Communication : The Process, Barriers And Improving Effectiveness


When two or more than two people exchange facts, opinions, Ideas or emotions between them, it is called communication. The process that is involved is known as communication process. Good and effective communication is the key to success. Similarly, bad communication leads to a lot of difficulties.

In this article we are going to discuss the various process of communication along with the common barriers that we go through and what are the ways of improving communication?

There are different components included in a communication process, they are- 1. Sender is someone who is sending a message, 2. Message that is being sent by the sender.  The channel through which the message is being sent is called channel of communication. The message is encoded by the sender. And 3. The Recipient who receives the message. The receiver decodes the message sent to him.

There are basically two types of communication which are formal communication and informal communication. The communication that takes place using official channels mainly between superiors and subordinates is known as formal communication. It can be both oral or written. But a record is kept of any kind of formal communication in the workplace. Formal communication can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical is the communication that flows vertically upwards or downwards and horizontal communication is a communication flowing between two divisions.

The basic concept of communication as defined by ‘’Koontz and Weihrich’’ is “the transfer of information from a sender to a receiver with the information being understood by the receiver”

There are 8 stages of communication which are discussed below.

  • The first stage of communication includes the sender through whom the message is being communicated. The responsibility of the sender is to generate the message and ensure that the message reaches the concerned receiver through proper channel of communication.
  • The second stage includes the message that is to be sent to the receiver through the channel of communication.
  • In the third stage the message goes through encoding by the sender. The message can be encoded using words, pictures or gestures.
  • In the fourth stage the encoded message is sent through a chosen channel of transmission. Different communication mediums can be used in this stage for example post, telephone, fax, email etc. There are essay writers available online who guide students in writing their assignments through chats, calls and emails.
  • The fifth stage is the process in which the message received is decoded by the receiver for clear understanding.
  • Post decoding the receiver tries to comprehend the message in the sixth stage of communication.
  • In the seventh stage the receiver sends a response to the sender to make him understand that the message has been received by him. It decides whether the encoding and decoding of the message was done successfully or not.
  • The last stage specifies whether there was any kind of external noise, or disruption in the whole process of communication or not. In order to communicate effectively any kind of external disturbance or disruption between the sender and receiver should be avoided. Students can avail essay help where they are in constant communication with writers who assist them in writing their assignments on time. Students are provided with multiple revisions to ensure there was no communication gap between the writer and the student regarding the assignment and the students are satisfied with the quality of the assignments and the way they were communicated by the experts.


Thus, we can say that even after developing such effective methods of communication, people face barriers due to various reasons. These barriers mostly effect students academic careers and professional lives. This is where assignment help comes into play. OmanEssay offers students with a team of assignment writers who effectively communicate with them and help them in completing their assignments on time. There is common saying “practice makes a man perfect” Communication improves with practice.

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