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It must be quite obvious to understand that the Khasab fortress is a great example of Portuguese architecture which is located in Khasab, Musandam Oman. This fortress is located quite close to the port of Khasab and it is also facing the Lulu Hypermarket. According to various sources, this fortress was built sometime during the seventeenth century by the Portuguese who used this fortress as a stronghold against all sorts of old and obscure circumstances. In this essay writing piece, readers will be able to learn about the history and specification which is related to the Khasab fortress.

Khasab is a city in the exclave of Oman which is bordering the United Arab Emirates. It is often termed as the ‘Norway of Arabia’ due to its desolate mountainscapes and craggy inlets which are choir fiord-like. It is also the local capital city of Musandam Governorate. This is a rather small city if one compares it to other cities in the United Arab Emirates and it mostly consists of Oman residents who visit this city for some sort of vacation or diversion from their everyday life. The majority of the population in this city mainly consists of Indians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis. There are also many grocery stores, restaurants, tour operators, supermarkets, and much other entertainment and daily necessity places in this city. This city has a rather rich history and it is also often discussed in essay writing pieces which are written on the topic of introduction to Khasab castle and its specification.

If one looks at the geography of this place then one can easily observe that this city is surrounded by northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range. It also has many fully functional beaches, hotels, hospitals, parks, and almost anything that an individual can need. Apart from the roads from the mainland, this city can also be accessed through different ferry rides which are both modern and maintained by the government. This city was also built in the 17th century by the Portuguese who were at the height of their naval presence during that time. This city is especially known for its Khasab Fortress which is the focus of this essay writing piece.

The History and Specification of Khasab Fortress

After going through the history and specification of the city of Khasab, the focus of the essay writing piece will now be on the exact history of the Khasab fortress. For the ease of understanding of the readers, the entire past of the Khasab fortress is divided into certain smaller sections. And those smaller sections are mentioned below.

Built by Portuguese
As it was mentioned above, the Khasab fortress was built during the 17th century. However, it is also important for the readers to know that the castle which was originally built by the Portuguese of the 17th century or the 11th century Hijri was eventually ruined. It was the Omanis who made certain development and changes to the original Khasab fortress and brought it out of its ruined state. There are still certain sections and parts of the old fortress which are still visible even after the entire restoration of the Khasab castle. The readers should also know that the castle was originally built to take control of the Strait of Hormuz but that never happened as the Omanis expelled the Portuguese around 1624. Since then, the castle had been in the control of Omanis and it was redesigned in 1990 and 2007.

The Army Base for Battle
Another aspect of the history of the Khasab castle is its entire past related to battle and army bases. As it was mentioned above, the castle originally built by the Portuguese to serve as an army base but eventually the Omanis took over the castle and used it to battle the Portuguese. It was also used as the city jail and the Wali of Khasab. In many essay writing pieces, the specification is also made that the castle currently depicts the entire historical background with its structure itself. Currently, the castle is highlighted by a hollow and round focal tower and on the outside, there is a rather external divider.

Specification of the Castle
In this section, the specification of the castle will be mentioned. The castle originally had four main strongholds. However, the middle tower of the castle had been converted sometime back into a museum which displays various archaeological collections and handicrafts. The housing facilities of the castle had also been renovated to display the embellishments and traditional clothes of Khasab. The castle also depicts the major history of the Musandam governorate.

Bayt Al Qufal
In this castle, there is also a model of Bayt Al Qufal. This roughly translated means the bolt house and it stores the different types of boats which the Musandam governorate is well-known for. Along with this bolt house, there is also a model of the Al-Arish suspended house. There is also a well that exhibits the strategy for drawing water. There is also a hand process and customary broiler. There are many essay writing pieces which are also written on this topic. And to learn about the topic in more details readers can also access those essay writing pieces.

The Boats
As it was mentioned above, there are some old boats inside Khasab fort. And according to a few sources, there are majorly three traditional boats. And those boats are Mashuwwah, Battil, and Zaruqah. These boats are displayed for all visitors to depict the historical events related to the Musandam Peninsula. There are also many large canons which are displayed on the entrance of the Khasab fortress or castle. This is the biggest specification which most of the readers or visitors look for before travelling to the Khasab fortress or castle. There are also many other specific points which readers can learn about with the help of other essay writing pieces or books on historical events.

The Round Tower
The focal point of the entire yard of the Khasab fortress is the round tower. This separated tower was intended to serve as a refuge for the individuals who were staying at the castle if any of the external barriers were compromised. There are many archaeological artifacts in this tower which display the culture, geography, and history of the Musandam.

These are all the major points which will be discussed under the topic of the history of the Khasab fortress in this essay writing piece.

The Conclusion
Khasab is a city in Oman which is located in the United Arab Emirates. This city is rather small in its size when compared to other cities in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of the population of this city also consists of Omani residents who travel to this city for a small vacation. This city is also known as the ‘Norway of Arabia’. According to different sources, the history of the fortress starts when it was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. They built it with the main aim of serving it as a battle stronghold. But the Omanis took over the fortress when they expelled the Portuguese around 1624. Since then, the fortress had been renovated twice in 1990 and 2007. The major specification of this place is that contains various canons and three historical boats. The history of this castle is rather rich.

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