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Global brand marketing has had a spectacular impact on the brand prominence of Apple. Wherever we go we come across the picture of the silver Macintosh symbol of Apple incorporation in any of the gadgets used by people around us the full stop nevertheless the main aspect in this regard is that we will be instantly familiar with the logo of Apple incorporation. The logon has a two-dimensional outline and it is recognized throughout the whole world. The Apple logo is nowadays very much as synonymous with the use of the iPhone or MacBook and other kinds of technological innovation. Similar to the golden arch of McDonald’s for the FY engineer red color scheme of coca-cola the silver Macintosh Apple symbol of the company has made a specific brand name in the modern-day American and also throughout the world (Khan, Alam, and Alam, 2015). It is one of the most successful organisations in the world in terms of its brand value followed by revenue and definitely by means of its robust marketing techniques. The market strategies of the organisation have helped in the development of a brand with a net value of 2 trillion US dollars according to Forbes research. Hence it is important to study the marketing techniques of the company in detail before analysing what makes a great brand like this.


The Apple Company has the excellence of undertaking significant products feature based on intuitive technology which is bound to be favored by the audience. On top of that, the user-friendly interface has been a change in recent times in accompaniment to the aesthetic elements of Apple hardware and software which remains consistent. The brand development strategy has made the company recognisable in any market to main. Unlike any other mobile brand Apple technologies mere easier to spot they are gadgets throughout the world (Payne, 2017). It is by that done of the marketing strategies of the company that we are easily able to recognise iPhone in comparison to the other phones are gadgets of any other brand. The look and design of the gadgets developed by the Apple Company are very much the same which a significant aspect of the brand recognition is for this company as discussed by Assignment Help Oman.

Localising Brand Message

In spite of the consistency of Apple incorporation which is termed as the one-size-fits-all approach by the company, there is a localised branding strategy undertaken by the marketing team of the company and it has helped in making the brand development strategy successful throughout the world. When the customers log on to the website of the company they will have the option of visiting the sides which is customised for more than a hundred different countries. Localisation of product and undertaking a robust marketing strategy which fits the customer demographics and preferences of all target markets is very important for the success of the marketing strategy of Apple Company. It is a prime example of message localisation studies which is uniquely handed to buy apple in order to find a successful stop the Apple Company is also up to customising the stores based on their location. The company has over 500 stores throughout the world and it has a point to customise each of its geographic regions (Heracleous, 2013). According to the recent reports of various researchers the recent research outcomes suggests that the former vice president of Apple company in the retail development attempted to ensure that all the individual Apple stores throughout the world has unique attraction for the customers which you will be viable in terms of matching the culture and environment of the respective Apple stores. In the brand Moto in this regard is getting out on the street and trying to perceive what the locals feel about the brand. The international marketing success achieved by the Apple Company is a proof that the company has tried to create real time interaction with the customers and therefore localised their brand message rather than a processing on a strong social media presence (Gupta and Prinzinger, 2013). In spite of the fact that nowadays Apple corporation has that tried to create a significant presence on some of the social media however specifically it can be articulated that the generalization attitude of the brand is based on localising and creating maximum direct impact of brand marketing approaches rather than creating a social media attraction policy. In case if we search for Apple Company on Twitter we will be finding the account which has 5.3 million followers however with the note to each. Know more about Apply business strategies from case study help experts of OmanEssay.

Nevertheless, the company has a policy on posting on Instagram and there are more than 24 million followers. However, still there are only a few handfuls of accounts that are lucky enough to play mien follow from the brand. It implies that the company rather follows a passive strategy of engagement over Instagram where the organisation primal does the work of engaging with the audience in terms of letting them get the information about the activities of the company only. On the contrary, the organisation is not at all interested in the establishment of two-way communication with the customers and larger audiences over social media. Apparently, the marketing success achieved by the company has enabled them to circumvent a very popular marketing technique based on real time connection and capitalizing on the same to create a social media presence. However it is not the way around (Mallin and Finkle, 2011). Nevertheless the robust marketing strategy developed by the brand in recent times has not been as successful as it is now for all the times. According to assignment writer organisation has experienced its own share of impractical approach and sinister outcomes on the basis of atom towards localisation. Nevertheless unlike many other brands Apple has learnt from its mistakes and now the company is prepared to tackle on to the new globalisation challenges.

