Personal and Professional Development


Coursework Information Sheet

To be supplied to students when they receive the coursework assignment task

Unit Name : Personal and Professional Development
Unit Code : SHR053-6


Learning Outcomes Identify, evaluate and demonstrate those academic skills required for   your own personal and professional development and demonstrate their   effective implementation in the context of the MBA course and workplace.

Demonstrate your capacity for ongoing self assessment and personal   professional development planning and an awareness of the tools and   techniques available for you to achieve your objectives.

Task Portfolio 100%

The completion of the Personal and Professional Development Portfolio is essential to demonstrate your engagement with the process of learning embedded in your MBA.

The Portfolio will be marked ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. You must pass this   unit, along with all other units on the MBA to be awarded the MBA. To pass you must include all the exercises   given to you on your BREO site and in the workshops.

This portfolio will consist of:

● Practice report with analysis

●  LinkedIn Profile (please ask your Line Manager/Superior for permission   to submit a profile on LinkedIn. If you are unable to submit on LinkedIn,   please advise your tutor). or

●  CV using the MBA template

Guidance and format Preparation  of the Portfolio

Item 1: The Practice Report

Title:  “Managing Across Cultures”

You are asked to prepare a report on the above topic, Managing Across Cultures. In class we looked at the Power Point entitled “The Assignment” and “Writing for Success”. In “The Assignment”,you have been given the Introduction:


In today’s global economy, working with people from different cultures is   becoming the norm. Although this brings many rewards it also introduces challenges for both workers and   management alike. All managers know that   motivating their staff is the key to a successful business. To do this, they must understand what drives their staff. But what if their staff, seem to think and behave in unexpected ways? This can happen when people from very different cultures work together. Organizations are beginning to realise the importance of training their managers to become inter-culturally competent in   order to ensure their staff continue to be motivated and productive.

•  How culture influence working styles

•  Different management   styles

The main   issues to be discussed in this report are:

•   The importance of training managers to become inter-culturally competent

Now you have to complete the   following based on this introduction;


The Reading  – in Reading and Resources on this Breo   site :

• “Quality management: a cross-cultural   perspective

You need to provide a discussion of the issues as given in   the Introduction and use the reading as evidence to support your discussion.


Conclude on each issue and a final conclusion.

Reference   Section

Word count:  Including the introduction 1,500 words.


Use the Turnitin on your breo site.

Item 2: Your Profile

An important outcome of your portfolio is your personal profile. This is your ‘calling card’ and is a way of entering the international world of   business. Linkedin is not just a tool   to promote yourself but also a way to network with people and organizations   that may be useful to you or your organization.


Your CV

There is no such thing as the   perfect CV.  Your CV must be   continually updated as you develop more skills.  You need also to compose a CV that reflects   the position you are applying for.  We   also ask you to submit a traditional CV using the format used in your   country.  This is to make you aware of   your ‘audience’ and to understand the expectations of different markets, both   domestic and international.

Referencing All secondary sources must be referenced using the Havard format.  You should indicate the source of any   primary sources (e.g. feedback from classmates)
Submission An electronic copy is to be submitted to turn-it-in
Practice   Report – 6th march 2018LinkedIn   Profile (screenshot) or CV – 12th march 2018
Assessment Criteria   Assessment will be undertaken using the rubric provided


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