Brand Manipulation Tactics That Marketers Employ To Get More Clients



It is the responsibility of the marketers to compel us to purchase any product or service. In marketing, every strategy is fair. In order to impact the shopping decision of customers the marketing agents developed some spontaneous techniques which include the policy of manipulation with the use of some subtle subliminal messages which contain an individual to purchase a specific product from a specific brand. This kind of manipulation is also referred to us by the name of brainwashing (Puzakova and Kwak, 2017).


Portions is a very good topic to speak about before the Black Friday full stuff all customers prefer to bargain and there are a large number of customers who go on shopping incessantly during the black week or the seasonal promotions we give. It is evident that we can often find a good deal. However, it is important to note that on the maturity of occasions the offered discount for the discount policy under which we purchase a lot of items are absolute scams because the prices are previously manipulated which makes us feel that we are getting a huge discount. Have actually the prices have been already included in order to give us an impression that we are getting the consumer product heavy discount when the real fact is that the retailer is getting the actual price which was projected and he does not have to lose any share of his profit. And their discount in order to get the shoppers Stop on a label the price is still greater in comparison to a time period before the sales are announced (Jebarajakirthy, Yadav and Shankar, 2020).

The consumers are impacted by the eye-catching justice of 50% discount signboards and they exhibit a spontaneous kind of impulse buying. How are you when they are doing so they actually feeling that their tracking great bargains where the reality is are that the only one who is cracking a bargain from this transaction is the Martian. There is another country which is referred to as the by mode field kind of promotion which makes us feel that we are purchasing more products full stop however in this case we are actually paying the fair price for a product never the less the amount of the product we are purchasing at a time is much higher than what we actually required (Lee and Oh, 2019). This is how the merchants and making a profit by charging a fair price however selling a great volume of products to individual customers at the same time.

Opinion Of Experts

We are aware of the fact that the kind of television commercial with looking expert speaking about the benefits of a product is evident. It is a very common technique of trust development among consumers. Often they are projected as the doctors or a member of specific associations with names which are serious the surrounding in order to create an illusion and an official institution on the mind of the consumers. We have never met in efforts to research if even these institutions actually exist or not. In this case marketing assignment help said, is important to note that providing I think why a health organization would promote a specific product or specific brand. An example is that we have observed people dressed and being called doctors are promoting products like toothpaste or sanitary napkins (Weiger, Hammerschmidt and Wetzel, 2018).  

On some occasions, we find that people dressed as doctors are providing advice over advertisements to purchase health insurance schemes also. No one is aware of the real identity of the people who claim they to be experts in the advertisements and no one actually cares about conducting a fast check. It is also not the scenario that we are completely oblivious about this thing. Nevertheless, it still creates an impression that the product is reliable and this impression is developed on the subconscious mind without us understanding it and it impacts our shopping decision. Considering the example it can be noted that when we go to the market to purchase toothpaste we’re always subconsciously aware of the fact that the specific product with oil advertisement was promoted by a doctor who claimed that medical science shows that this toothpaste will be good for our teeth (Shankar and Yadav, 2020). We cannot suppress our intention of purchasing a product that will have the best impression.

We do not cross-check the fact however it keeps on ringing the thing that the doctor has the sale that was proven by medical science to be beneficial. Other similar and primitive techniques are advertisement where celebrity and influences endorser product. We might not actually believe that is a specific packet of chips however we cannot put it out of our mind when we go on to the product and find the same brand of chips or see the picture of Lionel Messy with the product in his hand and about to put it in his mouth printed on the package. Cast an image of our resemblance with him is we also have that packet of chips (Hanson and Yuan, 2018). It gives us a feeling of twinning with him and we think that we are also having the same brand of chips that Lionel Messi has. The trip place in our subconscious mind and we end up purchasing the product.

Social Proof

Social proof is almost similar to the previous kind of manipulation technique. It involves Indians gathered from regular people who actually purchase the kind of product that is being advertised by the brand on the internet. Nowadays most of us are conduct detailed online research before ending up purchase in a specific product. According to a recent research study of brand management, about 80% of the consumers depend on online reviews they make a purchasing decision. The marketers are very aware of this fact and this is why they prefer to make the more detailed word of mouth publicity. In this regard, it can be articulated that word-of-mouth publicity is a fascinating mod of product promotion that is almost cost-effective and still very impacting (Kim and Sullivan, 2019). Nevertheless, in this regard, it can be highlighted that nowadays people have grown to be more aware of facts and scenarios and they are also concerned about the element that celebrity endorsements are not always real. On the contrary, we should be influenced by the opinion of real ordinary people who actually purchase and consumer products.

