A Complete Guide For Assignment Writing in Oman


The significance of assignment writing is best understood by students who work night and day to achieve the highest marks. A well-structured assignment can increase the overall grades. However, a lot of students still find it difficult to create quality assignments and seek guidance from assignment writing services.

Purpose of an assignment

Academic assignments are designed to methodically synthesize and assess a topic. Basically, an assignment is intended to acquire your academic view on an important topic. A good assignment aims to convince the readers of a thought based on facts.

Here is a complete guide for assignment writing in Oman that teaches the techniques of creating a quality essay and eliminates common mistakes that students usually do. This guide is designed to hone the essay writing skills of students pursuing academic degrees.

Key stages of Assignment Writing

  1. Beginning the assignment

Assignment writing process involves various stages that a writer should follow in order to write a thriving paper. Instead of waiting until the deadline, start writing early so you have enough time to understand, research, and write on the topic.

  • The topic of the assignment is usually provided by the teacher. A good assignment begins with an extensive analysis of the topic and extracting the right answer. In order to do this, you should understand the requisition of the topic. Find the keywords and establish an approach specific to that requirement.
  • Figure out initial ideas on the topic and prepare a preliminary outline that would guide you through the writing and research process. This outline will help you in formulating the answers, identifying the relevant information, and composition of the assignment.
  1. Conducting research

Adequate research and interpretation of previous work related to your topic allow you to understand the topic and configure ideas.

  • It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive research. Ensure that you are using only credible sources for supporting your ideas. While researching, keep a note of what you understand so that your thoughts don’t drift away from the main topic.
  • If the topic is familiar, write down what you already know and what else you need to find in order to answer the topic question. In the case the topic is unfamiliar, introductory research will help you develop ideas that form the basis of your assignment.
  • Note down relevant information that supports your arguments. It can be summaries, examples, quotations, figures, statistics, or case studies.
  • Keep track of all the sources that were used and write down the bibliographical details (author’s name, year of publication, title, etc.) for referencing purpose.

Once you have developed ideas to represent your topic, it’s time to organize them into main points.

  1. Arranging your ideas

After ample research work and reading, it is time to organize the information into answers.

  • Based on your research, decide on an answer that answers the question accurately.
  • Decide what information to include in supporting your argument
  • Consult your notes and examples to work out the significant points of your discussion
  1. Writing a draft

Write down an initial draft that will serve as the raw material to be further developed through redrafting and editing. A draft primarily includes appropriate evidence that you will use to support your argument. This draft can change over the course of writing till you arrive at the final draft. The final assignment is a logical piece of writing that contains well-researched, well-supported, and referenced content.

  1. Structuring your assignment

An assignment is a crucial part of coursework for all the students. The assignment should be structured in a coherent way so that the readers can derive useful information from it. The basic structure of an assignment includes:

  • Introduction: It should capture the reader’s interesting. It should be catchy and offer precise elements.
  • Statement: The statement indicates the topic you are going to describe in the assignment. The statement should be concise and clearly stated.
  • Body: The main body of the assignment comprises of paragraphs that slowly build your argument. All your research work comes to realization in this segment. Begin with introducing your topic in the opening paragraph and gradually move on to describing the entire topic, providing intellectual examples and relevant evidence in the subsequent paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: It is in this section where you summarize your arguments and draw a concluding perspective on the topic.
  1. Proofreading

Once you are ready with your final draft, proofread it carefully. You will probably identify numerous trivial mistakes such as punctuations, spellings, and grammatical errors. These silly mistakes can cost you valuable marks so make sure you eliminate them entirely from your final assignment.

  1. Bibliography

The bibliography is an important part of assignment writing. It comprises a list of books, articles, encyclopaedias, and the internet resources used in your paper. Reserve the end page of your assignment for writing bibliography.

Citation in assignments

While writing an assignment, the students refer to a lot of resources. It is necessary to credit the references used in creating the assignment. The students should take care while acknowledging used resources as marks can be deducted for poor or insufficient citation. There are several popular citation styles that can be used to acknowledge the sources. The most commonly used styles include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. They can consult school or college teachers about preferred citation style before starting the assignment.

Writing an assignment is not about just rephrasing the existing ideas. Rather, a good assignment takes into consideration the reliable viewpoints and put forward arguments which point towards the informed opinion of the writer. Before you start writing an assignment, make sure to analyse and apply the points mentioned above.

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