a note of any other observed unusual behaviour and documentation of the past illness if any. The family history of any form of mental depression or illness can help in this regard. Before approaching the doctor this kind of medical history of other people in the family can be compared with the symptom and identification marks for bipolar disorder observed in the patient himself or herself. However,it is not possible for a patient if he is non-medical personnel, to judge the impacts like the influence of the kind of medication that she is currently having. There is minute impact like impact of natural dietary supplements taken by a person. In these cases, the intervention and knowledge of a doctor is of great importance. People generally skills or understand the outcome of their lifestyle habits like exercise for rid of alcohol consumption or use of reaction and drug or smoking in case of increasing symptoms of bipolar disorder. These are some very basic impediments to self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder (Yip, 2020).

Understanding The Impact Of Self-Injury In Self-Diagnosis Of Bipolar Disorder

People having bipolar disorder or any other form of depression or mood disorder will have various episodes of extreme sadness followed by hopelessness and anxiety. In case of excessive intensification of these emotions people I will struggle with how to cope up from overwhelming emotions. In some cases, inability to exhibit appropriate effort at coping with the stress can result in different actions of self-injury. University assignment help professional explained, Self-injury on many occasions involves actions like starting or mutilating or self-harming which are injurious atoms of coping with the overpowering form of negative emotions. These emotions are extreme form of anger or frustration or anxiety. These are generally repetitive and not a one-time act. It should be notified that people who generally deliberately injure themselves can be survivors of different from traumatic events in their childhood or during the early phase of development in their life. Behavior of self-injury happened because of the difficulty in coping up with extreme level of stress (Stone, Waldron and Nowak, 2020). However, this is not a gesture of bipolar disorder. However, it also deserves mention that the line of germination is very thin and this kind of actions can happen when the strategies of emotional coping are not properly developed. In those occasions even people with bipolar disorder exhibit this kind of action. Researchers highlight that there can be parallel existence of other disorder like post-traumatic stress disorder along with bipolar disorder.

Steps Of Spotting Symptoms

It has been already established that bipolar disorder can interfere with the mood and level of activity of the individual. The most important individual noticing factory is that the average age of people to develop bipolar disorder is supposed to be 25 years. People having the bipolar disorder might experience high level of shift in mood as well as their energy level. These symptoms will generally disrupt their life on a sustainable basis. However, during self-diagnosis there are some important facts that the individual should know. Firstly, there are specific kinds of bipolar disorder. The symptoms experienced by an individual will depend and very on the basis of the specific type of bipolar disorder that has been counted by them. Again, if there is a depressive episode a simple maniac episode, the same can be bifurcated with this knowledge. People having bipolar 1 disorder will only experience the symptoms of that of mania episodes (Eikey, Chen and Zheng, 2019). They will experience major kind of depressive episodes it is not necessary that the same will only be indication of bipolar 1 disorder diagnosis. The symptoms in this regard include the feelings like Euphoria or extremely higher level of energy and activity. Assignment help in Saiq professional determine it includes the talking very fast along with agitation and where is from irritability. It can also be accompanied by insomnia or racing thoughts or engagement in reckless kind of behaviour like excess money spending or dangerous kind of driving. The symptoms in this case associated with major depressive episode includes feeling very sad and hopeless. It is the juxtaposed to that of the previous kind of sensation with exhibition of lower energy and reduced level of activity. It can also become parents by feeling sleepy and drowsy and the inability of enjoying things in normal conditions.

