MLA Formatting Writing And Citation Guide


The organization that is responsible for developing the MLA format is the Modern Language Association. It was developed for academic students, research scholars, and teachers so that there would be uniformity in writing. In this article, we are going to share with students the Ps and Qs of MLA format.  

Points To Keep In Mind While Writing An Assignment Using MLA Format

Quick Tips

  • Use a white paper that is 8 ½ *11” not the normal A4 size paper.
  • Students should remember to leave a 1-inch margin on all sides of the paper while writing assignments.
  • The first word should be indented one-half inch when they start a new paragraph every time.
  • Times roman font size 12 point is the most common font that is used to write assignments in the MLA format.
  • Students should not forget to type the assignments using double space when they are writing it using the MLA format. Even the references page should be double spaced.
  • They should also keep in mind that while adding full stops and punctuations they should add a space.

Create A Separate Page For Tile – MLA formats usually require students to create a separate page for the title which is then attached to the research paper.  The title page should include the course number and date of submission along with the student’s name and instructor’s name in separate lines using double space. The title of the research paper should be centered on using double space. Avoid underlining the tile. Students can instead use italics to highlight the title. They should also keep in mind that they do not use a full stop after the title. They should also double space between the title and the initial lines of the text.

Choice Of Paper- Even though most research papers are submitted electronically using digital media lately there are still a few universities that suggest that the research papers are submitted physically. In this case, the MLA format suggests using while paper only.

Add A Running Head And Page Numbers To The Research Paper– It is an obvious fact that a research paper is lengthy and covers a broad spectrum. Therefore in the MLA format students are suggested to add running heads and page numbers to the research paper. A running head is a brief summary of what is written in the text followed by the page number. The running head is positioned at the top right-hand side of the paper just leaving 1 ½ space from the top right-hand corner and 1-inch space at the side.

Paragraphs- Students should make sure that the first word of every paragraph is indented and the sentences should be written leaving ½ inch space on the left side.

Don’t overuse Quotes to add value to the paper- In an MLA format quotes should be evenly spread throughout the paper to justify the points. Students should make sure they do not overuse quotes. Students are allowed to provide references using footnotes and endnotes.

Paraphrasing– Just in case students want to add a particular speech or text from a different source into the research paper they can use paraphrasing. However, to avoid falling into the plagiarism trap students should keep the following points in mind while paraphrasing.

  • The sentences that students wish to paraphrase should be fully comprehended by the student before they start rewriting it.
  • Students should be able to connect the idea to the assignment they are working on before they put their thoughts on the paper.
  • Students should ensure they do not copy-paste more than two words in each sentence while paraphrasing. To be precise every third word should be changed to create a plagiarism-free research paper.
  • Students should not forget to provide in-text citations just beside the sentence that has been paraphrased.
  • In case they feel they are not sure whether the content they created is properly paraphrased students should consult MLA format citation guidelines for details. Further, they can also take online assignment help from OmanEssay experts. 

Write The Entire Research Paper Using Double Space– Students should make sure that the entire research paper is written using double space including every line, title, and reference page.  

Use Of Abbreviations Should Be Minimum– The majority of universities allow the use of abbreviations however when it comes to using the MLA format it is suggested that the use of abbreviations should be kept at the minimum. Also, students should make sure that in case they use abbreviations the full forms and meaning of the abbreviations should be included in the text for a better understanding of the readers.

Make Use Of Numerals That Precede Measurements– There are research papers that call for the requirement of using statistical data to prove a point. MLA format strongly supports the use of numerals that precede measurements. And also while mentioning numbers in research paper students should ensure that the numbers are spelled out in words instead of digits. (For example, 6 should be written as six)  Students need not give an outline when writing using the MLA format.

Add Illustrations To Make The Research Paper Attractive– Students are suggested to add illustrations to add appeal to their research papers in the form of tables, graphs, statistics, etc. Students can now avail online essay help from OmanEssay experts to make tables, diagrams, and graphs for their assignments. 

Citation-  Referencing is equally important to avoid falling in the plagiarism trap. MLA citation format is as follows- (Author’s Last name, Author’s First name. “Title of Source.” Title of Container, Names of other contributors along with their specific roles, Version of the source )


Therefore it can be said that MLA is a format that gives a definite format to the research papers and is uniformly recognized globally. It not just gives the research papers a staple format but also helps students avoid getting into the plagiarism trap. Students can now get their research assignments checked and proofread by an online essay writer from OmanEssay to ensure that all the key points of the MLA format have been followed. 

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