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Transformational style of leadership has a significant role to play in the IT industry. This is because the domain of IT industry is gradually changing. Their new technical is plantations which are adapted by a large number of IT companies in order to ensure greater success of the organisation. Never do this in this case the leadership mindset of organisation is very important. It has been articulated by various researchers that leadership role in organisations in the modern day business environment is very important. They not only undertake strategy for operational excellence in the internal environment (Sahu, Pathardikar and Kumar, 2018). The leaders also have a critical role to play in determining the way in which the organisation will be able to sustain the external thread and competence. In this regard one of the important aspects of leadership is that the modern leaders are able to map and take into account the external market conditions and the consumption demands and therefore formulate a strategy which keeps the organisation ahead of other organisations in the same industry.

The maximum dynamism is experienced in the technological companies as the progressive technology is providing all throughout the industrial to main. For the technology companies have to change and bring about a better technology in order to adopt spontaneous development skill in majority of the areas. Nevertheless in this regard it can be critically argued that transformational leaders have a primary role in comparison to the other form of leaders (Jena, L.K., Pradhan, S. and Panigrahy, 2018). This is because the transformational leaders are able to map the external market conditions and therefore able to dictate the kind of strategies that should be adopted by the technology companies in order to bring about the latest edition of Technology or bring about changes in technology which will make the products or services of the specific company distinguished from those of the other. According to essay writer engagement is also one of the potential factors which have a critical role to play in the technical industry.

Employee engagement drives the spontaneous growth and development of organisation. The organisational potential enhanced by means of employee engagement is increased. In this regard it can also be articulated that there are various factors based on which employee engagement is ensured in an organisation. It includes the kind of a work environment followed by transparency and trust among various hierarchies in the organisation. Technology organisations are rapidly disrupting in terms of adopting various scope of service and product development which requires dynamic development in the internal environment of the organisation. Therefore in this regard it can also be highlighted that the employee engagement elements can be clearly manifested in the purview of dynamism in order to articulate the spontaneity and fluidity in terms of technical development. This research study will discuss the way in which the transformational leadership style is emphasized in the technology industry of Oman by incorporating examples of exponential organisations in the technical industry of the country. In the same way the scope and development of employee engagement in Oman is also to be discussed in this regard.


Transformational leadership is modulus for leadership used across various spectrum of politics follow to buy education as well as entertainment and finance and Technology and so on. Nevertheless in this case the research would be articulated regarding the spirit of transformational leadership in the technology industry. Transformational leaders have been spectacular only developed in context to technical industry of Oman. Transformational leadership depends on encouragement and motivation of followers in participating towards developing a successful future for a company. It includes establishment of a common purpose of a group which is significantly routed to the official mission and vision of the organisation. These are the two aspects that are used by leaders for defining as well as outlined and goals. Vision helps the leaders to understand where the organisation projects itself in the future and why. Mission on the other hand rationalizes the existence of the organisation in the current environment by providing it a purpose. Researchers also articulate that no technical organisation can succeed without clear vision as well as mission and as such both are vital aspects for leadership to establish early on.At the basic level of technology companies the transformational leaders have a critical role in inspiring employees to look ahead with emphasis on the greater good and the function as a integrated unit with the common objective. The functioning the spirit and objective setting responsibilities are shared by the transformational leaders. It has a direct impact on inspiring employees. Inspired employees make a integrated team and hence create a base of highly engaged workforce. Get to know more from Gulf assignment help in Oman associated with Omanessay.

Qualities Of Transformational Leaders In Technology Companies

The national leaders are individuals with scalability of integrating a common purpose and motivation which helps in creation of organisational culture with strong emphasis to successful stop researchers articulated that these kind of readers commonly have a typical set of characteristic features a. They have the necessary vision which is highly important for the modern dynamic environment of the technical industry. In this regard it can be articulated that one of the eminent a technology companies in Oman is the gulf cybertek e-solutions. The organisation was established in the year 2003 and the company is one of the notable providers of professional web application development and designing a service is. The organisation is offering bespoke services which incorporate website designing for web application as well as E-Commerce in management with the payment gateway. Nevertheless the visionary leaders of the organisation started to work in close quarters with the client in order to manifest a strong strategy diversification as well as product diversification.

