What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Living In The Technology World?



Everyday lives revolve with greater enthusiasm rounded technology. The scope as well as application of these technology can be experienced throughout multiple industries. Even if the havoc scope of implementation of technology in multiple industrial sectors is left about we can look up to the applications available to average individuals to demonstrate the evidences of the pervasiveness of technology in our lives. Currently computers are used for every single day for a large number of applications (Holthe,Halvorsrud& Lund, 2020). It is used for entertainment where high-definition video is great in demand in addition with high quality streaming of music and not to mention online gaming. The potential of computers in case of entertainment is however limited by the imagination of the users. Shopping is another specific criterion we are using digitisation to a very high extent. Purchasing or selling equipment over digitize platform are enabling buying or selling of anything that can be thought about and delivered to the doorstep. In order to make the experiences inoculative third parties are offering coupon codes or promotional codes so that people are attracted to technical means of shopping more and more. Nevertheless the third important concept to speak about in connection with the sustainable impact of technology in life is productivity.

Productivity suites can ensure that any need of the business or office will be covered. Productivity based applications enables people to easily avoid the steep price tags on the paid applications and open-source software to have their job done. Again we find financial domain being heavily Compensated by technical interference. Budget managing followed by savings tracker as well as keeping stocks updated and organise are all done by technical means. There are truly epoch-making applications for the financial to main. Nevertheless as defined by essay deustch other specific areas about long-term technical impact in our lives that should be spoken about in the introductory section amateur designs and social media. Amateur designs in corporate image manipulation for basic video as well as audio editing along with image creation whatever might be the interests of the individual. The capability of programming to do the same either on a paid version or on a free version is creating great scope for lifestyle as well as earning of individuals. The scope of social media is technical entertainment however it has been greatly used for as sounding number of objectives ranging from keeping in touch with the old friends to promoting business or campaigns. Social media is currently one of the mostly viable and used equipment of the digital offering at our disposal (Zhang, Omran &Cobanoglu, 2017). In this research study the researcher will focus on analyzing how this kind of technical interference is having sustainable outcome on our lives. This is definitely a non-exhaustive list and the role of technical interference in human lives will have many folds other scope of negative for positive outcome beyond this discussion. Nevertheless the research I will make an in-depth analysis of the most intimidating kinds of interference is brought about by our living in to this technology world.

Current And Future Impact Of Living In Technology World On Societal Level

The impact either currently or on a future this is of living in this technology world is actually complicated than it would seem with our naked eyes. For example the act of socializing can be taken for demonstration. Because of the presence of internet we now find it easier to find other people who share a common interest with us and whom we did not know the moment before. This has not only e help in reducing distances between people but also helped like minded people come together and randomly share common interest. This provides scope for interaction on another level. Interaction has helped in creating the scope for becoming friends even though people are living across Nations and even continents. Irrespective of the expected outcome social media on a generic level play a very crucial role in helping people to stay connected.

As said by essay rewriter these platforms of social media has created the scope of isolation among people as well. Individuals we see around us might have a good social life inside the internet based social media platforms however in original life they might be living like hermits where they don’t have real friends or actual acquaintances (Charmaraman, Gladstone & Richer, 2018). It can be added up with the fact that internet enables virtual anonymity and therefore it is possible to increase Anti-social behaviour over internet without even getting noticed by real people. It includes activities like bullying or racism or misogyny followed by merciless trolling up to the point where the victims are even agitated to the level of committing suicide. It starts with simple outright conning and swindling to arrive at such disaster’s outcome. How are you for having said about these negative outcomes it is not possible for us to overstate importance of the level of connectivity offered by the internet and the manifold devices that we use in our regular days which provides us with accessibility wherever we go. It has always been a necessary as well as useful tool for the humanity with unfortunate side effect of providing specific toxic people outlet for their vitriol.

Another important side effect that technology continues to have in our near future is the way it impacts our health (Ananiaet al., 2018). As it is the case with our internet uses the same is with this. There are good as well as bad impacts arising from the gradual increase in use of technology on a very significant level.

On one hand it is evident that there are significant increase in the level of obesity as well as other forms of inactivity related conditions. Major outcome of an activity is because of the very radioactivity e and effortless actions that we are able to do with the use of internet. In the recent pandemic condition the amount of digitised to working from home where people have done office work with minimal technical settings and internet connectivity exhibits that physical effort has been greatly reduced by technologies. In addition to that the effortless life style like doing shopping from the comfort of home as well as ordering food and even accomplishing educational degrees through online format has increase the level of an activity to a great level. In addition to this it is demonstrated by large number of researchers that the internet generation of today is currently very much appreciate in the concept of an activity and maintaining lifestyle where greater part of the lively activities are done online is actually accounting for the poor health outcome (Rodideal, 2018).

