The classification of drinking styles in college age population


The arriving of students at college age is new experience for them which make them feel happy to enjoy their life to the fullest with making of unique and memorable experience. Unfortunately the students start doing harmful habits in the name of enjoyment those impacts on their career as well as health. It can also cause from vandalism to sexual aggression which may cause to serious injury and death. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health survey conducted in the year b2016 has shown that there are 57.2% college’s students are taking alcohol regularly between the age group of 18-22 years. Whereas there are 38% students who are binge drinkers including boys and girls and 10.5% are over addicted drinkers (Davoren, 2016). The rates of drinkers among college students are higher than non-college drinkers.  The consequences are more significant among the college students which impacts on the career of students. According to the statistics of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it is shown that there are approximately 1519 students who died every year due to drinking habits. Furthermore, it is revealed that there are approximately 696,000 students who are assaulted by other students. There are 97,000 cases which are filed every year (Olsson, 2016).

It is revealed in the study that the majority of students are attending college for fun which includes clubbing, drinking, smoking, and other bad habits. The students who start drinking habits ruing college time are the one who are influenced by their friends who make them addicted for alcohol. In the name of fun during college life the students starts following unstructured time table, bunking lectures, and limited interaction with parents. During the initial period of college life every student has gone through some changes by making new friend circle, different experience, and social pressure.

Alcohol abuse is one of the most important contributors towards the prevention of mortality in contemporary America. The highest arte of binge drinkers are finds among college students. According to the epidemiological evidence it is founded that the binge drinking habits among the students cause severe health problems which may leads to serious injuries, psychological problem, unsafe sex, and others. The research is conducted in national institute of the US on alcoholism notes which has shown that the college students who are undergone through drinking habits then it directly impacts on the health problems. It also impacts on the social lives of students who are studying across the US. According to the national survey report on Drug Use and Heath which is published in the year 2015 has shown that there are 15.1 Million drinkers who fall between the age group of 18-28 years (Snyder, 2016). The report further shows that there are 9.8 Million men and 5.3 Million women who are suffering from disorder. Drinking habit among the college students has become ritual as it includes as an integral part of educational experience. There are more than 80% of the students are binge drinkers irrespective of knowing the fact that the drinking habit may impact on the health of individuals. There are several cases of death due to drinking habits among the students. It also affects the bid with family and friends. There are various consequences of alcohol faced by the students including death, fatal accidents, and unintentional injuries. Most of the student got injuries which remains with them for the lifetime and it has been identified in the study that there are approximately 599,000 students who are injured due to the excessive consumption of alcohol. Others are also involved in sexual assault and become sexual victim (Linden, 2016).

During the staring of college life there are many students who want to experience alcohol as they stay away from home. Young children who are between the age group of 18-25 years they start making serious relationship and for the sake of fun they start drinking with their partners. There are some factors which impacts on the drinking alcohol habits of the students including cultural differences, race, and others. The research study has shown that the white young adult are more habitual of alcohol drinking rather than African and Asian Americans. Ethical differences between the populations make different perspective for looking at the same problem.

However parents can help the students to avoid drinking alcohol habits by overlooking them continually. The research has shown that the abstain alcohol drinking is due to the discussion done by their parents regarding its consequences. The parents can protect their children by discussing with them regarding binge drinking habits during college times with its harmful effects that make them aware about the consequences.  Parents should share all type of information with students which helps to make them free to share their habits and issues so that parents can guide them for right track. Parents should teach their children’s regarding emergency intervention efforts and make them understand regarding the problem situation with alcohol.

Thus the role of society, surroundings and cultural background has major influence on drinking habits of students during college times. There are different types of drinkers during college times but there are 80% of the students who falls under the category of binge drinkers who drinks occasionally. The parents should guide their children for the consequences of alcohol drinking and make healthy environment at home which makes them fee comfortable to share their issue with parents so that they can guide their children for right track.



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