Thinking Differently

Not only does the organisation attract the consumers with their global branding consistency and consistent product quality however the organisation is also able to connect with the emotion of the customers who struck the strategy of think different television commercial of the companies since the late 90s which features the images of celebrated personalities like Einstein or Gandhi on Martin Luther king referring to this iconic personalities as the crazy one has also exhibited how the narrator emancipate the potential of these personality is to be able to push the human race forward. In the advertisement highlights that these people have increased to think that they will be able to change the world and it is in fact these people only who actually did change the world (Aljafari, 2016). During apple case study advertisement is a typical example of the company attempting to establish emotional connection with the view was there by creating a brand of which emphasizes on progress followed by innovation as well as the creativity in order to enter the brand affinity. It is pertinent to note that all audiences throughout the world would be interested in connecting with the brand over such touch points. Creation of connection like these is our significant part of the rationalisation strategy by Apple why anyone would want to purchase their products. There for Apple is not only nowadays popular because of its premium segment of customers but also because it is the most intimate wear brand name in terms of the technological product manufacturing companies on the current date. The organisation earned this reputation in 2017 when the fortune magazine reported that the customers of Apple has nominated that the product X manufactured by the company are ones without which they will not be able to live (Dave, 2018). In case if the brand continues to keep message in a consistently throughout the globe and also caters to the emotion of consumers followed by the geographic regions it is a very feasible that the brand will remain at the top of the game into the future.

The organisation was established in the year 1976 by three exceptional personalities named Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak.

They established their business partnership in California. The first product developed by the organisation was AppleOne which caught the attention of a large number of audiences throughout the nation. This design product was completely handmade by Steve Wozniak. After the launch of the computer, it gradually became popular as the Apple computer company in 1977. After 30 years the term computer was dropped from the brand and it simply became Apple incorporation in 2007 with the progress of time there has been exceptional success from every single product launch and Apple is now considered as the largest and the most successful consumer’s global brand in the world according to various research outcome. It is also the most popular hardware product manufacturing company which consists of the iPhone followed by the iPod as well as others like Macintosh computers (Hill, 2012). The customer base of the company is devoted to the brand name rather than any other aspect of their products. According to, university assignment help experts this feature is evident among the customers especially in the United States which is likely because of the specific reputation of the brand throughout the entire consumer electronic manufacturing and retailing industry.

The exceptional technical advancement of the organisation has helped the customers to dive into a new generation of electronic products which are capable of today providing a significant range of innovative designs enabling them to expand on a global basis. The organisation has also been able to establish international roadway by means of other business adventures since the devices of Apple have been significantly manageable and easily accessible. The exponential personality of the brand named Steve Jobs at understanding of the critical importance of the technology creation of the brand enabled the organisation to ensure their venture into the foreign markets like China. The business strategy of the organisation has emphasized on product differentiation providing high quality mobile communication (He, 2021). The organisation was also successful in the establishment of global expansion in China because of the diversification of their business marketing strategies. In this regard, The organisation was helped by unique ideas like foreign direct investment followed by marketing on the basis of import and export along with foreign outsourcing of ideas as well as products and foreign licensing in the end. For a licensing has been a very successful marketing strategy of Apple in the Far East Asian region. The organisation for narrowing in strategy in order to enter the market of China and take advantage of the robust and emerging market followed by cheap labor as well as a service s population to expand on a global basis. It is feasible to note that any technology-related product manufacturing brand considered that they are not able to consider themselves as a global brand without establishing significant connectivity and revenue from the Asian market. In this regard, it can be articulated that the unique and personalization-based marketing techniques of Apple incorporation has helped the organisation to achieve this reputation in the Far East Asian market. The remarkable success achieved by the organisation in terms of robust yet local and personalized marketing in China is a proof that fat. The business to business marketing techniques of Apple achieved remarkable international success however with the diversification on the basis of the economy and regional preferences of every country (Malynovska, 2019). The international success that Apple A household brand name reputation in China is achieved on the basis of its contextualization with the company called falcon from China full stop eventually Apple was about to accumulate about 61 billion dollars worth of revenue from the country. Apple is also considered a part of various other emerging markets like that of Hong Kong followed by India as well as Middle East and South America and Taiwan as well. For evidence online assignment help experts analysed the organisation scattered the respective marketing strategies and business development policy 22 of the specific organisations in India which are called Bhatia Aortal and Vodafone. In recent times organisation has facilitated the same strategic tie up with the most progressive mobile network in India called the Join Company. This brought about a challenge for various handset manufacturing and selling companies in India. Nevertheless it help the organisation to extend their line of product and ensure their entry into specific markets on account of the dynamic competitive attitude and bringing in significant decades of experience enable the company to ensure global expansion on the basis of robust marketing. It is important to note that the Indian market has always been price sensitive towards purchasing iPhone. In this regard the brand exhibited exceptional marketing strategy in order to estimate the market value and the purchasing density of customers. As such the organisation finally agreed to reduce their prices for ensuring progress with expansion into new markets. Henceforth we find that the product marketing strategy of apple in the Indian market has been remarkably successful since the organisation achieved great retail experience in the forthcoming of new retail marketing policy and strategic change implemented by the company. In various cities of India the organisation meet landmarks of sales in the first place (Montgomerie and Roscoe, 2013). On account of these the company acquired the liver is to you better in road and also dived into the Indian market on a spontaneous basis. The analysis reports demonstrate that by the end of 2030 the organisation will be able to 80% of the smartphone holders in India will be become in middle class customers and the organisation is also attempting to ensure only serials to the brick and mortar stores to occur by 80% of the consumption proportionality in the smartphone market in India. Therefore the organisation is continuously moving on with the everlasting growth in the Indian markets. To the fact is that the same strategy is not followed only in case of the Indian market. On the contrary the organisation is trying to develop a spontaneous reputation of growth in the same way by means of achieving localisation and diversification in the entire East Asian and Far East Asian market. In the same way the organisation is also diversify their marketing strategies for expanding the African subcontinent. To know about HR strategies of Apple, get essay writing help from OmanEssay