In accordance with essay helpers Arrival of concepts like Netflix and chill followed by binge watch and binge eating are recent trend which only show greater trend of acceptability. Doctors already are highlighting that spending over three hours in a day totally motionless staring at screens with gaming or watching or put in foot in the mouth is a critical option to gain more and more weight (Kumari, 2021). People are clearly initiating lesser cardiovascular activities and inviting large number of health problems with this internet lifestyle which is increasing day by day to a mammoth level. Not only is internet connectivity hampering lives in this way but the high level of acceptability of internet and the technological acumen in our working lives is having a critical negative impact on our lives. The greater documentation of people having neck and back problems is taking a common place shaped. The observation of this kind of problems in more and more people lives is leading to chronic pain which is initiating the need for heavy medication for undergoing costly medical processes for reselection of the problems.

Nevertheless there is a critical positive aspect of this argument as well. Technology on account of its sustainable exposure in our life makes it easier than ever to track our activities on a day-to-day basis is for staying healthy. Even with a simple smart phone application, we can keep track of all our necessary habits that we should be doing and keeping up. It ranges from exercising on a certain level for a specific time period to tracking how much water we should be drinking every day. It has now been possible for us to exactly understand how we’re doing in terms of our physical training format for our diet. With specific peripheral or event based on our phone we can keep track of the heart rate as well as our stress level and even our sleeping pattern. Therefore it is quite evident and incorrigible that’s technology has always become a great part of our lives and it is worth stating that we are very much living in the technology world currently (Rodideal, 2018). This will only continue increasing the presence as it will inevitably advance. Nevertheless researchers have stated that we need to continue living in this technology world for even a more sustainable time period for the future to determine whether it is ultimately a positive or negative influence. The only specific thing that will determine whether it will have a good or bad outcome is to observe if technology will ultimately bring us together and serve us or whether it in up completely alienating us and dominates us in our choices and in what way we should choose to use it for.

Common specimens of technical devices which are handy for all of us or our laptop or smartphone or tablets. World of technology without these devices are unimaginable. These basic technical gadgets will increase in their importance level and will be gradually spread. A day will come when these will be inevitable like our clothes and belong is. No doubt it already is the only hindrances being accessibility and the price point. However there are some acute advantages of using these basic technical parameters. Firstly it helps in our is of communication. We can interact by means of these simple devices and only a stable internet connection by sending email or SMS or by means of Wi-Fi based voice call or video call. All these serves as very necessary and very effective means of communication and it has helped in accomplishing the act of globalization on a greater level (Druryet al., 2017). Next in importance is a level of comfort which it has added in our lives. Lives in the current date has been very easy because of technology. We can get almost everything simply with the press of a button in either our tablet or smartphone. It ranges from shopping for booking a cab to ordering food. Nevertheless another very viable improvement and the critical positive impact which technical lives has brought upon us is our education. Many online assignment help experts have defined Modern technology makes it very easy for the students to acquire knowledge on the basis of virtual classrooms as well as online classes which has also helped students to accomplish education and universities to organise education provisions during the pandemic period. It is not only the easiness of access but also the flexibility it provides two students. Students can study at their own pace. They can watch an educational session video for once and if needed as many times as they wish for clear understanding according to their own Intelligence standard and from anywhere. Gone are the days when students misses out necessary discussions from the end of their teachers after the classes are over. Students can learn from their own convenience and at their own pace of learning (Drevin& Kim, 2019). Next in importance of discussion are the changes that has been necessary brought in the health sector because of sustainable exposure of individuals in the current technology World. Technology has absolutely revolutionized healthcare servicing. Modern equipment have made healthcare access faster and easier with accurate treatment of patients on most instances which has vehemently increased our life expectancy. In the end we should speak about access to information. Information exchange and database of information are the most important accomplishment and the biggest emancipation which we have achieved by living into this technology world.

Our smartphone or laptop or any other handy technical devices of regular use coupled with upfront basic stable internet connectivity can give us access to any relevant information which we need at the very moment. Access to the internet connectivity has basically simplified our lives and the initiatives taken by various front-line sources to make internet connectivity easier and more accessible and available is playing a greater role in providing us with access to information. Although imperatively it might seem that there are no negative impacts and great positive outcomes of the simplistic technical devices which has become part of our regular lives the fact is not so. The most important negative outcome of using handy devices like mobile phone and tablets and laptops for almost all our purpose is that we are becoming too much dependable on automated intelligence. This technology is reviving our references and leaving our digital impression which is being traced back to create substitute. This shows that we are leaving behind impressions of our habits followed by our necessary data and every individual aspect of importance associated with our lives. On one hand this is exposing us on the digital forum and on the other hand this is living as a helpless without gadgets in our hand. Another critical negative impact of the vehement use of technology is depletion of the natural resources (Takadaet al., 2017).

