Tips for writing character analysis essay


A character analysis essay is an eloquent description of several qualities of a character as it gives the impression in a literary work.  It is not simply a synopsis or a repeating of the apparent things about the character that are said in the novel or play. It is your individual thoughts of how the character is established. You bond with the character on a profound level and try to know the person being described.

The definition of a character analysis essay may be defined as an essay where one inspects manners, inspirations, and actions of characters. You may study internal and external struggles that are distinctive for them. This is method is used when one needs to write an analysis of literary works. This analysis includes personalities’ description and conflicts with others they experience in the course of a story. The main purpose of this analysis is a critical judgment assessment of characters and making suitable inferences based on story outcomes. You can perform this same kind of character analysis to the main characters in a literary work you read. You then generate a written report on your discoveries which is a Character Analysis Essay.

Character analysis essay emphasizes on your interpretation about a character in a story. This category of an essay is unlike a literary analysis essay. In a Literary Analysis Essay, you concentrate on your opinions about a book, poem, play, or story overall. However, a character analysis essay is much more detailed and precise. You may analyze one or more main characters. Your aim is to aid the readers of your essay to understand the mental, sensitive, and intelligent sides of the character.

Character analysis is done by studying what that character believes, articulates, and does. You also analyze a character by studying what other characters voice or consider about him or her. This achieves two things. First, you understand the character from their perspective. You shape an opinion of them based on their inner views and desires. You also articulate thoughts built on actions they take in reaction to their life circumstances and conditions. Second, you understand the character from other characters perspective. How different people in a story talk about and describe the character you’re reviewing gives you a comprehensive assessment of that character. Their multiple viewpoints will help you gain a deeper understanding of what motivates this person. How the main character relates to other characters gives us a clue about their behaviour.

The key to a good character analysis essay is to let apt instances form the literary work and back your analysis. Support your argument with examples of their deepest feelings and beliefs. Also, provide examples of their discussion with other characters. Give examples of straight action they’ve taken against people, places, animals, things. Maybe they threw glassware up against a wall in irritation. Maybe they kicked the sleeping person. All of these give the reader of your essay a preview at what this person is really like. For instance, taking action may be striking a person who has affronted them. Whereas, not taking any action by holding back from striking a person, would mean showing self-restraint. Don’t linger over only on the negative. Focus on the positive as well as the negative side in a character. You want to offer a detached and impartial opinion that presents all facets of the character you’re studying.

Observing portrayal, behaviour, and approaches can help in the suggestion of writing a character analysis. For example, if you select Boo Radley, the unsociable neighbour from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” you might report locations where the main characters, Scout and Jem, narrate stories and myths about Boo, settings where other characters comment on him and ultimately the finale when Boo frees the children.

Useful tips for writing Character Analysis Essay

Motivations: Following to gauge the impulses like the revealing reasons behind ethical or moral dilemma of a character will assist in writing character analysis essay. Understand the basic motives for characters’ specific behaviours. Unveiling rationale help write a worthy character analysis.

Actions: Analyze how a character acts, how the deeds of this character touch other characters etc. The actions and conducts define personalities. Sometimes actions can be debatable displaying internal fight or conflict. By examining these disagreements one can reveal reasons for these behaviours or actions. Hence, act or deed, impulses, and conducts are firmly interwoven. Analyzing these interrelations in a story will help in writing the essay.

The conversation between characters: Writers portray characters with the help of words and images are not always convenient. It’s not hard to visualize them if you are observant and detect details. Divulging on communication attitude of a character may aid in writing respectable analysis essay.

Description of main characters by other characters: Understand more about the character you’re analyzing by describing the communications of this character with other characters in the story. Examine how other personalities define the character you analyze, do a personal observation of self-coincide with characterization given by others and which descriptions are honest, emotional or judgmental.

Specific aspects of character analysis essay to be deliberated are:

Relationships: Select several people with whom the analyzed character networks more often compared to others. Write about why you choose these people to define your main character. You can also demonstrate how the identity of your main character becomes obvious in relations with others. Explain the reason why he or she did so and whether his or her actions towards others are fair. You can use equate and disparate method to explain his or her behaviours and actions. This will improve your character analysis hugely.

Author’s Goal: In this segment, explain why the author formed this character and what he or she wanted to demonstrate to readers. Give thorough descriptions about the type of character; ascertain his or her role in a story and lessons learned from this story.

Structure: Structure of character analysis essay is like the structure of any other type of essay. Place your central argument in the introduction and then validate your view by giving an explanation in the story. A solid finish will help readers welcome your view and beliefs regarding the character you’re analyzing.


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