The Right Way to Compose an Excellent Dissertation Proposal


As a scholar pursuing an advanced degree, you have to write an excellent dissertation to score an A+ grade on your paper. But, do you know what forms the foundation of a brilliant dissertation? An excellent dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal can help you build a structured assignment that earns the appreciation of your teachers.

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What is a Dissertation Proposal?

The dissertation proposal outlines the methodology that you will use in your dissertation. This proposal ensures that you remain consistent while gathering and analyzing data. It helps you to clarify your viewpoint in concise terms and defends your paper against criticism. In a nutshell, your

dissertation proposal presents:

·        An overview of your topic

·        The objectives of your research

·        The issues examined in it

·        The research methods that will be used, and

·        The possible conclusions of your research

A dissertation proposal gives you an exact idea of what to write and makes it easier for you to get a feedback from your teacher and modify your research before you start working on the main dissertation. The following section kick-starts your groovy journey of writing an excellent dissertation proposal:

1.     Start proposal writing by picking a topic

Your dissertation proposal introduces the readers to your topic so obviously, you have to find a topic that you can manage confidently. The best way to choose a topic is to go through your notes and textbooks to find some interesting titles. You can consult your teacher to decide which of your shortlisted topics would work for you.

2.                 Gather all the literature

Once you choose a topic, make a list of all the literature related to your dissertation that will help you in answering your research questions. Make sure you use resources that were published recently and contain reliable information. This will eliminate procedural errors and address ethical concerns surrounding your topic.

3.                 Write your dissertation proposal

With the right topic and relevant literature in hand, you can start with writing the proposal. Make sure you include all the elements of an ideal structure described here:

·        Introduction

The title introduces the topic of your dissertation. You can use a working title in the proposal but it must express the true soul of your dissertation. The introduction provides an overview of your topic, narrates your central theory, and explains why you chose this area for your research.

·        Objectives

This section presents the questions that you wish to investigate through your dissertation. You will propose the objectives of your dissertation paper together with future predictions.

·        Literature Review

The literature review is not just a compilation of books, articles, and sources that helped in your research work, but it is an opportunity to establish the importance of your research and how it is related to other research in your field. You can use this section to explain how your research will suitably contribute to your discipline. Mention the doubts in your research and how you wish to clarify them.

·        Methodology 

Utilize this section to explain the methodology you will use for gathering and analysis of data. You have to clearly present how you wish to achieve your objectives. Besides, you have to give reasons for choosing a particular methodology and how it is relevant to your dissertation question.

·        Limitations

This section includes all the limitations that prevent you from exploring the topic. It can be either some unexpected circumstances or the specified word count.

·        Schedule

The section informs your supervisor about an estimated time frame in which you will submit your dissertation. Make sure you provide realistic deadlines so you have sufficient time to complete your paper properly.

·        Permissions

While writing and researching on certain issues, you need to take prior consents from the concerned people or you are not permitted to include that information in your dissertation. Use this section to mention all the necessary permissions that you took.

·        Conclusion 

A dissertation proposal may not include the final conclusion of your paper but just providing a summary of whatever you have attempted so far would suffice. The conclusion restates why you chose that particular topic, the methodologies used, and the expected results.

·        Bibliography

Since you haven’t completed your research and writing work yet, you can skip Bibliography section in the proposal. However, you can still mention some resources you have used to this point. Expand this section once you write the actual dissertation.

How to perfect your dissertation proposal?

Once you have written your dissertation proposal, make sure there are no formatting or grammatical errors in it. Follow these rules to write the perfect proposal:

·        The dissertation proposal is written in present and future tenses. You can use past tense to while mentioning the previous research work.

·        Direct quotations included in the dissertation proposal should be written within the quotation marks followed by the correct referencing. Use correct referencing for mentioning indirect quotes as well.  

·        The methodology and findings in your final dissertation should appear in the past tense.

·        Avoid using colloquial terms and inaccurate texts and phrases. You should be precise and specific in the choice of your words to avoid misunderstanding and confusions.

·        Do not to go beyond the word limit specified for the dissertation proposal, which is usually between 750-1000 words.

·        Proofread your dissertation proposal before taking it to your teacher.

Provided that you focus on your topic, prepare a good argument, and use correct methodologies, no one can stop you from writing an excellent dissertation proposal.

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