Mental Health Challenges Of College Students


Mental illness among students is a rising problem in today’s world. Thousands of students have been observed suffering from different kinds of mental illness due to external factors. The external factors include environmental pressures, evolving technology, and academic workload.

In this article, we are going to briefly describe causes of mental illness in college students and the ways to overcome them.

Causes Of Mental Illness Among College Students

  • Environmental pressure is the primary cause of mental illness among students. Anxiety among students is a global phenomenon that has suddenly increased due to the sudden pandemic COVID 19. The universities have closed down to abide by the social distancing norms so that students are not exposed to the threat of the virus. However, this sudden change and uncertainty have disrupted the routine of students all across. This has become the primary factor for anxiety and stress among students.
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  • Evolving technology to cope with the changing world is the second reason for the growth of mental illness among students. Therefore it can be said that technology has both negative and positive impacts on students. It gives free access to any kind of information. Excessive information floating around affects cognitive thinking ability. With so much information it is difficult to detect the authenticity of the sources from where the information is floating in. Therefore most of the time students are misguided which increases stress levels.
  • Confusion among students is the third most important factor that is the reason for the psychological problems faced by students. Earlier students were born and brought up traditionally. The background they belonged inbuilt a moral fabric based on some typical values and fabricated their belief system. As a result, they had a steady usual life and their decisions were mostly influenced by their superiors. But today in modern times students are growing out of their shell and breaking down the age-old fabricated moral value system. The transition from the traditional to modern times is leaving students in utter confusion. Students are given the freedom to think and make their own choices before they are fully equipped as a result more and more students are facing mental illness.

There are a lot of other factors apart from the three mentioned above that lead to mental illness among students. For example, financial pressures, low immunity systems, wrong attitude towards the illness increases the problems, breaking families and traditional systems of living, etc.

Common Mental Illness Symptoms In Students

The biggest problem that students undergo is being neglected. Most of the time their problems go unnoticed. All these problems require a little awareness.

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Here is a list of common health problems of students due to mental illness that will give you insights on the symptoms.

  • The most common problem that students face is depression. This leads to a feeling of sadness, Students tend to lose interest in activities that they loved to do and start feeling helpless. It is a mood disorder. It happens due to chemical imbalances. Students facing depression tend to remain quiet and avoid being in the crowd of known people. Students who are identified with these symptoms should be immediately heard. They must open up to someone about their problems.
  • Anxiety is another problem that is most of the times used in place of stress. It is a severe mental illness that is most prominent in students these days. It is not just restricted to stress and should not be neglected. Students undergoing stress live with a constant fear of not being able to cope, they suffer from concentration issues( Huntet .al, 2010). Excessive anxiety can lead to self-guilt leading to stress and students can end up having panic attacks. These symptoms are mostly seen among students when they are preparing for their exams. However instant assignment writer have stepped forward to help students cope with this problem. They give constant support and guidance to students at any given point and help them clear their doubts and complete their assignments on time.
  • Eating disorder is another kind. An eating disorder is of two types. First is where a student loses appetite, suffers from dehydration, is too conscious, and exercises more than required. The second type is where students tend to eat much more than their regular diet, have irregular heartbeats, and make excuses to constantly eat beyond their control. This problem is called a compulsive eating disorder. Students facing these problems should take medical advice at the earliest. Negligence can result in kidney or heart failure, stunted growth, infertility, etc.
  • Addiction is another serious issue that is constantly rising among students. Students end up getting into the habit of consuming alcohol, smoking nicotine, or taking drugs. This mainly happens due to self-confidence in students.

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Hunt, J., & Eisenberg, D. (2010). Mental health problems and help-seeking behavior among college students. Journal of adolescent health, 46(1), 3-10.

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