Specific Symptoms For Every Type Of Bipolar Disorder

In the first place it deserves mention that there are bipolar 1 disorder followed by bipolar two disorder. The other kind of bipolar disorder are cyclothymia and unspecified bipolar disorders. Bipolar disorder includes various maniac episodes which can last for a time period of about one week. Individuals with bipolar 1 disorder have many 1 episode which are strong enough to lead hospitalization where the episodes can last up to any duration. After the set of many episodes people experiencing bipolar disorder can also experience baseline mood shift or major level of depressive episodes. However, these elements are not necessary for diagnosis. These are necessary if people experience bipolar disorder and prefer to stay away from medication and starts the process of autonomous healing theory on the basis of their will power. In contrast bipolar II disorder allows people to experience major depressive episode preceding or following which there will be a hyper maniac episode incorporating symptoms of mania (Epsteinet al., 2017). However, this will not be severe like full maniac episodes. In case of bipolar II disorder there will be depressive episodes which will be severe and requiring treatment in hospital. It is suggested that if people are able to identify symptoms of this kind of bipolar disorder, they should immediately contact a physician or the hospital.

Cyclothymia in contrast to the above two kinds of bipolar disorder, leads to exhibition of a specific periods of hypomania symptoms are along with multiple periods related with depressive symptoms. People with cyclothymia experience for many as well as depressive symptoms. They do not meet the diagnostic needs for hypomania all the different kind of episode. For doctors to diagnose person with cyclothymia they must experience symptoms for the time period of two years or at least one year in case of children and also in adolescence (Jobs, 2019).

In contrast to the above categories of bipolar disorder people can experiences some other symptoms if they are impacted by the unspecified kinds of bipolar and related disorders.

Knowledge About When To See A Doctor

People having bipolar disorder might not be able to realize and keep a check on their mood and kind of behavior which is disrupting their life. This is the reason why people who have this disease are deprived from the medical attention and medical treatment that is needed by them. This is true in case of the euphoric many and periods. People who are having bipolar disorder are likely to seek help when they are experiencing depressive episode. On the contrary in other cases, they do not pay concentration to their symptoms. As an impact, the doctors also not able to correctly diagnose the person. In fact, the individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder have a lot of things to do as a part of self-diagnosis even after she has been successfully diagnosed by the doctor to be possessed by bipolar disorder (Anna Elders, 2019). They will play a great role in evaluating how the prescribed medication is working in either reducing or elevating their symptoms. In many cases there are slide scope of improper diagnosis which will lead to adverse impact of prescribed medication. Therefore, it is important to regular check-ups with a mental health professional or properly understand the parameters of self-diagnosis. Get to know more about self diagnosis from Dissertation writing help in Saham experts of OmanEssay.

Self-diagnosis also help individuals to understand when they should call out for helpful stuff for example if people experiencing issues because of bipolar disorder that they should approach the emergency room or call emergency number for help. They can have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of doing self-harm or they can be danger to themselves or others. Again, in some special conditions people having bipolar disorder are not able to realise that they required emergency helpful in this case there should be a constant presence of a friend or relative nearby for immediate intervention and getting the person help as soon as possible.

Treatment And Prevention

It is very possible to prevent a person from developing the bipolar disorder but there are different kinds of treatment which can help in management of the symptoms. Treatment can also help in reduction of the severity and the frequency of and depressive episodes. Doctors generally recommend medication or combination of different medications and prescribed theory for people with bipolar disorder (Fletcher, 2019). Medications in case of bipolar disorder include mood stabilizer followed by anticonvulsants and antipsychotics. Doctors also suggest antidepressants for anti-anxiety medication along with sleep medication in extreme cases.

Conclusion And Recommendation

In conclusion, it can be articulated that it takes some amount of time for doctors having bipolar disorder to find best combination of medication. In some instances, medication as well as talk therapy are not enough to control the bipolar disorder of a person. In these cases, it is important to see a doctor who will recommend any electroconvulsive therapy. During this therapy specialists apply a brief period of electric current to the scalp of the person when they will be under anaesthesia. The current is helpful in inducting a seizure. It is generally important to repeat this process several times for complete effect. The mechanism which is required for this process to work remains a subject of debate till date. After finding the treatment that works best for a person it is important that the treatment is continued. This treatment can improve medication and it is important for the person to take proper dose of medication without sleeping or stopping the same. Even if they are feeling better the medication process should not be stop. Bipolar disorder is a recurring condition and a lifelong condition. Sleeping meditation can trigger further episodes in later phases of life.

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