How to start an assignment


Does a sense of dread sweep over you every time someone refers to ‘assignment’? Well, you are not alone. And if you have the habit of ignoring it until the last-minute, again, you are not the only one. Don’t panic; an assignment seems dreadful as long as you don’t do it. In fact, it’s all about how you start it. There is a simple approach to writing assignments that can help you get started and complete it on time without last-minute tension and struggles.

Make realistic goals
Make goals for your assignment work based on what you plan to do each day and how many hours you set aside for writing. Set a word limit for each day so you know how many words you have done and how many needs to be done. If the assignment is big, divide it into smaller, achievable segments. Be realistic about your plans. Leave room for some unexpected events like a holiday or another assignment. Update your schedule as you proceed.

Set reminder for assignment
Put the assignment’s deadline on a calendar. Mark a date a week ahead of the deadline as a reminder. To be doubly sure, set another reminder two weeks before the deadline. This will take the pressure off your memory as you have many other things to keep in mind. Highlight these reminders in bold. If you’re are ready, the due date won’t creep up on you.

Feeling fresh? Good time to start!
Make assignment writing easier on yourself by starting when you feel fresh and focused. This might have a different meaning for every person. Whether you feel fresh after yoga practice or early mornings or after dinner, it’s your choice. Decide your best time and keep it regular. It has been proven that working on a regular basis with short breaks is more productive and keeps you active.

Understand what is required
The first step in the writing process is to make sure you understand the assignment question. Break down the question and highlight the keywords. Recognize the main concepts in your question. If you are not able to understand something, ask your friends, teacher, or an assignment expert. If you know from the start what is required, you will be able to source the relevant research material. This will help you formulate your ideas and make you more confident about the entire assignment writing process.

Learn as you proceed
Keep your assignment topic in mind while conducting your research. As you get on with your research and read literature, you might find out new things about the topic that can change your answer to the question. Well facts are facts and you can’t change them, but you can modify your approach and acknowledge the question in the light of new-found perspective.

Write your ideas on paper
If there are too many things running across your mind and you can’t decide where to begin, start by writing down your ideas on paper. You can create headings and write your ideas under each heading.
Come up with ideas that cover the keywords in the topic question. Write ideas in separate paragraphs that can be structured to answer your assignment question.
Go back to the question and see if you covered all the keywords and answered it from all the angles. If you come up with any ideas or questions, you can seek the help of assignment experts who can resolve your queries. They can help you with assignment writing, research work, grammar, and formatting of your assignment work.
Once you have organized all the ideas, information, and results in the right manner, you can start writing your first draft.


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