Introduction to Green Human Resource Management


Status as well as the challenges
This essay or blog does explore the status as well as the challenges as to of green human resource management practices in India, an under-researched area and it gathers herein an insight on prevalent green human resource activities as well as their link with sustainable organizational development, so to say. Our study wants to highlight the status of green-human resource practices such as environmental training, green recruitment, performance appraisal, employee involvement, and as well as the compensation. The findings do suggest that there is all very much of a further scope to use the full potential of Green HRM practices for encouraging pro-environmental behavior in the organizations.

Analyses of data also do reveal rather that top-management support and mutual learning among departments are all such as very crucial to comfort indeed the green behaviors amidst employees. The Research limitations/implications along with this study does provide an introduction of green-human resource management practices and this blog of ours suggests an interdisciplinary framework for building holistic sustainable organizations by integrating all the green learnings from all such as the green-human resource management, the green supply-chain management, the competitive advantage strategy and green corporate social responsibility indeed and it highlights gaps in the system and provides insights to managers and policy makers on how to be building the holistic sustainable organizations. This introduction of ours fulfills the need to explore green human resource management in emerging economies like India, so to say. Studies like these are more vital in developing countries, which have alarming environmental concerns and poorly promulgated government regulations, of course.

The business environment is transforming itself from a traditional financial perspective to a fully based, strategic perspective, so to say. Green issues have already been very famous rather in environmental and social views of present corporate world and the Corporate green HR focuses on high level of technical and managerial competencies for employees as the firms wants all to develop innovative environmental initiatives and further more the functions that do indeed have  the tremendous managerial implications. In general, green HR particularly deals with the HR functions which are enough as environment friendly and which do indeed promote the sustainability of the resources that an organization may have, so to say. However, there is a substantial gap exists in human resource management (HRM) literature’s on environmental views of the human resources.

Green HRM Strategies
There is still a growing immense need for the sake of the formulation of green HRM strategies, incorporating the literature, processes, models and examining their implications on overall firm performance and the firms are also under immense pressure from various stakeholders for integrating green HR policies and strategies into overall firm strategy rather. The general purpose of this article is to discuss the idea of green HRM practice from a theoretical point of view and to study the strategic implementation of it on variant traditional HR functions indeed. This paper or article will hopefully form an interest for the academicians and tentative researchers who wish to know the basic understanding of green HRM practices in a literature perspective.

Recently, it has been observed an increasing awareness within the business communities on the significance of going green and adopting variant environment management techniques, so to say. As the corporate world is all going global, the business is experiencing a shift indeed from a conventional financial structure to a modern capacity-based economy which is all ready to explore green economic facets of business, of course. Today, the Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) has rather become a key business technique for the significant organizations where Human Resource Departments play an active part in going green at the office successfully. This paper or article thus largely concentrates upon the variant Green Human Resource Practices pursued by the organizations all over the globe and, explains successfully the simplified meaning of GHRM.

Public Interest Statement
Ecological consciousness is the magic word of today that is all very promptly invading every angle as to of our lives and workplace and recently, our lifestyle both at personal and professional level started touching or affecting the environment so badly that we cannot risk to letting the effects go unblocked. It is all better that we change our living habits or face the consequences and no doubt, the corporate world is a major stakeholder indeed in the discussion about the environmental issues and therefore conforms to be a vital part of the solution to the environmental hazard. Green Human Resource Management is a manifesto which does wonderfully help to form the entire green workforce that can perceive and appreciate the green culture in an organization.

Twenty-first century has all been positively showing heightened interest in the environmental concerns all around the globe irrespective of related fields, so to say, be it politics, public, or business. The latest interest in environmentalism globally has arisen from specific treaties to combat climate change. Because of the harmful sequences of industrial pollution and waste materials, including toxic chemicals, governments and NGOs round the globe promoted regulations as also the policies with effect of slowing down and to some extent even reverse the destruction of natural resources as well as its negative effect on the mankind and the society as a whole.

Given the present situation the organizations have as well to find out the ways and techniques to deal with the reduction in ecological footprints besides dealing with the economic problems. In order to attain success within the corporate community and to comfort the attainment of profit by the shareholders, organizations nowadays have to concentrate very much on social and environmental factors along with the economical and financial factors rather.|

The sustainability issue is fast moving up on the list of priorities of the leaders of corporate world as the consciousness on incorporating “green” into the corporate strategy is all making its way into business, but still the topic is not comfortable with most practitioners in the HR, so to say, decisively .

To implement any corporate environmental program several units of an organization such as HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, and further work together to put forward a positive joint endeavor and amid them, the most important contributor is the human resource management unit. Of course, the corporate world is a major stakeholder in the discussion about the environmental issues and therefore does conform to be a vital part of the solution to the environmental hazard, of course. There is clear evidence that in the business world, a large portion of the workforce feels all so strongly around the environment as employees today are more committed and satisfied with the organizations that take a proactive role in endorsing green. In the last 20 years, a worldwide consensus has emerged around the need for proactive environmental management.

Thus Human Resource Management (HRM) is all as a vital division of the management that does deal with the most valuable assets of an organization which is called as the human resources. The whole context of HRM is currently being deemed as the light of sustainability all over and expanding the statement, we contend that Green Human Resource Management is the most significant element required of the sustainability. In this paper, we exclusively point on the topic Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) where the Human Resource Management (HRM) is engaged at all in managing the environment within an organization. Green HRM as the use of HRM policies to enhance the sustainable utilization of the resources within business enterprises and promote the cause of the great cause of environmentalism which further boosts up the employee morale and satisfaction.

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