Modern and as well as gadget are very powerful and currently they are requiring substantial number of natural resources for their operations. This is the reason why natural resources are depleting at faster rate post op competency is another in negative aspect to be considered in this regard. Increase of dependency over modern tools providing instant solutions have reduced creativity as well as intelligence level. For example we do not rely anymore on the mental calculations when we can use calculated very easily. In addition to that we do not need to purchase calculated separately as we have this simple application in any simple device we are carrying with us nowadays. Another negative detrimental impact which should be spoken about is the reduction in value of the human workers. Because of the technical advancement the human workers are easily getting replaced and machines are regularly becoming more capability to perform the same task with less time and more accuracy and with utilisation of less resources (Hudaet al., 2017). Finally it can also be articulated that technical interference is increasing loneliness and solitude. Because of social network as well as online gaming and the inexhaustive use of gadgets we are spending most of our times in the virtual space and interacting with real people very less. You can get more information on online gaming at OmanEssay instant essay help platform

It is also important to have a futuristic idea of how sustainable living in this technology world will impact our future lives. It is evident that there will be development of numerous advanced equipment and those will become part of our regular life is. Technology on one hand is evidently creating great changes to our lifestyle. Larger number of things are becoming accessible and easier for us to handle. However in addition with comfort and positive outcome it is important for us to evaluate if these will be helpful for us in the sustainable time period. There are some significant long-term advantages. First living in the technology world we will have great things achieved in shorter time periods. Communication from our end will be very easy. We will also be able to establish units which will enable and allow people to talk as well as a senior living people across boundaries. The facilities of multidimensional video calling in future will give people a taste of experience in real people around them even if they are living many time zones beyond them (Justlearning.in, 2020). Nevertheless this is not only creating scope of interaction however for other sectors as well. This will make virtual classrooms and education over online portals more realistic foodstuff people will be able to access on a real time basis like actual classroom setting even being miles away from each other. In addition to that health care service provision will be easier where doctors will be able to setup virtual health care beast discussion. Everything that people need to do by interacting with each other can be done even being not present at a time in a single place. This will be easier in sometime ahead but will necessarily have a significant impact. This will have a significant opportunity not for family and friends but for business purpose as well. People will really need visiting business cubicles for operations but can do same from their own convenience. In fact the operations of multinational corporations will be easier as where problem solving as well as communication and the work place integration will be at maximum level. In fact the opportunity for interacting with customers will be easier.

Large segment of people will now be able to access as well as make the products and services they crave for palpable even if they do not purchase the same. A recent trend now it is already e indicates that this will be achieved by the online shopping industry and future. Measure of the online shopping applications take an artificial intelligence based augmented mapping of our total landscape portfolio to help us get a glimpse of how we would look in a costume if we purchase the same. The same applies for fashion in any sense ranging from jewellery to dresses to makeup and hairstyles. It also deserves mention that people having these abilities will also be able to take the better advantage of internet (Safebytes,com, 2021). They will be getting the chance of accessing things easily. For the medical related advancement conducting as well as undergoing medical check-up will be very advanced. On the basis of technology people in future will be able to monitor health appropriately without healthcare intervention. Basic healthcare analysis will be possible without human interference which will help to a great extent in helping people to maintain healthy lifestyles. Illness identification and initial treatment provision will be very easy (Przybylski & Weinstein, 2017).

It is imperative that in accompaniment with the long-term futuristic positive impact of staying in the technology world we will have long-term disadvantage also. In the first-place social isolation that is now life trend will become absolute reality of all our lives giving birds to issues like depression. We will gradually become more segregated from each other and lack of real-time communication or contact will make us non receptive to actual social unions. It has already been observed that apprehended personality of people are quite different in virtual and real time full stop the same factor will be increased to a great extent. This will impact personality and confidence of people greatly (Renard,2017). Social activities might increase however losing contact with real friends will give vast isolated lifestyles. Constant interaction with devices will have impact of constant radiations and greater surrounding carbon footprint will increase scope of malignancy by manifold. Health hazards of constant exposure to gadgets and internet connectivity will create significant health issues (Orben& Przybylski, 2019). Research already identified that people suffers from social isolation and are identified to live shorter life because of no real time acquaintance. Like it is interpreted by assignment writer technology on one hand creates the perfect formula for depression because of lack of contact and on the other hand promotes in activity-based lifestyle and overeating. Being surrounded extremely by various kind of lucrative gadgets disrupt our sleeping habits and make people insomniac.


In conclusion it can be highlighted that currently we are surrounded by technology. We depend heavily on technology and the research has summarized that we are already taking technology for granted. People seldom care how it might impact us. We perceive driving technology while the truth is that technology is dominating us nowadays. It is viable to note that technology not only in corporate internet connectivity however electricity or other electronic gadget in accompaniment with key and even pumping water by means of palms include use of technology. Nevertheless this has already been adaptable with our lifestyle internet being the newest edition in accompaniment with the gadgets like telephone or tablets or smartphones or laptops. In future it can be evidently concluded that imagination of life without technology will be unthinkable as there will be major aspects of living a gender which will be impossible without technical interference. Our learning horizons will be increased with technology however as a negative impact our physical and anatomical aspect will be greatly damaged. Therefore it will always be a topic of great debate whether technology will create ultimate aim of positive or negative impact on our lives and it is a question whose answer only lies in the revolutions of the future disruptions of technology and its uses.

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