For a while taking the example of the previous highlighted that people actually know that Lionel Messi would not be consuming the specific brand of chips which is easily available for a minimum price stock in the market. However, in spite of that, we sometimes end up making the purchase of that specific brand. Nevertheless, on the majority of the occasions, we are guided by the fact that it is just a sales strategy. Hence, when the same brand comes up with the opinion-pool which shows real people admiring the taste of the chips, we feel that this can be a trusted advertisement as it is interesting real ordinary people who actually consume this kind of product from the brand. This is the primary component of word-of-mouth publicity. However, it is important for us to also know that the internet is full of fake reviews has been posted either by the employees of the company or people who have been paid by the company to do so. Word of mouth publicity is a big business nowadays and there is a significant ergonomic angle associated with it which enables and compares the brands to endorse such kind of publicity. However, the majority of the actual experts highlight that this kind of opinion should never be trusted in reality (Kong, Witmaier, and Ko, 2021). However, most people do not know how we can distinguish a real opinion from a fake Indian actually endorsed by brands. We also do not know whether the websites that rate a product on behalf of the survey conducted among common people are legitimate or not. In fact, there is actually no way of understanding the same however on many occasions we are displayed by manipulative reviews while making a purchase on the basis of reliable opinion we might have seen somewhere on the internet.


Companies love referring to the positive emotions for the development of the brand image. This is the reason why we measure the advertisements are entertainment-based and sometimes the advertisements are not really looking like they are selling something. Manipulation tactics in business advertisements are mostly associated with the nice story and we want to see them over and over again and they share the same with our friends. This is because we are not interested in the product but we are touched by the emotion reflected by the advertisement and it makes us happy. For evidence in the case of health insurance advertisement so shows a responsive child who has planned for the old age sickness of his or her parents (Al-Zyoud, 2018). On the contrary in the case of brands selling sanitary napkins that women can great heights if they do not have to worry about menstrual leakage and the way they can do so is by wearing the sanitary napkins of a specific brand. In this regard, it can also be highlighted that this advertisement survey comes very popular nowadays. People have been aware of the fact that brand endorsement by celebrities or common people might affect them. Never the less they cannot get past the kind of emotional or sensational ambience that is created by the advertisements. However, emotions have the maximum chance of influencing the brand purchase rate. The emotional sensation takes away all our negative feeling about a specific product or brand and we take the responsibility of making the advertisement content while over the internet by sharing it repeatedly. This is because it is associated with positive feelings of our mind.

We are not thinking about the organization. In fact, the brands also use the fear and tension in our minds in order to make support the purchase of a specific product. For example, when we are under pressure to purchase a product that terminology like the last chance or limited time offer or product ends soon or the last piece in the stock feel that we should act immediately and we also exhibit impulse buying behavior to purchase the product. This is how the brands contemplate our fear of missing out. On some occasions, it triggers insecurity of being socially left out. At highlights that are a specific number of people have purchased the product and left online comments that it is a great and very usable product. It makes us feel that we are left behind from the social trend as we have not yet produced the specific product (Makrides, Vrontis, and Christofi, 2020). It also gives us a sensation that we might not be able to even in front of our friends and other relatives if we are not able to put the product in our bucket list of purchase a. Therefore we make a hasty consuming decision and make ill-conceived purchase.

Product Placement

All the brands not prefer admitting the fact all of us are greatly influenced by elements like value for money. Whenever any Android assessment creates an impression that we are getting a product for a cheap price we cannot hold our temptation. This advertising technique works for all of us. In this regard, it can be clearly articulated that almost all categories of consumers ranging from the premium group of consumers to that of the other consumers like bargaining consumers are mediocre consumers are heavily influenced by the cheap price tag of any product. Whenever we come across any endorsement the whether it might be a television show or a movie we are attracted to the cheap price proposition of a product even if we are not aware of the specific product we are looking at or whether the product has hit the market or whether the product is actually available in the market. On some occasions, it is actually created to develop a lasting impression for the value of money-based products provided by the particular brand. Nevertheless, it leaves us wondering that a specific brand creates all products for the value of money. It is a very powerful proposition (Chung et al., 2020). According to assignment help Oman in this regard, it can also be articulated that we might be impressed by the character being portrayed on the movie or television or we might be impressed by the lifestyle of the character portrayed on the screen that is actually using the product as a part of his or her lifestyle. It gives us the impression that even by purchasing the chief product like it will be able to maintain or promote lifestyle like the character shown on the screen. Nevertheless, in this regard, it can also be highlighted that whenever we come across the same product on the shelves of the shopping mall we are more attracted to eat rather than any other brand. This is because we feel that this is the only product that will deliver value for money. There has been a very significant and more affirmative manipulation technique as marketers are gradually becoming more advanced in terms of their campaigning. It is time for us to think about this method and actually level of resilience so that we are not easily influenced by such methods (Yuen et al., 2021). We are not against the brands using the search techniques for promotion as consumers. However, we have to be more informative in terms of being influenced or not being influenced by search techniques when it comes to the context of marketing campaigns.

