Resources for the students suffering from disabilities


The setting trend of the technology has made its progress on the grounds of legislation and the college students those who are suffering from disabilities. There are huge amount of resources those are present so as to create the transition into the post-secondary level of education making it less heinous. There are several information those are provided below accounting for various disabilities, and learning in making the transition into the force of the work easier while finding out the rights of the legality on area. The resources for the students with the disabilities consist of:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder – Students suffering from the Attention Deficit Disorder have the way to learn and to process the way in which the disability of learning in colleges, schools and high schools may vary. There are added stresses which can be experienced through the independence they have received for the very first instance, while meeting several new friends and getting a workload which is higher, that a loop can be created for any student.
    The general statistic which shows that around 1/3rd of the students studying in high schools are in live with the Attention Deficit Disorder. The definition of ADD or ADHD is provided on the list of the National Resource Centre on ADHD ( 2019). The symptoms of ADD or ADHD are provided on WebMD which is listed on the grounds of the ten symptoms which an adult may have. There are step by step guidance by the Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. The resources those are available for the college students on ADHD are available on ADHD&You. The accommodations on the grounds of the ADHD are provided by Psychology Today which helps in finding out research and study on the grounds of post-secondary studies.
  • Autism – In the year 2014, Harvard Review of Psychiatry provided report on the children those who are highly functioning with the Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD who attended the college, while leading to a huge understanding and the resources those are required to help each other on the grounds of success. There are several people having this ASD those who have been successful with the post-secondary education (org 2019). The definition of the term autism has been provided in Autism Speaks along with the traits and symptoms of it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the data on the ASD. The spectrum of autism is discussed in WebMD where various list of ASD is noted. The Child Mind Institute provides a ground of Zoe Gross, who is a Vassar student suffering with autism is excellence in studies.
  • Cognitive Disabilities – There are several disabilities under the cognitive disabilities where the most common disability is the learning procedure which does not move on parallel with the other students and have some difficulties in coping with the skills which other performs earlier. But in the today’s generation the study relating to the study on the grounds of education, medical and technical are very much developing leader to the grounds of more students attaining this course study. The definition of the term cognitive disability is provided in WebMD (org 2019). The review of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network provides the known terminology, which simply shows the signs and symptoms of this disability. The programs of Next Steps provide two year of study for the individuals those who are with developmental and intellectual disabilities. There are several findings which are located in the Institute for Community Inclusion.
  • Hearing Impairments – According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders the impairments on the grounds of hearing are mostly experienced by around fifteen per cent of the Americans those who are aged around 18 and above. It has been seen that the person who is suffering from the hearing impairments finds it difficult to attend their classes, even in a group of colleges it can be found that the hearing impairments is quite common ( 2019). The Center for Hearing and Communication gives a ground on the innovative technology to assist them with the hearing impairments. Hearing Health Foundation is a helpful lists where there are several questions so as to determine the probable actions. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers provides the answers to the questions on the basis of the availability of the products those cut down huge sounds. Hear Now provides huge resources for the family or an individual those who are financially very low while providing them with hearing aids at a minimum price.
  • Learning Disabilities – According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, the learning disabilities is defined as a problem that is based on neurology. This highly interferes with the talents such as writing, reading or doing problems of mathematics. There are many types of disabilities in learning; they are dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyslexia, etc. In the year 2014, the National Center for Learning Disabilities showed that there are fifty four per cent of the students from the high schools those who have the disabilities with the process of learning those who attended in colleges and forty three per cent those who attended classes of vocational training ( 2019). There is a comprehensive guidebook as provided by WebMD showing variedness in the learning disabilities. More answers to the questions on learning disabilities are provided in HelpGuide. Several options on professional and educational are provided in Understood. The Campus Technology provides a whole guidance of several technologies so as to assist students in finishing their post-secondary education.
  • Physical Disabilities – The report of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides that there are about seven per cent of adult individuals those are unable to walk even a half of mile, while fifteen per cent of adults have some other physical dysfunction and disability. There various number of students those who have completed their post-secondary education with huge amount of success ( 2019). The common types of physical disabilities are listed under the National Education Association of Disabled Students. The report of the Bright Hub Education paves the way for the educational institutions which can make them accessible and secured campuses for each and every student. Disabilities-R-Us gives a ground of the online chat room providing the community the ample amount of resources and several stages for the engagement of the people suffering from physical disabilities.
  • Speech Disorders – The report of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders shows that there are somewhere around eight million Americans those who suffer from speech disorder or viably the language impairment during the first six month after their birth. Though, speech disorders have never caused any hindrances in attaining the post-secondary education. Considerations are taken by Rutgers on the students those who are experiencing speech disorders in college. American Speech Language Hearing Association gives a huge study on the basis of the common disorders, consisting of aphasia, apraxia, dysarthia and stuttering ( 2019). National Center for Biological Information notes about the identification of the speech language impairments.
  • Visual Disabilities – The study has shown that sixty five per cent of visually disabled people are more than 50 years of age and 7 per cent in cases of people aging between 15 and 44. The definition of the visual disabilities is provided under the United States National Library of Medicine ( 2019). The statistical analysis has been provided by WHO that provides up-to-date regarding the global health. The American Foundation for the Blind provides the students with the visual disabilities that have been made a best preparation for the college students. FamilyConnect provides education for the students and their guardians.



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