Differences Between TMA And TOA Assignments


An assignment can be developed for different purposes as a way to support learning as well as communicating information publicly. Whether considering writing assignments in the classroom or at home, students write assignments to test their ideas, representing critical thinking, figuring out or refining what is the context.

When assignment means for communication, then students move towards discovery-based writing in order to develop content. But all the assignments allotted to students comes with specific guidelines and bounded with a time limit. TOA i.e timed online assignments are given to students for a particular period and it is generally assumed they will finish it in a given time interval. Its format is somewhat identical like final year paper and further, it will be uploaded on the Canvas. Like TOA, TMA (Tutor marked Assignments) are another category of assignments where tutor focused on students learning where pattern and its style somewhat identical and as per the preference of each student (Byrne, 1980).

Lets’ explore some uncover aspect of TMA and TOA assignments in the article. Here a crucial framework for both types of assignments will be developed along with their characteristics and marking.

Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)

Tutor marked assignments or tuition assignments are meant to help students in becoming successful learners. It provides ample experience to students in terms of a writing solution, getting feedback and practicing solution of a complex question. This in turn eradicates ambiguity in their concepts. Most of the universities provide 20% weightage to the TMA assignments and the submission of each TMA become compulsory by the end of the semester. Absent is marked immediately if assignments are not submitted on time in the columns of TMA grades (Hysaj et.al, 2019). During the assessments it has made sure, learning and conventional methodology will be used to assess information and allotting grades to the students. 

Features Of Tutor Marked Assignments

  • A well presented, structured and formatted assignments are required to score high
  • It always contains title and content page
  • References are vital and conformed in Harvard style
  • Diagrams and Models add value to the TMA assignments
  • An executive summary must be required informal reports
  • Conclusion and Recommendation are mandate part
  • As said by essay helpers Appendix should be used sparingly
  • The appendix should not contain more than three sides

Timed Online Assignments (TOA)

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, majority of assignments allocated to students imposed certain time limit. As opined by online assignment writer, Timed online assignments have to be prepared in given time where title page needs to include all the necessary information, page margin should be 2.5 cm, and the size of the font should be 12. Your main title should be 14 in font size and bold the same as a subheading (Hobart and Smith, 2020). Author details must be presented below the title page, at last end up with references. At last timed online assignments requires practice. 

Features Of TOA

  • Question will not be given in advance
  • Submission date is finalized as soon as it is given to students
  • It comes with specific guidelines that students need to adhere
  • The pattern is similar to that of exams’
  • Some additional time might be given before final submission
  • ‘It can be question-answer type, MCQ or report writing
  • It evaluates students learning power on the spot

Key Differences Between TMA And TOA Assignments

Tutor Marked Assignments Timed Online Assignments
These assignments targets to enhance students learning ability and keep it in students habits These are not regular and given for the evaluation of students knowledge on the spot
It carries 20% weightage in the examination It doesn’t have specific weightage but calculated marks obtained added in overall results
This is checked  by tutor to understand students grasping power It is given on fixed date and are not regular as TMA (Hewindati, & Belawati, 2020)
Pattern of assignments is simple. That means students can choice their own style Specific pattern comes with the examination. Like you may need to complete MCQ or report writing as per guidelines
Marks would be deducted if students get fail in assignments Marks don’t deduct even if students get fail in assignments
It requires practice and thorough knowledge of assignment writing before attempting it It requires a lot practice to participated in TOA
Time limit is given by tutor Time limit is automatic and additional half hour is given like in examination

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In this blog, we have defined characteristics of Tutor marked assignments (TMA) or Timed online Assignments (TOA) successfully. We have deduced TMA provides ample experience to students in terms of a writing solution, getting feedback and practicing solution of complex question whereas TOA i.e timed online assignments are given to students for a particular period and it is generally assumed they will finish it in a given time interval. It is defined in the blog a TMA should be well presented, structured and formatted assignments and must contain diagrams and charts. On the other side Timed online assignments have to be prepared in a given time or question must be answered specifically to score highest grades.

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