How to Keep Your Essay Relevant to the Question


The students writing a weekly assignment or a dissertation usually make the mistake of digressing from the thesis question. They write a well-argued, brilliant essay but still not get good marks as the content was not altogether relevant to the essay topic. While some students manage to give a strong introduction to their essays but somehow wander off from the question, others tend to veer off their arguments in a completely wrong track altogether.

When online assignment help Australia experts examine students’ essays, they can observe that most essays deserve much better grades but are simply marked low for the lack of relevant connections between the essay and the question asked. The low grades, however, have little to do with their essay writing skills. If you have also lost marks for not being to the point and your academic writing is not always on target, try following these tips to keep your essay relevant to the question:


  • Plan your essay writing

Australia essay writing service recommends that one very successful way to stay relevant is to chalk a comprehensive plan beforehand and then stick to it throughout your essay. Work out four or five sections with a key point each and supporting arguments underneath each point. Then go through each section to check if the arguments can answer the question. Remove irrelevant points and stick firmly to this plan while writing an essay.

  • Refer back to the topic

Use this simple method to make a big difference. Begin each new paragraph with a signpost sentence, which connects strongly to the topic. You can use the paraphrase the question but make sure it is not too repetitive. The signpost sentence serves to enhance cohesion and significance of your arguments for the teacher marking your essays.

  • Develop your argument

Often students begin with a clear introduction but when the essays branches out into a detailed debate, they lose focus on the essay topic and the question concerned. In order to maintain this focus, keep various parts of the essay argument connected using attractive distinguishes like ‘firstly’, ‘secondly’, ‘moreover’, ‘conversely’, ‘in addition’, ‘in keeping with’ in your writing. This enables the teacher to relate different ideas together and to notice how they incorporate the overall argument.

  • Conclude your essay

A strong conclusion summarizing your essay argument can prove the relevance of each section of your essay to the question. This technique will remind the teacher that everything written in the essay adds up to answer the essay question.

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