It incorporates payment gateway formulation on the basis of customer demand followed by analyzing the future customer requirement to develop various mobile technologies as well as a promotional and Search engine optimization as well as social media marketing related features to help the clients. This is how the visionary leaders helped in developing a complete service package for the clients of this company. The team centric approach of the transformational leaders also requires mention in this association. The team centric approach of Bahwan Cybertek which is one of the most established technology companies in Muscat Oman should be mentioned in this regard. The organisation has been offering software related products as well as services in the 1999. For the organisation has been able to serve a large number of clients throughout the world on the basis of the teen centric approach. Assignment help muscat experts opined nation has a specific individuals with autonomous discretionary capabilities to monitor the specific specializations ranging from e governance to manufacturing and payments and from supply chain management to real time predictive analytics for power industry for oil and gas industry as well as other industry is the full stop the organisation has categorized integration centric approach in order to provide successful service to bank as well as energy and utility as well as government and supplies and partners as well as telecom organisations. The integrated approach and stakeholders in management of operations help the organisation to achieve excellence in business process management followed by business intelligence as well as outsourcing business processes and engineering activities. It is evident that employee engagement and employee development has a critical role to play in this regard.

The transformational leaders are also responsible for developing inclusive working environment. Inspiring employees followed by development of inclusive and emotionally compatible environment is also the basis of developing a highly engaged workforce in an organisation. In this regard it is important to specify the way in which organisational transformation projects helped eminent technology companies like Krish IT Solutions private limited to accomplish it better organisational outcomes. It is Indian organisation which transfers their major part of operations to the overseas market in Oman and provided end to end ERP solution as well as consulting services to the oil and gas clients in Oman as well as other partners throughout the world. the strong and integrated base of employees help the organisation to potentially uplift the working potential of the organisation in the offshore development centre which is situated in Chennai where the organisation has been providing 24*7 offshore services. Nevertheless it has developed a spontaneous collaboration with highly engaged workforce in overseas business locations like Muscat Oman and so on.Nevertheless in this regard it can be critically argued that transformational leaders have a primary role in comparison to the other form of leaders.  For more information about transformational leadership, take immediate assistance from plagiarism free assignment help online rendered by Omanessay

This is because the transformational leaders are able to map the external market conditions and therefore able to dictate the kind of strategies that should be adopted by the technology companies in order to bring about the latest edition of Technology or bring about changes in technology which will make the products or services of the specific company distinguished from those of the other.  The efficient functioning of the organisation in its every aspect like people and process and Technology has been manufacture on the basis of the great effort put in by the transformational leaders in the company. The organisation is moving with a plan of expanding the business and growth alongside maintaining a significant quality in services. One of the important features of transformational leaders is that this group of literature do not only manifest better quality of organisational output but maintain integrity of working in order to achieve the best outcome for the company. Hence it can be clearly articulated that transformational leadership and employee engagement is much related with each other. Both the elements help in fostering a collaborative working environment.

Dedicated Skill Sets

Leaders having the above mentioned skills are also charismatic leaders who have a spontaneous empathy and motivation. Various researches articulate on a personal level that the process manifests strong ethical values. They strive to put their teams before them without even considering about their own position or the way in which the actions will benefit them on a personal level in moving forward. The transformational leaders have a significant ability to understand people and resources a part of the team and define every e-gold and aspirations of respective team members alongside bring everybody together in order to make a difference.

This is how the integration of employee engagement and transformational leadership take place in the employee structure of the technology companies. It is evident that other than oil and gas the other important sector which has exhibited maximum dynamism in the recent years in Oman is the Technology sector of the country. Ranging from the popular technologies for service providing organisations to the popular Technology vending company is like the telecommunication companies it is perceived that employee engagement has a critical role to play in monitoring and experiencing success buy a huge base of employees. The employees are visionary in their own way of thinking and they have a strong sense of communication skills which has been developed on the basis of their engagement and the help received by them from the transformational leaders in the organisation. Online assignment help professional said this would create a very strong association between transformational leaders and the participative leaders. Participative leaders are more emphasis on helping employees to develop their internal potential and make them self reliant. On the contrary the transformational leaders said the strategic vision and perspective for the employees as well as centre organisation to follow in order to achieve competitive excellence (Jena,Pradhan and Panigrahy, 2018). Therefore it is justified to call for the requirement of transformational leaders in the technology organisations which offer it in such a dynamic environment as these leaders are unique individuals having real as well as honest personal level of skills which helped them to get the job done better than anybody else.

