PETAL Technique- Best Technique To Structure Literary Analysis Essay


A good essay writing fundamentally reveals good communication skills, critical thinking and most importantly always flows the logical pathway right from its thesis statement till the conclusion.

Communication in business or academic occurs in many forms like from video, phone calls, illustrating, textbooks, advertising, blogging singing etc. All these things require good writing skills so as essays writing.

Most of the popular assignment writers are known for their credible work, rationale and illustration which they put together and formulate an outstanding piece that everyone admires. Writing an essay what you think forces out to arrange your though process in sentences. Many of us might have not that much talent like essay writer poses. This doesn’t mean a person having poor communicating skills can’t write best essays. Several essay techniques have been widely utilized by students that helps them to secure best grades and convey their views and opinions(Jabbarova,2020). Among them, the most prominent and highly applied technique is Petal essay technique. In this blog, we going to enumerate petal technique that you can use to build critical thinking as well as producing graded essays.

What Makes A Person A Good Writer?

The first one is clear thinking. It would be impossible to write anything if you don’t have clear thinking or you might not able to understand then how could you explain it.  A dull student can write better if he has a clear understanding than brilliant student and sticks to information without adding irrelevancies.

A good writer knows the importance of rule and how to paint though and producing recreational art. Similarly, a good writer reads no just good literature even non-fictional novels. Jeff- president of Bradford group has said, if you are not producing empathy in your writing, you are somewhere giving readers a bad writing work which they will never like.

All these scenario and quality of good writers that we have discussed above describe the reveals importance of essay writing. For a perfect essay, you have been clear while combining facts and figure and your conclusion should provide a summary and your opinion in regards to the issues.

Petal Technique

P-Point- Topic sentence of the paragraph should be able to explain an opinion or idea you want to explore. It should not only describe essay essence even gives exposure to personal opinion dealing with essay questions

E-Evidence– In accordance with essay helpers quotation and references will hold on your point strongly. It describes ideas that you have put above is right. Therefore, the evidence you used has to be clear and concise and taken from authenticated websites.  One can use synthesized quotation which is used to prove question at one go. You can also learn more about synthesized quotations from OmanEssay based assignment writers team.

Technique- Add technique whenever you going to use references and quotations. The best way to use poetic tools like metaphor, smiles, phrases etc or using emotive languages. If you are finding difficult in getting poetic devices, you can use nouns verbs at the same place.

Analysis- In analysis phases, nouns and noun phrases have to be isolated. A noun phrase should be underlined in essay question for instance Miachel Poters Scheme- Powerful tool for managers. Many students get low grades simply because they don’t cover one point over others and that leads to breakages among sentences. Form a deliberate strategy to analyse quotation, references or facts and figures being used(Davies, Martin. 2011).In this way, the analysis phase ensures key items are placed and nothing is missed out.

L-Link- At last link everything in conclusion that you have summarized in a thesis statement. Ideally, you should set your thesis statement at the first place that will be question form and then give its answer in the conclusion segment. This is an appropriate way to prove that your thesis statement is right.

Petal Technique

How to revise the final draft

  • Check overall organization of the essay its coherency, depth of discussion and conclusion effectiveness
  • Check summary sentences, make sure information used support generalization
  • Check out spelling, grammatical concerns and logical flow(Kennedy, Toni, 2009)
  • Make sure endnotes and footnotes are used appropriately, list of work accurately 

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There are little variances have found in all types of academic essays and learning appropriate structure and technique will make it little easier for you to draft accurate and comprehensive writing piece. In this blog, we have tried to describe such techniques out of which the most prominent and highly used is PETAL At first stage Topic sentence of the paragraph should be able to explain an opinion. In the second stage, we enumerated the importance of evidence which has to be clear and concise and taken from an authenticated website. The third stage illustrates how to use poetic tools like a metaphor. In the fourth stage, a noun phrase should be underlined in an essay question. In the fifth stage, link everything, in conclusion, to prove your point is right.


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