What Can Educators Expect From a Trump Presidency


The past few months of Trump presidency have seen some attention-grabbing cabinet actions. The nomination of a person with no experience with America’s public school system as the Secretary of Education doesn’t come as a surprise amid the selection of a Senator as Attorney General and a neurosurgeon as a Housing and Urban Development minister. However, without any professional qualification, the new Secretary of Education will have a very hectic schedule doing research and understanding the education policies. Here is what the educators expect from the new nominee:

  • The Republican-dominated Senate and House will push the society towards the voucher system. This will open the doors for implementation of voucher systems in the different states.  Providing vouchers to all families across the board could widen the gap in education that is already evident in public schools. Families with resources will use those resources will find it difficult to do so. In addition, the latter families vouchers to admit their wards in the top schools whereas the families without will have to shell out a lot of money on private school transportation.
  • There will be a rise in the number of charter schools that will siphon the tax money from the public school system. Though the decision on charter schools is not clear so far, the new Secretary is expected to reduce failure and regulations even more.
  • The special educators have expressed their concern over the quality of education for students with disabilities. If charter and private schools are not bound to provide for these children, they will not receive appropriate education to fulfil their needs. At present, special education services receive significant funding from the government, but there is an indication that the Republicans can cut the Department of Education funds drastically.
  • Though the educators are not opposed to parent’s wish of sending their wards to private or religious schools, the public reserves should not be raided to finance private institutions and religious organizations.

Whether or not the new nominee wins the Senate approval, a storm is building up at local, state,      and national levels over education. Educators from different disciplines need to gear themselves up

to participate in this political process like they have never done before. become a prominent issue in Trump presidency and have left many educators  The fate of K–12 public schools and higher education institutions have wondering about the future of the education system.



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