Basic Principles Of Report Writing


Students are often given assignments on project report writing. They often get confused between essays and reports. The major difference between essays and reports is that essays are opinion based and reports are facts based.
In this article, we are going to discuss what is report writing? And what are the basic principles of report writing? Report writing is a formal piece of write up based on facts. A report is written in a crisp structure using pointers along with subheadings. The facts are represented using tables, graphs, and charts in a pre-defined layout using appendices. And reports are written targeting a specific set of audience. The majority of students faces difficulties in writing a report because of a lack of skills and seeks professional help from companies like OmanEssay essay help.

Fundamentals Of Report Writing

Whether it is a lab report, book report, or memo they carry the same principles. The basic principles of report writing are mentioned in the points below.

The Report Should Be Relevant– Since reports are generally based on facts it has to be relevant. The report should be able to define a problem in clear terms. The introduction of the report should mention the importance and relevance of the problem addressed and should also highlight the approach taken to solve the problem. Students can take help from online essay writers to write a strong introduction to the report.

The Report Should Be Organized In A Logical Order– The report should be written in a logical order. First, the Introduction should contain the problem being addressed in the report to hold the attention of the reader(Marshall, 1991). Second, the methods used in the report should clearly define the steps taken to reach the results. It should be written in a way that can easily be followed by readers. Third, Reports should be formulated using in-depth research and the result section should highlight the numerical findings of the research using graphs, and tables for interpretation by the readers. And lastly, the section that carries discussion should clearly define how they justify addressing the problem.

There should be Accuracy in the Report– A report should be written after doing extensive research and should contain factual information. In case the findings do not match and answer the questions presented in the report than the differences must be discussed clearly in the report. The data should not be manipulated to match the solution to the problem. The report is always written using an objective perspective with accuracy. The research should be done carefully and the facts extracted from the research should be doubly checked before they are presented in the report. Online assignment writers from OmanEssay can help students write accurate reports. They make sure the reports are written as per the quality parameters of the university with 100% accuracy.

Summarize The Report– The conclusion of the report should be the summary of the introduction, the problem addressed and the results derived from the research and discussions. The introductory part of the conclusion should be able to explain the topic and define the importance of the report with a brief description of the facts found during the research. The key points of discussion should be mentioned after the introduction and the report should end with the true findings during the research answering the questions mentioned in the report.

Reports are written using the detailed analysis to inform the reader about a particular problem stated in the report without being opinionated. A report is nothing but a clear representation of facts in the form of charts, graphs, and tables( Esser, 1974). Reports are generally specified by the person who has asked for it. Therefore to write a superior quality report it is essential to know the requirements of the audience the report is presented to. In the case of students, it is mostly professors who assign them the task. Since report writing is fact-based and precise students must understand the purpose for which the report is being prepared. The clarity in the reason for which the report is being made will help students create a report that meets the high expectations of their professors.

The basic flow of the report goes like this first comes the introduction, second comes the body, and finally the conclusion followed by a summary. The layout of a project report consists of a title page, subheadings that are numbered. The paragraphs are written using bullet points. A report also specifies recommendations and references which includes dates and times of the information collected during the research along with an appendix. The tone of writing a project report is always formal and consistent. The facts mentioned in the report are unbiased, and 100% accurate.

Students must get their reports to proofread to ensure they do not contain any factual errors before they are sent for submission. Online assignment help from OmanEssay has a team of expert proofreaders who ensure project reports are written adhering to the university guidelines and are non-plagiarized and flawless.


To summarize it can be said that a report is a formal piece of writing based on facts for a specific audience. The basic principles of report writing can be listed in the points below.

• A report should be relevant. The report should be able to define a problem in clear terms. The introduction of the report should mention the importance and relevance of the problem addressed. Some reports also contain an executive summary which is part of the introduction.

• A report should be written following a logical order. First, the introduction specifies the problem than the body which contains the discussions backed up with evidence extracted during the research, and lastly the conclusion which talks about the solution followed by a summary.

• The reports should be written with accuracy and should contain a gist of the topic, problems mentioned, and solution provided for the reader.

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Marshall, S. (1991). A genre-based approach to the teaching of report-writing. English for Specific Purposes, 10(1), 3-13.

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