Why Must Oman Students Choose their Dissertation Topics Carefully?


Many students pursuing an academic degree find it extremely overwhelming to choose a dissertation topic, leave aside writing the entire document. On the brighter side, if you choose a dissertation topic carefully, writing the paper will not seem daunting at all. That’s the importance of choosing a good topic.

Here are some guidelines to choose a suitable topic for students who have to juggle between internship, studies, and research work while writing their dissertation:

  • The topic should be relevant to your field

A sensible method to choose a proposal title is to limit your search to subjects relevant to your field of study. If you are a Law student, you should carefully choose a thesis topic related to Justice and Enforcement Law, Taxation etc. This will facilitate you in devising more interesting and appropriate thesis. You should look for a title that will prove valuable to your career. This will improve your chances of finding a desirable job once you complete your degree. Industry reports and journals can serve as great sources for initiating your search for a suitable title that is relevant to your field of study.

  • The topic should be interesting

Many students decide on a topic based on what their tutor might find interesting, even though they personally are not much attracted to the topic. The interest of the tutors is important but if you are not excited about the topic, it will become very difficult to write the dissertation. Your lack of interest will become apparent in the writing. Conversely, choosing a topic that excites you will be much easier to write as you will remain passionate throughout the writing process.

Start with creating a list of your favourite books or authors whose work is considered valuable in your field. You can also review some academic papers that have earned the highest grades in the past. Reviewing all these papers will help you come up with an appropriate topic.

  • The topic should be manageable

Once you have shortlisted some interesting and relevant topics, narrow down your search by the level of complexity of the topics. It is necessary to carefully choose a topic that you can easily manage since you have to carry out all the research and writing work all by yourself.  Therefore, choose a dissertation title that you are both confident and comfortable with. Your comfort and knowledge level about the chosen dissertation title will certainly improve your chances of obtaining higher grades.

Some students are tempted to choose an ambitious topic that eventually becomes too hard to manage. An unmanageable thesis topic will not only be boring to write but also cost you marks. Choose a topic that suits your experience and abilities.

  • The topic could be backed by enough research material

You need sufficient data and research material in order to explain and support your topic properly. If the data is insufficient or you cannot find relevant research material, you cannot create a credible thesis. So before you start writing the dissertation, make sure you have sufficient resources to support your thesis topic. Make sure you credit these sources in your paper to avoid plagiarism issues.

  • The topic should address current issues

While choosing a topic, keep in mind that it reflects the situation of the modern day world. Read the recent research material to understand which issues (related to your field) need attention. Remember that choosing a current dissertation topic allows you to find sufficient resources and to conduct the proper research. In addition, touching on the current issues will allow you to capture the interest of the readers who are keen to find solutions to the current issues.

It is futile to pursue a topic that has no relevance in the present scenario. If you present outdated information or pursue an obsolete topic in your paper, the whole purpose of expanding your knowledge through research and dissertation writing is defeated.

  • The topic should be original

Choosing a title doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to always invent an absolutely new. Instead, you can present an existing topic in a new perspective. Creativity can be maintained if you alter your approach or change the focus of an old topic. You can do this by considering the topic from different angles and then pursue one that matches your interest and abilities. A more practical approach would be to explain a simple idea by evaluating both the positive and negative side of the argument. Reviewing already submitted dissertations can help you identify disparities in these documents in light of current research materials and explain these gaps from your individual viewpoint.

  • Seek advice from experts

The students can ease their burden of choosing a dissertation title by seeking advice from experts. Look for approachable and knowledgeable individuals like your teachers or professors who can recommend certain research topics. You can find a suitable teacher by searching your college website or contacting professors who have carried out research in your field of interest. You can seek their guidance to find a suitable topic. However, your professors may not be accessible all the time. Moreover, they have a busy schedule that leaves them with very little time to suggest a topic to every student.

Satisfied with choosing a good topic?  How about choosing the best?

If you want to choose the best topic, consider talking to assignment writing experts who are qualified and experienced to handle your paper related queries. By understanding your requirements and objectives of research, the experts will not only help you choose the right title but will assist you in writing the best dissertation as well.

An expert who is familiar with your subject can suggest ample resources to base your research on. The assignment writers have requisite writing skills that enable them to write accurate and well-structured theses. They are well-versed with the current citation styles so that your completed paper complies with university’s guidelines and plagiarism regulations. Therefore, you should carefully seek an expert to make the process of choosing a proposal topic and writing the dissertation much easier.



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