The encasing capacities of the transformational leaders in contrast to the democratic order participated leaders help them to influence organisation and integrate the help hold base of employees. The role of transformative environment is also important considering the fact that the need of holding onto a will return to base of employees in a dynamic business environment is very crucial. Technology organisations require constant influx of more capable candidates who have knowledge about advanced basic technology and more in depth the abilities of working on technology project. This is a reason why there is greater influx of employees and it is also observed that there is great difference in terms of attitude as well as age and perspective of various hierarchies of employees in the technology companies. The same is experienced in case of one of the most advanced global technology companies of Oman, namely the Bahwan Cybertek Company. The company is an appropriate nomenclature of difference between cultures followed by age wise ideology difference and a proof of why new attitude and thinking is important for achievement of better organisational outcome. In this relationship,instant assignment help said there is a greater manifestation of engagement of employees by dint of transformational management of organisations.

Appropriate Strategic Approach Of Leadership And Employee Engagement

Provided the various benefits of successful transformational leadership studies manifestation, it is evident that large number of employees feel inspired in practice in the skills and incorporate the skills and values in the work. In this case it is important to highlights that academic integration of the transformational leaders in the technology industry is at any level (Caniëls,Semeijn and Renders, 2018). They are divided in selecting a transformational leader in a simple basis or not. In this regard the great when theory can be attributed. The future is developed on the basis of the area that people do not have the leadership skills by the robust and full structures the reason why there are various communities operating under the perception that the qualities needed to be a successful transformational leaders are the elements which cannot be taught to any individual simply. On the contrary the society also perceives that since the transition of the idea in leadership is acquired it is possible to manifest a model called the transformational leadership model in which acknowledges all organisational challenges from the root (Azimet al., 2019). There are qualitative functional elements like charisma and empathy in which are very important in order to ensure the employee engagement on a great skill. For the elements that lead to the development of transformational leader particularly in case of dynamic working environment is the hard work as well as honest desire of improving the company. The risk of transformational leadership skills which share many individuals can learn embracing.The efficient functioning of the organisations in its every aspect like people and process and Technology has been manufacture on the basis of the great effort put in by the transformational leaders in the company (Gyensareet al., 2017). The organisation is moving with a plan of expanding the business and growth alongside maintaining a significant quality in services.

Strategies Of Developing Employee Engagement

Technology companies have the maximum need for integration in order to achieve desired output. In this regard empathy among team members or between the different working teams is very important. In the leaders and executives in such organisations should sit down with the employees and get to know the people individual with whom the work. In this context they should also increase the scope of their role in the organisation. The employee background should be clearly understood in accompaniment with the personal objectives of the employees which leads to better understanding of the working direction of specific team in the company. For evidence if a emerging Technology organisation like Gulf Infotech wants to establish and maintain their position as pioneers as well as time providers of different cloud services in middle East they should undergo significant expertise development in the necessary domain (Kalsoom, Khan and Zubair, 2018).

In order to serve the broader spectrum of clients the company needs to improve service in technology and increase the working efficiency in all aspects. It requires significant teamwork. Teamwork is an element which is greatly refined on the basis of exhibition of empathy towards each other. On many occasions it is perceived the employees walked away from each other when they have to face any change in the organisation (Afsar, Masood and Umrani, 2019). Considering the pretext of the technology organisations in Oman it can be clearly articulated that the level of dynamism would be accountable for the lack of empathy or loss of empathy of large number of such organisations. In this connection many essay writing help experts suggested it is important to bring in the charisma of transformational leaders in order to set about a more characteristic personality in leadership which will help in solving problems at every situation followed by neutralizing negative thought of employees and also try to impress employee with a professional attitude by the company thereby mirroring the same body language and so on (Besieuxet al., 2018).


Various researchers have articulated on developing a foolproof guide to transformational leadership and employee engagement. Nevertheless the contingent approach towards leadership is very much effective in terms of determining the employee engagement outcome in the purview of the organisational challenges experienced by any technology company. Inspiration is also at the basis of maintaining a streamlined efficiency of employees in the technical companies. There is various empirical guidance in order to inspire and motivate individuals each of which offer various viable tools and methodology in order to do that. For evidence, the research based research article at creative approaches to inspiring people. On the contrary, some sources favor active listening in utilizing a high-powered talent while trying to motivate the team member. However at the center of all such advice is idea that contingent approach towards employee engagement and leadership is highly favorable in order to develop a robust and dynamic base of employees in a technology company.

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