Steps for writing an Essay on Poverty


It is important to know how to write a poverty essay. In the essay writing, you need to state the causes of poverty at the best. This will make the relevant and exemplary. The causes of poverty keep on changing with the changing trend in economy. If the financial condition of the country is not apt it can lead to severe poverty. There can be poverty due to lack of education. The high divorce rate can also cause unemployment and poverty. There are more reasons causing poverty like overpopulation and epidemic ailments like AIDS and malaria. There can be poverty due to lack of rainfall and the rest.

Reasons of Poverty
It is easy to write the poverty essay once you know the reasons well. Once you are familiar with the reasons you can sit for the kind of essay writing. Bad weather can cause poverty. Rainfall, drought and poverty are some of the main reasons of bad and detrimental weather. When the climate is not right you tend to suffer a lot. There can be loss o properly and sever death and ailment due to adverse weather condition. There are more reasons to contribute for the adverse climate condition. Knowing things in details will help you explain the concept of property at the best.

Inequalities can Cause Poverty
In the poverty essay, you will find the stalwarts saying that the main causes of property are inequality and lack of opportunity. There is the international flood study institute stating the details and the collection of the extensive studies, and these have helped in analysing the causes and reasons of property at the best. In the context of essay writing you have to consider the rate of unemployment being the main cause in poverty. The economy has been badly down especially at the time of recession.

At the time there has been a drop in the labor force. Several people have been expelled from the job. This has caused severe unemployment and poverty. In the essay writing one can mention about these points. The same is reported by the International Labour Organization. Globally more than 200 people as part of the workforce are without job. This was the scene in the year 2012. Poverty essay can rightly state the condition of the people when they are without job. Unemployment and poverty can even lead to death and fatality. There are more things you need to know in the context of poverty when you sit down to writ the essay.

Inflation is a Cause of Poverty
Inflation can cause poverty. This you can know from the context of the poverty essay. In economics, the significance of inflation lies in the price hike of the goods and services. Due to the high price of the goods and services people are not able to maintain the standard and the quality of life. This is when over expenditure makes them suffer in the long run. Inflation causes a reduction in the purchasing ability of the individual. When you cannot spend well you become poor. This is rightly stated in the process of poverty essay writing.

Debt makes you Poor
You tend to become poor when you are in debt. This is one of the prime issues discussed in poverty essay. This happens when you borrow money and you cannot pay back the same in time. The lender or the creditor keeps on asking about the money and puts pressure on you. You try hard to get the money from somewhere and pay the debt in style. This is when you tend to become poor and the topic is vividly discussed in the essay writing.

About Fiat Currency
A person can become poor due to fiat money or fiat currency. This comes with the intrinsic value and gets established as money. In poverty essay you come to know about the tern fiat money. The money is established based on the government regulations. In the kind of essay writing, you can well know about this form of poverty at the best. Things were introduced in the form of representative money or commodity money. Commodity money comes from the good. You can put light on the topic in the course of essay writing.

Corruption is a Cause for Poverty
There can be poverty due to the act of corruption. This is best discussed in the poverty essay. Corruption is the kind of dishonesty, and it is the kind of criminal offence which can make a person suffer in the long run. In essay writing you can discuss the topic in this way. For instance someone in the family is arrested due to the act of forgery. Now, the amount of money the person has forfeited needs to be compensated. In doing so the person and his family becomes poor. It takes time for them to recover from the state.

Poverty Due to Mental Illness
A person can get poor due to metal illness. When the person is not in the right mental health he will not be able to have a substantial income. He needs to have the best of resources to have comfortable living even when he is not earning. This point is mentioned in the poverty essay and people come to know the truth that psychological disability can make a person ill and poor. It takes great courage and mental strength to have proper income even when you are suffering. In the kind of essay writing you can mention the points that how metal sickness can make you unstable and poor.

War Causing Poverty
War is an obvious cause for poverty. You can read the poverty essay and know that how global unrest can affect the lives of the commoners. War is known to be the state of armed conflict between the government, states and societies. There can be unrest due to the attack of the paramilitary groups like insurgents, mercenaries, and the militias. When there is extreme aggression, violence and destruction the mortality rate is high. You come to mention in the essay writing that this can be a sure cause of poverty.

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