Javascript Tips And Tricks Students Should Know


There are numerous programming languages. But Java script is by far the best programming language and is widely used.  It is known as the language of the web.  It is popular among programming students because its known to be the starting point for many new developers who wish to set a benchmark in the world of programming. It is used for the simplest of functions like displaying a simple alert in the web browser to the most complicated functions like controlling a robot.  This is why java is one of the most widely used programming languages and millions of students who wish to enter the programming world choose to master in Java. The most important reason for this kind of popularity is the market value of Java as a programming language. Majority of multinational software firms are hunting for IT students with specialized knowledge in Java because of which the chances of getting a job have increased for java developers. In this article we are going to share some javascript tips with students that will help them understand their assignments better.

Some Essential Java Tips and Tricks For Students

  • Students Should Use Unique Values To Create An Array With The ‘Set” Object – There are instances where students wish to filter the unique objects from an array of duplicate items while writing a JavaScript. Students in this case can either write a map or use a filter to extract the unique objects from the duplicate ones. In Java ES6 has introduced the Set Object that helps identify the unique objects from the duplicate ones in just one line of code. To know how the “Set Object works and gather in-depth knowledge students can also seek expert advice from college assignment helper from OmanEssay.
  • The “IF” Statements used in JavaScript should be shortened–  The easiest way to simplify a code is to shorten the “IF” statement. But this process can be tricky for students who lack experience in coding. For students who have recently started working on JavaScript it is advised that they avail online essay help from OmanEssay and take immediate assistance from programming experts to simplify their codes. There are a team of programming experts who assist students in writing codes that are readable and easy to use and not unnecessarily long.
  • The Length Property Can Also Be Used To Shorten The Array– Programming students can redefine the length property to shorten the array. Even though this can destroy the array.
  • To Combine Objects Spread Operator Must Be Used– If students wish to combine multiple objects into one object that would contain them all they can make good use of the spread operator. However students should keep in mind that whenever students are using a spread operator to combine object it doesn’t mean that whenever they update any one of the objects it is going to reflect those changes in the combined objects. Students can seek online assignment help from OmanEssay experts to learn the use of spread operator in details.
  • Java Script Can Access The Current Location Using The Windows Location Object– Not just Java Script can access the current location using the windows location object but it is also that the object contains certain parts of the URL.

There are numerous other tips that students working on JavaScript can implement apart from the above mentioned points.

Easy Tricks To Remember While Writing Javascripts

  • Avoid global variables and do not forget keywords while assigning a variables value.
  • The use of semi-colons for line termination is a good practice.
  • Create an object constructor.
  • Don’t forget that type of null will return “object”, and for the majority of object types (Array, Date, and others) will return also “object” so be careful while using type of, instance of, and constructor.
  • Create a Self-calling Function.
  • Get a random item from an array.
  • Get a random number in a specific range because this code snippet can be useful when trying to generate fake data for testing purposes, such as a salary between min and max.
  • Generate an array of numbers with numbers from 0 to max.
  • Generate a random set of alphanumeric characters.
  • Shuffle an array of numbers.A better option could be to implement a random sort order by code than using the native sort JavaScript function.
  • The classic trim function of Java, C#, PHP and much other language that remove whitespace from a string doesn’t exist in JavaScript, so we could add it to the String object.
  • Append an array to another array
  • Verify that a given argument is a number or array.


To conclude it can be said that students dealing with Java Scripts should know the following tricks. First students can either write a map or use a filter to extract the unique objects from the duplicate ones. In Java ES6 has introduced the Set Object that helps identify the unique objects from the duplicate ones in just one line of code. Second, the easiest way to simplify a code is to shorten the “IF” statement. Students who wish to simplify their codes can seek JavaScript assignment help from OmanEssay. Third, the length property can also be used to shorten the array, Fourth, To combine objects spread operator must be used and finally, Java Script Can access the current location using the windows location object.


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