10 Better Ways To Develop Critical Thinking Skills


Many people may come up with a question what is critical thinking? Well the answer is quite simple. Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally and objectively without letting the human emotions influence your thoughts. There are certain skills that are required for critical thinking. In this article we are going to talk about those skill sets and also, how we can develop them in us?

If a person has mastered the skills of critical thinking he can very easily understand the link between ideas, he can understand the importance between ideas and its relevance, he develops the ability to build an argument, he can very well identify the inconsistency in logic and reasoning, he is able to deal with problems in a systematic way consistently, and he can also go back and rethink on the justification of his own ideas, values and belief system.

A person needs to have certain skills. The set of skills that are required to develop critical thinking are called critical thinking skills.

Some of the required skills are mentioned below-

  • A person should have the ability to think about a topic objectively.
  • He should be able to identify different arguments in relation to a particular issue.
  • A person should be able to evaluate a point and determine its strength and validity.
  • He should have the capacity to recognize and identify the weaklings and negativity present in the evidence or argument.
  • Should be able to Identify the implications behind a statement or argument.
  • Should be able to provide structured reasoning and support for an argument that we want to make.

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There are different kinds of tests available to judge the capability of a person’s mind to think rationally and logically. These kinds of tests that measures the critical skill sets of a person is called critical thinking skills test.It is commonly called critical reasoning test. This test is divided into 5 different sections-

  1. The Argument Section– In this section the ability of a person to differentiate between strong and weak arguments is tested. A strong argument is something that is relevant and directly related to the question whereas a weak argument is something that is not directly related to the question or something that is not very important.
  2. The Assumption Section–  As assumption is something that is taken for granted by the person. It may or may not be correct. This section gives a lot of possibilities to a person and checks the ability of a person to pick the situations where an assumption has been made.
  3. The Deduction Section– In this section the ability of a person to draw conclusion from a particular question is checked based on the information provided in the question without the influence of his own knowledge.
  4. The Interpretation Section– In this section the ability to interpret a situation is checked by giving him a passage with a conclusion. The person is supposed to consider the information provided to him as true and needs to check whether the conclusion follows the passage or not.
  5. The Inferences Section– This section deals with a conclusion drawn from an observed fact which is not directly present in the information but drawn from it.

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10 Different Ways To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

  1. A person should take out time to evaluate the decisions he makes in his daily lives. This will help a person to start thinking critically. Self- evaluation is very important in the development of critical thinking. For example- a person should ask questions to himself regarding any action he takes. So as to why the action was taken? what drives him? where did the action leads him? and where was he supposed to be? and so on. The answers to these questions will help him evaluate himself and will make him see things objectively.
  2. Most people evaluate situations by considering themselves to be correct all the time. Which, may not always be right. A person should not let his ego come in the path of his rational thinking. He should have the ability to contemplate all the possibilities including him standing on the wrong foot before he comes to a decision.
  3. The most important thing for a person to develop critical thinking skills is to be an active and good listener. This helps a person to analyze and empathize with the situation at the other side. There are online essay writers who listen to your requirements and help you with your assignments.
  4. A person should be able to analyze from all the information he has received. He needs to be able to identify the source of the information, look for loopholes in the argument, should be able to analyze whether or not the facts are presented objectively or is there emotions involved? And whether there are any evidences to support the argument.

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  • Another essential step in developing critical thinking is to stop thinking that everything is known to you and get into the depth of the situation.
  • Curiosity is the key to critical thinking so don’t suppress your curiosity by giving yourself explanations until you see the whole picture.
  • Any kind of argument should be dealt with compassion.
  • Once a decision is taken it should be evaluated very carefully from multiple environments. A problem should also be observed from multiple actions even when things are running smooth.
  • In order to master the skills of critical thinking a person should continuously be in the process of solving problems from different situations. This helps sharpen the skills.
  • A person should expose himself to different kinds of people. The more you mingle the better your skills of rational thinking and analyzing people and situation develops.


Thus, we can say that critical thinking plays a big role even in our day to day lives.The more people deal with problem the more they develop critical thinking skills in them. OmanEssay has a team of assignment writers who help students prepare themselves for critical thinking skill tests and also write their assignments for them.

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