How to Write a Reference Based Essay for Omanians ?


Writing a research paper requires documentation of every quotation, phrase, and idea derived from a source. Different disciplines have their unique method of citation. Professors teaching in Arabian universities may recommend different referencing or citation styles, depending on the discipline. Although there is no specific correct method, the students are expected to observe consistency in all the entries.

Why referencing is important?

Reference-based essays ensure that your work is not plagiarized and that it is based on adequate research and your individual interpretations of past literature. In addition, citation confirms that your research is based on reliable sources.  The referenced essays provided by online essay writing companies also include bibliographies that further serve as reading lists and guide readers to other sources related to that topic.

 Which style to use for writing a reference-based essay for Omanians ?

Usually, the professors suggest the style that students must follow. Here are the commonly preferred styles for a reference-based essay for various disciplines:

  • APA:  Psychology, Education, Business, and Social Sciences
  • MLA:  Literature, the Humanities, Arts
  • Chicago:  Literature, History, and the Arts (Notes and Bibliography); Physical, Natural, and Social Sciences (Author-Date System)
  • Turabian:  History
  1. APA:
  • For in-text citations, the students should use their own words to refer to another author’s work. In addition, they must recognize the original source. As a rule cases, the author’s last name and the year of publication must be provided.
  • In case there are two authors, the names of both authors’ and the publication year must be included
  • For three or more authors, the name of  the first author must be followed by ‘et al.’ and the publication year.
  • When citing a particular part of the source, specify the chapter, page, table, figure, or equation in the text.
  • When referring to a work which has been discussed in another work, the original author’s name must be included followed by the parenthetical reference to the source from where you actually consulted it.
  • Direct quotations of sources must be acknowledged within your text with a reference to the source you obtained the information from.
  • As a general rule, it is sufficient to provide author’s last name and the page number.
  • In works cited sources, the issue number and volume of journal articles must be represented.
  • When citing a quote which has already been mentioned in another source, the source you actually referred to should be cited in parenthetical reference with ‘qtd. in’ to specify that the quotation has been taken from another source.
  1.  T-R (Author-date)
  • The authors’ names, publication date, and page number(s) are written in parentheses in the running text or in the last part of block quotations. This information should correspond to the list of works documented towards the end of the paper.
  • This list of works called as ‘References’ or ‘Works Cited’, is arranged in alphabetical order by author’s last names and in chronological order within the list of work by a single author.
  • The students must make sure that every reference mentioned in the paper is there in the reference list as well.
  • The references mentioned in the abstract should always be written in full.
  • The text may contain unpublished results and personal interpretation but there is no need to include these in the reference list.
  • All the references included in the reference list should follow the recommended style of referencing.

Let us understand how different styles can be used to write reference-based essays:

American Psychological Association (APA) issued guidelines that must be followed for writing research papers. Here are some key points that Arabian students must consider while writing an APA style essay:

  1.                MLA:

Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style is generally used for writing the humanities research papers. The style refers to different aspects of academic writing including evaluation of sources, citation of sources, the technicalities of writing, the structure of the paper, and plagiarism. Here are a few basic rules to be followed for writing MLA style research-based papers:

  1. Chicago

Chicago citation style is based on the Chicago Manual of Style that offers two basic systems for citing sources:

  1. N & B (Notes and bibliography):

This style is used by students for writing the humanities research papers. The sources are cited in numbered endnotes or footnotes that denote a superscript number in the text. In addition, the sources are mentioned in a bibliography. This system is useful when you have to accommodate a wide variety of sources.

This system is commonly used by sciences and social sciences scholars for writing their research papers. In this system, the sources are cited by author’s last name and the publication year in parenthesis within the text. Each of the citations matches up with a corresponding entry in the reference list comprising complete bibliographic information.

The common thing in both the systems is that they follow the same fundamental framework: the author’s name, title, and the publication details. If the idea is taken from a section in a book or a magazine article, the page numbers containing that section or article must be given.

  1. Turbian

This citation style is primarily used to cite social sciences term papers. Here is your basic guide to this referencing style:

These were some of the commonly used styles that the students can use for writing research-based papers. Oman essay is an online essay writing service that guides students studying in colleges and educational institution across the U.A.E to write quality research papers in their branch of learning. In addition to the above-mentioned writing rules, the academic writers suggest the following tips to write excellent academic papers:

The students studying in Omanian Universities should consult their professors about which style to follow before starting the paper. In most cases, the research papers should be submitted at the end of the semester. The students have to prepare for exams, conduct research, complete practical work, and attend doubt clearing sessions, which leaves little time to write the final research paper. If you are finding it difficult to manage all these tasks along with writing the reference-based essay, academic writers at Arab essay can guide you through the entire process and help you come up with an excellent essay for your discipline. Due to their vast experience and qualifications, the experts are able to assist students of different disciplines and address assignment-related needs. Get in touch with the assignment writing service to complete and submit your research papers on time.

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