Human resource Management

HR’s role in organizational innovation

Until quite recently, Human Resources (HR) managers were mainly responsible for selecting and hiring personnel in an organization. They never really participated in organizational innovation but had a very important role in managing administrative formalities for the newly appointed personnel and in providing them training for their current job profiles. HR’s role was limited to

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Employee Relation

Industrial relations giving way to employee relations

Employee relations denote the dual relationship between the employer and employees that is aimed at effectively managing and strengthening this relationship. A company that focuses on fostering strong employee relations experiences higher commitment, elevated enthusiasm, and improved efficiency and productivity. Employee Relations refers to conveying information to employees about the objectives of the organization. They

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Genetic Engineering

Introduction to Genetic Engineering

What is Genetic engineering? The mechanism of extracting certain genes from the DNA (chromosome) of one living being and inserting them into the DNA of another living being in such a manner that they form a reproductive component of that living being is known as Genetic Engineering. The mechanism that generates the resultant recombinant DNA

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