In-Demand Economics Degree Careers For Graduates


Choosing a career for an academic student should not solely depend on the personal interest of the students. Various other factors contribute and affect the career choice of a student. Some of the major points that need to be taken into consideration are the stability it offers to the students and also the demand in the market. In this article we are going to talk about job opportunities for economics graduates that are in high demand. 

Various Job Opportunities For Economists 

  • Financial Analyst- The primary job of a financial analyst is to research and create specific reports that denoting company status, financial products, stocks and industries. Advanced quantitative skills that are acquired by students who specialize in economics major are used for financial analysis. Students also need to have the experience required to write reports that can covey the mathematical equations. The need of financial analysts is always in high demand because there is always a market for financial investments and products. 
  • Actuary- People who hold a economics degree and are directly connected to the field of insurance are known as actuary. The primary job of an actuary is to create models that can determine the probability of an event happening. It includes natural circumstances for example accidental and natural deaths, earthquakes etc. Actuary decides the worth of an insurance coverage by calculating the probability of a natural calamity happening with the help of quantitative analysis. Insurance is one sector that has remained stable all these years through all the setbacks. Therefore the job of an actuary is constantly in demand. 
  • Auditor-  The financial statements of the company are verified and checked by a single or group of people known as the auditors. These people ensure that the right taxes have been paid. To become auditor students need to nurture their skills in quantitative analysis. Apart from the skills students need to recognize the pattern, and highlights the suspicious points. Furthermore Auditors are in high demand because they are the only people who can check and analyze and also keep a track of the automated systems just to make sure that they follow the compliance. 
  • Information Security Analyst-  The security measures undertaken companies to stop cyber hacks is the primary focus of a information security analyst. Apart from this the information security analysts identify the loop holes in the security measures through which the security of the company can be compromised. Lately some high profile hacking events were identified because of that this job is currently in high demand. Students who have taken up economics major and are good with computers are the most suitable for the post of information security analyst.
  • Environmental Or Resource Economist- Companies are becoming aware of the environmental hazards and are hiring resource economist. They understand the need for following regulations. These regulations include economic impact of new air pollution regulations, initiatives related to carbon tax, etc. Most environmental projects like working towards water reduction, or steps taken to improve the quality of air not just have economical affects but also have ecological affects. The main job of environmental economists is to predict the economic outcomes.
  • Market Research Analyst- The main function of a market research analyst is to analyze the market trends and also asses the products and services under various economic conditions. Students who wish to become market research analysts are trained to gather data and analyze them. The aim is to present the much needed information to their clients by quantifying data. 
  • Economic Consultant- The studies regarding economic scenarios are carried out by using analytical research skills. They also analyze an ongoing industry trend that further helps to improve the performance of the organizations. Economic Consultants have the privilege to work for various industries that include finance, education, healthcare and also government. They also play a key role in legal cases as expert witnesses.
  • Compensations And Benefits Manager- A student who dreams of becoming a compensation and benefits manager must have the capability to think in numbers. The key role of these managers is to evaluate options for pay and benefits. They are also in charge of creating reports and presenting their findings in front of senior managers.
  • Credit Analyst-The microeconomics analysis of prospective clients that helps asses the risks involved with lending funds for individuals or businesses taking into account the factors and economic trends that has an impact on the region, prospective clients and industries are done by credit analyst.
  • Business Reporter– The key responsibility of business reporters is to write and broadcast stories of business leaders, economic developments, company trends, along with financial markets. Students should make sure they write the reports in a language that is comprehendible for the common masses. Students can now take expert essay help from OmanEssay essay typer in case they find difficulties in writing business reports. 


 Therefore it can be said that choosing a career for an academic student should not solely depend on the personal interest of the students. Various other factors contribute and affect the career choice of a student. Some of the major points that need to be taken into consideration are the stability it offers to the students and also the demand in the market. Students undergoing a degree course in economics can have the following career opportunities that are in high demand. These are- Financial Analyst,ActuaryAuditor, Information Security Analyst, Environmental or resource Economist, Market Research Analyst, Economic Consultant, Compensations and Benefits Manager, Credit Analyst and Business Reporter.

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