Is Homework Good Or Bad For The Student?


Like all the assignments, Homework is a category of assigned tasks largely based on parameters and develops interpersonal skills. In accordance with the National Educational Association and NPTA, a general setting of 10-minute homework limits is essential for each grade level students. In an interview, Donaldson Pressman addressed to CNN, homework not only beneficial in regards to GPA, but it is also detrimental and reflects the quality of life, social skills students have been gaining (Levy, 2019).

Proponents of homework considered as an important factor as it allows the students to apprehend the skills beyond classroom activities, whereas some opponents considered it as stress increasing factors overall turn into the workload.

According to Meagan McGovern, around 41% of students belong to low-income family tends to face the difficulties due to the unavailability of resources. On the other side, these students have to work after school for leveraging their basic needs. In this case, students are left with less time for homework.

Is homework bad or good? As per instant assignment writer, this question has different perspectives and holds a variable point of views. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the pros and cons of homework as well try to answer the objective of the question specifically.

Homework Reinforces Learning And Develop Analytical Skills

As per research conducted by New York-based City University, students who are engaged in self-disciplinary processes, manage their time, focus and complete tasks daily found to be more motivated and are goal achiever.

This reinforces the learning processes and provides a network to connect with contemporary learners along with experts. Following assignment writer , homework might be tedious, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to analyze the course of doing work.

Researched done by John Hopkins University suggested students involved in interactive homework process also known as TIPS( Teacher involves parents in School) are having higher grades as compared to non TIPS (ProCon.Org, 2020).

In fact, researchers have found that 2 and 3 graders are usually assigned with 28-30 minutes homework usually. This implies the effectiveness of homework in students’ life.

Homework Enhances Student’s Achievements

The persistent delivery of homework will decide the penetration of the concept. As per the study of Labor increased homework led to maximized grades. But a few studies suggested that 70% students are likely to go through stress if there is pending homework, only 56% was in favour and said, it not a stressor( Levy, 2019).

But if we uncover the flipside of the situation, students who ably complete their homework successfully locate the problem situation at a much faster rate than any students.

Homework plays significant role in suspecting if there are any learning disabilities among student or not. This allows the parents to stimulate the learning processes if their child is a slow learner. A direct influence of homework reflects students’ knowledge and learning abilities. However, the right approach and right practice are needed to accomplish the homework tasks on time (Holte, 2016).

Homework Can Be Burdensome

Having homework in loads can increase the cheating percentage. As per Adcouncil report, 2018 It has found the excessive amount of homework causes cheating when it was asked how many students copied the homework, it revealed around 91% of students accepted they had copied contents (Zhang, 2019).  Nevertheless, this problem becomes even more gigantic for low-income families where the access of resources is meager. 

According to Internal journal of education, homework segregates the students from those who are equipped with additional learning sources like an institution (Dabell, 2019). This margin becomes a disadvantage for financially weak students. Hence although homework is burdensome, it somewhere builds wall among students. 

Homework Causes Stress And Leaves Less Spare

A majority of times it has been noticed, excessive homework causes stress. Although homework is valuable, it sometimes becomes difficult to save few spare. It has been found, most of the students complain about the size of homework. The Journal of Experimental Education revealed any homework consumes more than 2 hours becomes counterproductive. When it came to stress, an interview was conducted and this revealed around 51% of students found homework as a primary stressor (Vatterott, 2018). . Even various assignment help experts, suggested homework become stress if it is not complete within the deadline. 


Thus it can be concluded, Homework can be both and bad if there are excessive homework tasks assigned to the students. Spending too much on the homework can be a key to enhance the overall development but if it is systematically organized and done on the regular bases, this turned to be fruitful. This serves as several opportunities even eliminated the ambiguity in the concepts. It all depends on the course of homework given and self-regulatory processes.

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