If we have ever watched with apple headlines in recent times we will understand that the organisation is experiencing consecutive class action suits in association with the admission of the company that the organisation deliberately slows down the older generation of phone in order to prevent shutdown and crash. This is because the organisation would finish the significant crumbling aspect to their reputation in case if the Apple phones shut down or crash. If this is a space where every other phone manufacturing brand is blamed because of that officially declared in performance of their older models which encourages the users to the other upgrade and accepts the new models. This statement created a two player and the same has been temporarily furnished by the studying reputation of the brand (Wouters, 2014). In the organisation made such aggressive marketing strategies that the same fact actually went in favour of the company of holding the fact that Apple is always aware about their reputation in the market and they put the customer experience on top of anything. We have already observed that Apple does not make any significant changes like spontaneous inclusions or cutting-edge design on the device’s foods for the company rather refers to keep the technology simple yet elegant in the looks. On the basis of such significant marketing excellence, the company has been voted the overall winner of the CMO survey award for marketing excellence. This is a word which Apple has been waiting for the pain for the consecutive year. Provided the controversy of the slowing down of the mobile phones it can be articulated that consider it to be a self-inflicted injury on their part and the disclosure of the same was handled in some of the most pathetic manners where bits of information could not be articulated easily.

Is one of the greatest marketing agents of all time? It does not mean that the company would achieve success with all of their marketing campaigns. The discipline that is developed by apple and it is reflected in the marketing excellence of the company is the action of some of the spectacular failures. The organisation also benefit from the failure in terms of learning and application of provost marketing changes which facilitated the structure and success of the marketing campaigns. In other ways, the organisation cut down their weakness and vulnerability of their failures to achieve the strength from those. The marketers of other companies exporting to reach the heights of Apple should look closely at the reasons for the consistent prevalence of the company at the top of the position in terms of marketing. However, it is not sufficient for the organisations to simply copy the Apple study. This is because Apple follows a policy of personalization and diversification on the basis of their estimate of the product and market needs in every respective markets space (Wouters, 2014). This is part of the regional marketing strategy of the organization. It is important to note that various personalization and regional marketing techniques have backfired as an apple could not put attention to its success (Gupta and Prinzinger, 2013). However Apple is experience in top notch execution in terms of product development in recent times.


The company put emphasis on customer experience. All customer touchpoints from product website as well as advertisement and Apple app store and retail stores have a positive experience to offer a full stop in the last 10 years organisation aggressively expanded their regions where the company experience a segment of their daily life encouragement. The company encouraged the application developers however in force in standards and ensuring that the universe of the Apple-based behaviour continue their expansion. By innovation of product from factor and function from computing in other pocket or reached the organisation has been paying attention to all kind of forces of all customers. the organisation is treating opening for the acceptance of Apple technology in all aspects of lifestyle of people ranging from home electronics to develop in a remedy for the calorie consumption or for the parking spot for your hotel room and any other connectivity and technical integration that we can demand in recent times or even in the future to stop the organisation has also emphasized on innovation beyond the four innovation technology by the developer and of infrastructure which can enable the development of an overall easy to Apple ecosystem which will perform securely and seamlessly.

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