Most Popular Sports in Oman


You can talk about the popular and the perfect sports in Oman. The place is known to have a coastline of 2092 km. you have the rugged mountains with the heights of 2980 meters. The sandy deserts act as the myriad stage for the adventure and the sport tourism options. This is the landscape preferable to the GCC and has something vital to offer to all people. The place is just the perfect ground for you in case you are the weekend adventurer or the professional athlete. In the course you have the perfect options to try your luck in the field of sports and the rest.

Sailboost Racing
In Oman you can learn about the sailboost racing. You have the traditional sports of dhow racing. There are more things like camel racing, bull fighting and the rest. Falconry makes a perfect part of the heritage of the place. Recently, this has become the ground for the several international events and tournaments. There is the Extreme Sailing series and this is the most popular and the well known sport attracting the attention of 7000 spectators coming from all corners of the world. You have the opening ceremony being held at Muscat and this is the firm fixture for the sport enthusiasts.

The Perfect Sailing Week
There is the sailing Arabia touring and the Mussanah Race Week in Oman. These are the born international sailing events making people feel the thrill of genuine racing. This is the sports where you can show the sailor’s skill through the mode of competition. Here, the sailing venues of Oman are perfectly showcased, and one time this will become the Olympic class regatta. You have the tour of the fifteen days racing through the eight Gulf marinas. The event will attract the international and the regional teams taking part in the race of Farr 30 keelboats.

Keelboat Competition
In Oman the competition of the keelboats has become notable and popular with the professional and the amateur sailors. The Mussanah Race Week will happen in the month of January and the event of Sailing Arabia begins each year in the month of February. In November 2014, you have the second phase of the RC44 Championship Tour. The sports is all about the international yacht racing circuit, and this was established in the year 2007. The boats in the event are owned by the leading businessmen of the world. This one is crewed by the top sailors with the best aptitude.

Racing Event in Oman
Down the years the sailing has gained prominence in Oman. In the recent years, the cycling enthusiasts have turned the sports into the sort of the world famous venue. This is the perfect ground where you can take part in the event and sail fast with the best of might. In order to take part in the event people practice down the years and wait for the final moment to come and make things change for the better in the field of sports. To see the racing and take part in the event people come here from all corners of the work. The show of the race is simply fantastic.

The Cycle Race in Oman
In Oman two cycling events happen every year. You have the Tour of Oman and the Trans-Hajar Mountain Bike Race. The event started in the year 2010 and the event was established during the preseason training time in favor of the enthusiastic cyclists. This has become the annual sports of the time and this attracts some of the best cyclist team of the world. This is the event to happen in the month of February.

Hire the Car and Enjoy the Sport
Oman has the set of the delightful surprises. If you want to discover the best, you can take a budget rented car. This will make you move through the six prime sports locations of the country. Here, you are offered with the 1800 strong fleet of the Japanese, the European and the American cars. Here, you can take part in the diverse range of the sport services and seek employment in this part of the world. In the manner, you can fulfill all the needs on road. This way, you can call for the right car at the legitimate costing.

Exploring the Land with Interest
In Oman, you can be on a sports tour exploring the important parts of the land where events are help for the perfect entertainment of the spectators. Here you can seek for the short term rental, the long term lease, the guided tours, the trip to the interior areas and the rest. In case, you are here for the reason of events and tournaments you can opt for the international car hire reservations and all at the special costs. It is a never ending thrill and you would love to take part in the event for all reasons.

More Reasons to Visit
In Oman, you can spend the amateur hour with the professional world of the sports. In fact, the place has the best to offer in the recreational events on the field and on water. Here, you can enjoy all things like cycling, diving, sailing and even playing golf has become so popular with the locals in this part of the world. In fact, the place is frequented by the tourists and the expatriates and the tourists. The events cover an expanse from the area of Musandam. This is the opening of the Strait of Hormuz to the area of the Salalah close to the border of Yemen.

Excitement at the Diving Zone
At the coast of Oman, you have the variety of the exciting and the colorful dives. You have the diving season in this part of the world. Here, you can really enjoy the expectation of the khareef. If you walk along the coast you can watch for the diverse sea life and you can watch for the rays and the sharks, the turtles, the snappers and the octopus. Apart from sports, you can enjoy the time watching the dolphin dance and the activities of the whales.

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