The Improving Benefits

Interesting Benefits Which Enable Customers

In 2001 Hyundai developed due quality improvement in manufacturing and develop the design and engineering improvement to the models. Essay assignment help professional said many businesses give customers a warranty of 10 years and 1 million miles. The warranty had accepted the real-world standard of the industry and it also guaranteed that the customers will not have to undergo any high-end price repair for the cars other than the working life. It from the benefits transforms the regulation of Hyundai for quality. Amazon also improves the prime membership. Other than offering free shipping the members of time can stream music and videos. However, on the prime, the members take advantage of exclusive sales as well as promotional prices throughout the website cool stuff with such benefits Amazon prime membership now covers about 25% of the American households and it is expected to cover about 50% of the American households by the end of 2020 (Mayrhofer et al., 2021).

Improvement Benefits That Entices Customers

The Cleveland Clinic offers improved enticement benefits. The antiseptic Aroma was replaced with sent which is similar to the signature fragrance is covered by the four-star hotel chains. The hospital gowns have been designed by Diane Von Furstenberg in order to make a combination of ease of access with the patient’s body while maintaining dignity. The staff members have been asked to adopt the 10 for the rule where configure from the patient for advice file and make eye contact with us for a week away addresses the patient by name.

Zappos also realized that the lifetime value of customers to calls is 5 to 6 times as much as the value of the consumers who never call. Their quality improves the consumer opportunities of connecting with the company and offering friendly services as well as warming the hearts of customers. The police phone number on individual pages of a website and encourages customers to call if they have questions or any concert. Adding customers to contact is the easiest enabler of the process of warming their hearts however friendly and pleasant service entices customers (Amatulli, De Angelis, and Donato, 2020).

Improving Benefit Which Enrich Customers

The modern world is dominated by the mass market goods which are sold at the chain stores and some consumers want authentic products wherein they have a heritage involved with a commitment to quality as well as time-honored principles. CAPiTA Snowboards improve the ability of energy and customers by focusing on the authenticity of the brand. The online web content development of the brand speaks about its Heritage as well as humble origin as one of the weird companies of snowboarding (Kuppelwieser et al., 2019). It highlights the commitment of the members of the company to overcome sleepless nights and flirtations with bankruptcy to realize their dream. MBA assignment help professional said also showcases the commitment of the organization in terms of responsible when fetching as well as information about the new snowboard factory which is called the mother ship having zero carbon dioxide emission and with 100% hydropower capability (Lim, The and Ahmed, 2019). Focusing on the unique and rich history of the brand and the responsible manufacturing the company is able to strongly position it as the authentic Purveyors of the wildlife.

Ethical Manipulation In Marketing

It initiatives by you know your offer or product at a deep level. Hence you should know whether it will transform or not. You should know whether it is a vitamin order painkiller. You should also know whether it is a real or fake Deluxe. As customers we are aware of all such implications and whether the brand message will have a genuine and massive impact on our life or not. Therefore we always believe in what we do and comment to become the best at it is a proposition that makes our purchasing decisions meaningful for us. Once we make the purchase we feel that we have been greatly valued by the brand of the products and we want others to know about the same (Eelen, Özturan, and Verlegh, 2017). This is how the act of manipulation words on an ethical scale. The brands also need to know their audience on a deep level. They are emphasizing elements which will make their customers feel comfortable and their making the customers feel so by the dint of their products. Get to know more about business strategies from online assignment help experts of OmanEssay.


As human beings, we are born to survive as well as avoid dangerous situations and as such we have the propensity of being attracted to the products which make our life a little better in comparison to other products. Our objective is to eliminate the pain of our existence and this is where the various implications of convenience and easiest in life portrayed by them in their advertisements come into action. The job of advertisements is to show the audience a solution to their problem. On an ethical level, the brands perceive it as a form of guidance to customers to help them overcome their problems. Hence it can be summarised that the principle on which the ventilation activity works at best for the organizations are relevance and omnipresence and intimacy. Relevance refers to the strict avoidance of selling a product and giving use-value or being relevant and providing our customers with actually what they need. Omnipresence refers to being on the top of the mind because I would not be able to find out overnight the real and the surreal. Intimacy on the other hand is associated with trust developments which refer to being real with the customers and continue to help them in generating value in their lives.

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