Top 5 Highest Paying It Jobs In The World


IT is a booming industry in today’s world of globalization. Students who are in the IT field have ample opportunities in the field of employment provided they hold the right set of qualifications. Therefore students must choose the right subjects based on the department they want to pursue. The best part about IT is no matter whichever department a student chooses they are all highly paid and always in demand. So students in the IT field have no dearth of jobs. In this article we are going to talk about the top IT jobs in demand for future.  

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In The World 

  • Big Data Engineers– Every IT company is continuously dealing with quantum data and is in constant need of people who can restructure the raw data into actionable information that can be used in strategic planning for the growth and development of the company. This is done by big data engineers. These engineers are the highest paid IT employees drawing a salary close to $ 163,250 as per the statistics. These engineers specialize in database management and also hold a degree in computer science with a knack in mathematics. Students can now avail instant essay help from OmanEssay experts who assist students in finishing their assignments on big data management on time. 
  • Mobile Application Developer– Smart phones are in high demand today and are continuously changing. Every year a better version of the Smartphones is introduced in the market with new features. This is precisely why mobile application developers are in high demand. They are the second highest paid jobs in the IT industry. These developers are trained to develop applications that are compatible with Apple IOS and Android. They are further given extensive knowledge on coding and also made to learn mobile developing languages. As per statistics the average salary drawn by these mobile developers is close to $ 146,500
  • Information Systems Security Manager– Technology has advanced and so has computers. But it has also increased the risks of online hacks. This is why the third most important and high paying job in the IT Industry is of Information Systems Security Manager. Students who wish to get into this field should have excellent communication skills and should also have excellent analytical and problem solving ability. They should keep track of the changing government regulations along with the latest security trends to keep pace with the ever changing IT Industry. To gather more knowledge in this field student can take online assignment help from OmanEssay essay typerThe average salary as per statistics for information system security managers ranges from $ 143,250
  • Applications Architect- The fourth highest paid jobs in the IT industry is that of an application architect. The salary as per statistics ranges from somewhere in between $ 141,750. These architects are mainly responsible to design the main parts of the applications. That includes the middleware, infrastructure and also the user interface. This are a team work and is highly technical. Therefore students who wish to become application architects must be technically sound and should also be able to work in teams. They also need to be able to communicate and plan their tasks to ensure they can complete their work on time. 
  • Data Security Analyst- Designing a high end computer system is as important as protecting it against hacks, malwares and viruses to ensure smooth functioning and prevent loss of data. This is why data security analysts are highly important and are in constant demand in the IT Industry. The salary as per statistics of data security analysts ranges somewhere in between $ 129,000 Students who wish to become data security analyst should have complete knowledge on firewall, network security, including network protocols and encryption technologies.Students should also have problem solving skills. Students can take the help of OmanEssay essay typer  to gather knowledge on data security.  


Therefore it can be said that the top 5 highest paid IT jobs that students must take into consideration while choosing a carrier in the field of IT is that of a big data engineer, Mobile Application Developer, Information Systems Security Manager, Applications Architect, and Data Security Analyst.

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