How to write a progress report


Are you confused about how to write a progress report? No matters what projects you are working on, you need to submit a progress report at the end. But writing entire things in the simple segments is not what we mean by a progress report. This is about representing a detailed structure that explains how far you reached in the direction of project completion. It outlines the activities you have carried out, and the hurdles you have crossed. Unlike other segments of papers, this is a way different in terms of structuring.

Here we will demonstrate some useful tips on how to write a progress report having complete structure and how assignment writer can avail you in writing it. Before proceeding to write-ups- lets’ understand what is the relevance of progress report and its prospectus?

What is the progress report?

A progress report is typically written for the supervisor to produce progressive teamwork details. For this, you have to highlight the core points of accomplishments and important things that needed to do. Generally, you will be asked to write a progress report when the project takes more than 3 months to complete. In the report, you should explain the following key points-

  • Progress of projects activities
  • What is the current status of the project
  • Work remains to be done
  • What problems is arising
  • And when will be a project completed

Throughout the academic year, you may be asked to forward a progress report on time. Perhaps mentioning data and sequential steps reflect the coursework. So using a chart, the graph becomes a useful key to represent more specific information.

Significance of Progress report-

Sometimes you might think what is the significance of writing about an uncompleted project? No substitution tells the work details other than a progress report. In case if you are not communicating your supervisor daily, this report becomes a more essential component of your diligent work. It also describes employee contribution and may become helpful in exchanging ideas.

Following are the important features of the progress report-

  • It ensures how productively you are working on projects
  • Provide recipient a brief structure of projects success
  • Your work may be evaluated earlier for rectifications
  • Force you to speed up the work before the deadline
  • You can discuss the problem whatever you are confronting
  • It provides future insight into the project
  • It improves transparency and accountability of the work

Format of progress report-

Needless to say, the tenure of the project depends on the circularity and importance of projects. Depending on the reports are categorized into three forms-

Memo- This is a short informal report given to organization member

Letter- A short letter given to outside of the organization

Report- A long and detailed structured report given to someone outside of an organization

How to write a progress report

You may be stuck several times while putting down information in an appropriate way. No one usually has high experience in writing progress report, especially one who has just become part of a project.  Indeed all we need the right guide to make reports simpler and better to understand. On that note, the PPA methodology works efficiently. PPA stands for problem, plan, and progress. This is the simplest way to approach productive report. In the later section, we will discuss how PPA works and how you can draft well progress report in its simplest form-

Write heading, date, and objectives-

You have to be clear what information you want to forward to the recipient and till when. This may help you in simplifying the objectives and clear perception of the paper. On that account, write headings, date of the project started, recipient name and the involvement of employees and their details. After this jump to the introduction part to address the current status of the project.

Try to separate this paragraph using some bold or italic characters.

Briefly describe the work currently in progress

This calls for analysis and brief information on what is happening for completing the project. Specify the data of the project begin, people or organizing members working on the project. Address all arising problems and possible solutions within the period. Also, go for the changing part that occurred during the project accomplishing tenure. This whole module forwards the specific information to the recipient.

Mention working hours-

This is equally important to figure out what has been accomplished and what is not. You may also insights future aspects and how much time and effort needed to complete the project. Make sure your assumption and future aspects are realistic that can be proved.

Use lists and data

Illustration of the pie chart and data avails the reader to get a better understanding. Any intricacy or unrealistic assumption may lead to the failure of the project. So using proper graphs and images is beneficial to show the progress.

Some important checklist-

  • Assure time and figures and data
  • Revise description
  • Properly define challenges
  • Add certain details such as the beginning of project and recipient name on the top
  • Check employee work with them
  • Read the document loud before final submission
  • Check intricacy, grammatical errors, font size, etc.
  • Make headers bold


A progress report tells about the coursework to the respective authority and supervisor. Depending upon the size and the length of the project it varies. So one has to know what kind of form of the report he/she is representing. This calls for analysis and brief information on what is happening for completing the project. No one usually is high experience in writing progress report, especially one who has just become part of the project. In this case, you can also take help from the assignment help services from OmanEssay to get a well-written report from the experienced assignment writers.

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