10 Ways to Handle Peer Pressure


It is normal to feel yourself as part of the group. Peer pressure is common among the teenagers and the college students. This is the sort of action which you need to adopt to become accepted and popular among the group members. This can be something extremely tough to deal with. It can be something overt, where the friends will tell you what to do. The task can be less direct, where the friends will laugh at you and make jokes. This makes you feel awkward and you feel left alone in the group. This is the implication of peer pressure which makes you feel left out among the rest.

Pressure of the Peer for the Best
Peer pressure can be for the good even. This is when you find the others in the group studying hard. You feel motivated and you start following the trend. You take the pressure to study like the others because you don’t want to stay back when the friends would be happily promoted to the next session. The positive aspect of peer pressure is that when you find your friends controlling their habit of drinking and you try doing the same. You start hating your alcoholic nature and you decide to turn new leaf.

Ten Perfect Examples of Peer Pressure


  • When friends abuse you wrongly, you need to have the smartness and the authority to say no. if they ask you to do something unlikely you should take the stand and deny the action. Here lies the implication of perfect peer pressure.
  • If someone pressurizes you to smoke and drink you can act reversely and start asking the person several questions about the addiction. You can ask the friend regarding the cause of drinking and how long has she been nurturing the habit. This is how you can get rid of the peer pressure.


  1. If you know that person on the other side is stronger in will and power you should make use of tactics. Here intelligence is better than making a show of power. Peer pressure can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle things with brain.
  2. If you have a friend just like you, this can really help. The friend can back you up when you are in trouble. This is when you know that you are not alone. There is someone else to help you when the peer pressure is there.
  3. In order to get rid of peer pressure you need to avoid unnecessary stressful situations. In case you know there are arrangements for drugs and alcohols at the party make other plans instead. Make sure not to attend the party and get embarrassed for no reason.
  4. If you are facing peer pressure in group then you should have the guts to face the leader of the pack. You can simply bully or nab the person and show him or her real status. Make sure to talk to the leader and explain things at the best.
  5. When in peer pressure you should always think first and take the action. There is no need to feel nervous. Nervousness can make you feel confused. Please have the presence of mind and this can help you take decisions accordingly. Do not hesitate or feel afraid when you are acting.
  6. You should look for the positive role models in the group. These are people who are able to take the perfect stress. They can say no in any situation. They can stand the test and face the hurdles. From these people you can learn the art of handling peer pressure.
  7. It is for sure that you are not the only one feeling the peer pressure. There are other people in the group facing similar situation. You can talk to them. After discussing things you can make plans to combat the circumstance. This is how you learn how to handle pressure in the group.
  8. You must have the challenge in doing the best in the genre. Once you can excel you know how to answer against peer pressure. When you are the best in the group the others will think twice before irritating you. Your standard will make you feel the best among the rest.

Holding Yourself Tight
To manage peer pressure is not difficult when you are surrounded by people with values. These are people with similar behaviors and preferences. They match with you perfectly and can help you when in trouble. When you are in college you meet people with different natures and attributes. It becomes easy for you to know where you stand at the moment. This is how you can act wisely in handling peer pressure with the apt mentality. As part of the environment you feel pressured and tempted. This is when you should remain steady. You must hold on to your nerves and do things with perfection.

Have the Guts to Say No
Often when you are at college you are far from your friends and your family. This is when you have the freedom and the liberty to think and plan accordingly. You can take your own decision and avoid peer pressure. There will be people to pull you in the group. Be carefully not to say yes so easily. Your consent to the bad conducts will give the indulgence and then you cannot avoid peer pressure. This is how you enter the dungeon and then cannot find the way out.

Control the Instinct of Freedom
Often in the attempt to establish your personal identity, you fall under peer pressure. You feel like as if you are doing things based on your personal decision. This happens when you are under pressure in the family. Once you get the liberty to stay along you feel as if you can do just anything and everything. Your over expressive acts attract the attention of the opportunists in the group. This is when you come under peer pressure and you cannot escape the situation. Make sure to have the ethics to do things with the right motivation.

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