Learn How To Write A Descriptive Essay


An essay that describes a particular object, place, situation, or person or the emotions is defined as a descriptive essay. The primary focus is defining the point of view of a writer. Students are given to write a descriptive essay on different topics during their academic years of learning. In this article, we are going to describe the steps following which students can write a high-quality descriptive essay.

Steps To Writing A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is an essay that should be able to depict a picture in the reader’s mind. To write a high-quality descriptive essay student should make use of adverbs and adjectives along with figurative language. These are the fundamental of a descriptive essay.

As stated earlier the main purpose to write a descriptive essay is to describe a particular, situation, person, or emotion. The Descriptive language used in writing the essay makes it convenient for the readers to understand. There is a slight difference between narrative and descriptive essays. In the case of narrative essays, the writer narrates through personal experience whereas in the case of descriptive essays the description is of some other person, object, or situation.

To be able to write a compelling descriptive essay students should keep the following things in mind.

  • Analyze The Subject Of The Essay– Analyzing is very important. Since a descriptive essay focuses on details students writing a descriptive essay must keep an eye on the details.
  • Physical Settings-  Students are required to emphasize thephysical setting for example the position of the subject, time, and description of objects. They also include the shape of objects and their alignments.
  • Create An Outline Before You Start Working On The Draft– Students are provided with a set of guidelines that are given to them by the university. These guidelines define the format in which the essay should be written. Therefore students must outline the essay adhering to the university guidelines to ensure they are not missing out on any specific point.
  • Write An Engaging Introduction–  Descriptive essays are mostly lengthy therefore to retain a reader it is essential that the introduction to the essay is compelling and forces the readers to continue reading. Students can try starting the essay with an n intriguing phrase, fact, or quote. Hitting the main points directly at the introduction sounds a good idea. Students should also summarize the key points that are been talked about. It gives readers a clear picture of what the essay is all about. Students who are facing challenges in trying to write an interesting introduction for their descriptive essays can take essay writing help from OmanEssay experts.
  • Write A Strong Thesis Statement – Most descriptive essays require students to write a strong thesis statement. This is a vital part of the essay where the focus is both on the argument and the point of view of the writer. It includes the scope of the essay using unique words creating suspense that intrigues the readers to keep reading.
  • Body Of The Essay – The body of the essay should contain three or more paragraphs depending on the scope. Every paragraph in the body should start with the main sentences using transitions. Students should ensure that their paragraphs are at least 5 to 6 sentences long.
  • Conclusion- The conclusion in a descriptive essay should restate the statement mentioned in the thesis summarizing all the key points mentioned in the essay and closing with an intriguing closing statement. 

Take Away

To conclude it can be said that descriptive essays are essays that describe a typical emotion, a particular place, situation, or person. Students who wish to write an interesting descriptive essay should keep four things in mind. First, they should learn to get into the details, second, the introduction should be able to hold the attention of the reader, third a compelling thesis statement should be attached to the essay describing the purpose of the essay, and fourth the conclusion should restate the statement spoken about in the thesis and should be able to wrap all key points in a summary. Students can now avail OmanEssay assignment help from certified online essay writers who write high-quality descriptive essays for students. 

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